Nodim (1844-1910)


Nodim Namangani (pseudonym; real name Sulaymonkhoja Ulugkhoja oglu) (1844 - Namangan - 1910) - poet. He studied at Saidqulibek madrasah. He studied Arabic and Persian.

He visited Kokand and Tashkent, got acquainted with scientific and technical news, Russian culture, literary and cultural circles. He traveled to Bukhara, Samarkand (1899), Turkey, Egypt, Arabia (1902-03).

He learned from Navoi, wrote takmis and nazirs in his ghazals. He was a close friend and creative collaborator with poets such as Muqimiy, Muhyi, Furqat, Zavqiy, Muhayyir, Shavqiy, who connected muhammas in their poems.

He wrote in all genres of classical poetry, Turkish and Persian. In his poems, he sang about human beauty, love and fidelity, women's freedom ("I missed you, did you miss me?", "Love letter style", etc.), glorified the nature of the motherland, its beauty, realistically reflected the life of the people, exposed social evils, promoted the ideas of enlightenment ("Spring has come", "Davr javridin…", "Narrative journey to Tashkent" and others). In his poem "Complaint of Cotton" he described the sad life of rural workers.

His humorous works criticized the arrogant, arrogant rich, and tsarist officials (such as "Dar mazammati zamona", "Dar shikoyati qazi"). He wrote humorous works ("Malaria" and others).

Nodim's poems were published in the Turkestan regional newspaper. A perfect copy of his "Bayozi Nodim" is kept at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan (inv. 4179).

Begali Qosimov

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