15 poses of sex in the bedroom


In this article, we have collected sex poses that can be done using a splint. And instead of going over a separate description of each pose, we tried to fill the article with sexual aphorisms.


The most popular phrase before sex is "If you sleep in bed, I'll sleep on the floor…"


Women are even willing to suck for love, and men are even ready to suck for love!


We are just players on the field of life. And sex is a bonus given to us!


The safest sex pose - The woman is up and the man is lying down…)


- Hello, the police come quickly, they want to rape me… ya… aa… Well, don't come!)


A man’s true strength is measured by a woman’s smile after sex.


"Unlucky bachelor" - a guy who went to the "girl" with his friends last night and heard the news that he will be a father today…


"No, the paint is after the wedding" sounds like "The page is only visible to registered users"…


Are you nervous? Then catch yourself or surrender yourself to your lover!


Good woman - dresses nicely for everyone, but only undresses for 1 person!


If you don’t “push” your wife, she will “push” your brain!


In sex: being upstairs is boring, especially if no one is down past


Can’t remember the last time you had sex with your wife? It is necessary to treat the "engine", not the memory!


If an 18-year-old girl is educated - she will go to the institute, if she has no education - she will go to the chimpanzee!


Men need sex and women need love. However, both desires go to bed.

Sometimes, a woman needs a reason to have sex, and a man needs an apartment!

An article in an erotic magazine: "Please read the magazine with both hands!"

A woman's erogenous zones include a man's wallet!

Hands - not always able to save bachelors from the clutches of passion!

How can you tell if music is bad?
- It is impossible to have sex under the sounds of such music!

Author: Temur Khalikov, yurakcha.ru - 2020

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