Congratulations on January 14

A collection of scenarios dedicated to the Defender of the Fatherland Day on January 14


Dear colleagues. In a few days, January 14, the holiday "Defenders of the Fatherland" will be widely celebrated in our country. In this regard, I would like to present you the scenarios of the event dedicated to the presentation of this holiday.

Uzbek boy

Those who have evil intentions cannot enter,

A fortress like a strong heart.

The young and the old sleep peacefully at night,

Always a vigilant Uzbek military boy.


Holidays in the country are connected with holidays,

There is no place for dreams.

The glorious gods sing,

Tahsin to a military boy like you.


A healthy child grows up in a free country,

The chamanga that turns tomorrow.

Proud of course,

I will serve the Motherland like you.


The will of the free people will come true,

His faith without holding on to enemies.

The enemy never crossed the fort,

The Uzbek boy retreats.


How many of our ancestors toiled,

He gave us a free homeland.

Shedding blood to keep enemies from entering,

Many sacrificed their lives for the homeland.


These days I always have to take care of my friend,

May it be inherited by generations.

We must be as vigilant as the military,

Let there be a free, beautiful Motherland after us.



Pirnazarov Elmurodjon. Quvasoy city 22 school MMIBDO '

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