10 solutions to reduce food consumption!


10 solutions to reduce food consumption!

1. Buy lean meat.
2. Eat low-fat milk and dairy products.
3. Replace half of the carbohydrates on the plate with vegetables.
4. Eat eggs without yolks.
5. Stop pouring oil into the pan. Now there is a special container for spraying oil or do not add more than 3 ml.
6. Eating light foods means taking in extra calories.
7. Abstain from sugar altogether.
8. Add low-fat sour cream to the salad instead of mayonnaise.
9. Do not drink carbonated waters, Coca-Cola, fanta, etc., which contain record levels of sugar.
10. Ask them to tailor the food to you in the cafeteria! For example: "leaner", "less garnish, more greens" and so on.

Nutrition Science (https://t.me/joinchat/UFtOc0gAG-8iTHN6)

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