3 common things that hinder a child’s development


3 common things that hinder a child’s development

🌐 Today, children’s stores are filled with goods that are convenient for toddlers and their parents. But by making our lives easier, we are unknowingly hindering the development of our children.

💭 Not all inventions are useful. Some only benefit until a certain age…

🔰 Rubber pacifiers and bottles after one year
Because small babies cannot eat, they will need a bottle, and rubber pacifiers will satisfy the sucking reflex and calm it down. But once a child is one year old, it is best to teach him to give up these things.

👅 Otherwise, constant sucking will damage the tooth and cause serious problems such as biting nails, pencils, pens.

🔰 Wheelchairs
The use of such wheelchairs is not recommended at all by pediatricians.

🔸 First, it puts a lot of weight on the spine, if the child is still unable to walk independently, it means that his spine is not yet ready for it.

🔸 Second, the child throws himself forward without being able to maintain balance in the stroller, which means that it does not help him learn to walk realistically.

🔰 Disposable trays after 1,5 years
Disposable trays are very convenient, but the longer you use them, the harder the process of training the tray.

♻️ Think for yourself, the floor is hot and dry, and even if the child does his “work”, it won’t cause him any discomfort.

💠 If you transfer the child to sliders and panties, he will feel the unpleasant state of moisture and will quickly learn to sit on the potty.

✅ It is therefore advisable for the child to stop using disposable pads from 18-20 months.

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