5 products to eat when hemoglobin is low


5 products to eat when hemoglobin is low

🔴Hemoglobin provides the body's cells with oxygen, which is essential for life. Its decrease leads to the appearance of symptoms of oxygen deficiency, anemia, rapid fatigue.

We have compiled a list of foods that should be consumed regularly when hemoglobin is low.

1 Holva

This dessert contains large amounts of iron, which affects hemoglobin levels.

2 Meat and head

These products are very important to restore the weakened organism and hemoglobin levels

3 Dried mushrooms

If you regularly drink soup from dried mushrooms, you will not have the problem of lowering hemoglobin levels.

4 Anor

Regular consumption of pomegranate helps to keep hemoglobin levels in check

5 Beets

Consumption of 30 grams of beet juice or 100 grams of boiled beets every day for a month significantly increases the amount of hemoglobin

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