The event called "In memory of Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur" will be held


The development of the event called "In memory of Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur" by Khidirova Marhabo Rozikovna, a primary school teacher of the 20th school

Student 1

You are the navobakhsh of my navobakhsh glue,

I am powerless to describe you

We pray for your generation.

Turfa flowers are the flower of your creation

It will definitely happen in the next few years.

2st student

This is the dear son of my dear country,

A great commander without a poet or writer.

Ohla smoking from the sufferings of the wheel

Your heart was not happy in other countries.

To unite the Turkic world

Your life is spent in battle

3st student

You can't get enough of that time,

Thank you for your great sorrow.

May your spirit guide us always,

The prayer of your people is at dawn every morning.

                                1nd starter

  1. My grandfather's words are always on my tongue,

My heart is always in my hand for you.

I miss you all the time on my way,

You are the only country, always in my heart.

                                2nd starter

This bright world has paradises,

There are many thanks from the country.

My soul is attached to your soul

You are the only country, always in my heart.

  1. Hello dear teachers, dear guests who visited our circle.

We announce that our event called "In memory of Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur" is open.

                            1nd starter

The purpose of our gathering here today is to cheer the soul of our great poet Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur, one of the geniuses of poetry, and to stroll through the gardens of sharia created by Babur, if only for a moment. on the basis of the poetic works created by Babur is to communicate with you dear ones. Now it's time for information about the life and work of our grandfather.


  1. ZM Babur was born on February 1483, 14 in Andijan. His father was the ruler of Fergana province Umarshaikh in Temuriza. His mother Qutlugnigorkhanim was the daughter of Yunus Khan, the governor of Tashkent.

  2. He wrote beautiful ghazals. He wrote "Boburnoma" about the events he saw and experienced. His soul was familiar with music. He played the song beautifully. Excellent mcreated by usikas. He wrote a scientific book about music called "The Science of Music".

  3. Babur's Rubaiyats are complete and perfect poetic works in every respect. They depict the scenes of Babur's life.

  4. He died on December 1530, 26 in Agra. Later, according to his will, it was moved to Kabul.

5. The future poet was 12 years old. His father died prematurely, and the governorship of Fergana fell on him. At the age of 15, Bobomeros conquered Samarkand. At the age of 16, he was forced to leave the city.

  1. In 1503, he crossed Amudarya and went to Khurasan. He captured Kabul and Ghazna. Then in 1526, he conquered India and established a great kingdom. With his justice and courage, he won the hearts of the Indian people and won their love.

Babur's descendants ruled India for more than 300 years.

Babur's poem

If you ask for my lineage,

I am an Uzbek child.

Part of Ferghana,

I am a child of Andijan.

My grandfather Amir Temur,

Umarshaikh's father is a traitor.

Yunuskhanim Khan of Tashkent,

Kutlug`Nigor, my entrepreneur mother.

I was born and grew up in Andijan.

I created gardens in India,

There were journalists, my friend

I waved a pen saying the country.

I became a king at twelve,

Deserts and mountains have increased.

Andijo and Samarkand

I lost my way

Sometimes I was happy.

Sometimes I was in a hurry

I am Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur.

I have a pen in one hand

I held a sword in one.

I lost the war,

I finished the ghazal.

I am yellow because of my country,

I got lost on this road

I am Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur.


  1. Babur Mirza spent half of his life away from his motherland in India. Indians respected Babur Mirza very much. Babur Mirza created many gardens in India and Kabul. So you know which of them?

  2. In Kabul, he created gardens such as "Bogi Nur", "Paradise Garden", "Charbog", "Zarafshon Bag", "Bogi Safo" in India.

  3. He created such wonderful gardens in Kabul and India. The world-famous Tajmahal was also built by Babur's descendants.

                             It is said from Babur's ghazals.


  1. Babur, the king of poets, is the poet of kings. Jawaharlal Nehru, the great representative of world literature, gave this description to Babur.

  2. Babur is a great statesman, a skilled general, a wise man, a historian, an intelligent scientist and a translator.

1. Through the present scene, we can understand how resourceful our grandfather was.

                                             Scene (Babur and pigeon)


Now our peers give examples from Babur Mirza's Rubaiyat.

1. There is no Tole, my soul is sad,

Everything was a mistake.

I left my land and went to India.

What happened, what happened.

2. Anyone who is a seeker of knowledge needs knowledge,

A seeker of knowledge needs knowledge.

I am a student of knowledge, and there is no student of science

I am a seeker of knowledge, I need knowledge.

3. One who does not make one happy

A person who can't forget to work hard.

My heart was not happy with this strangeness, oh,

There is certainly a person who is not happy in a foreign country.

  1. I don't have much to say,

I don't have a decision for a moment and a breath.

I came here of my own free will

But I have no choice but to go.

5. O moon, the sun is shining in front of your face,

 Shirin is a good word for your good behavior.

How many names do you speak in Hijran?

Either you come, or I'll go.

  1. The bird of life rests in the Hijran cage.

Ghurbat shortens this dear life.

What kind of separation is your foreign city,

Who wets the eyes of those who don't have tears.

  1. I'm not a careless sym,

I don't even collect goods.

You say Babur settled in Kabul,

Don't say that, I'm not a good person.

  1. Oh wind, don't say the name of Ahboda

Even if everyone knows me, they don't care about me.

Don't say that I forgot

If anyone asks me, it's not my greetings.

9. There is a fever in the body during the day.

It will be a long night of sleep.

Both of them are like my patience.

It is getting more and less.

  1. Or make me spit with anger and anger

Make the sea more independent in your grace

O Lord, make my face white because of you

Every variety, your pleasure, make it.

                          Babur's poem

O my beloved dear generation,

I created a garden and it is unique.

Boburnama is a monument to me,

Tanim remains on Indian soil.

Compose tunes for my ghazal

My soul is in my heart, my dear,

Pray for peace for my soul.


  1. From the last words of our grandfather, we learned that he really wanted his ghazals to be sung among the people. People's Artist of Uzbekistan O. Nazarbekov's grandfather's "purple"  who performed the ghazal with great skill in a new interpretation. Now we bring this ghazal to your attention...

                               Dance "  Purple"

                        1nd starter

Our great grandfather, Shah and poet Babur Mirza, spent his whole life in love for the Motherland. Therefore, let us young people appreciate our heavenly Motherland, use the opportunities given to us, and live a peaceful life.

                                      2 starter

No one has the right to sell the homeland, to give even an inch of land to foreigners, because Amir Temur, Mirza Ulugbek, Alisher Navoi, Ibn Sina, Mirza Babur brought up great people, this is the motherland of our ancestors and the future. the generation also has rights.

                                     1nd starter

Come, dear peers, let's follow our great grandfathers and live as my people and my country. Let's live up to the trust of our honorable president.

                                      There is no life left

A star flying from Andijan city,

It landed like a jewel in the crown of India.

A word that revolves in the heart of fire,

There was a soul left, there was a soul left.

You are a great son of your people, a great son of rice,

A dream remained in Babur's heart.

Let the lament burn forever,

There was a soul left, there was a soul left.

The spinning wheel of the world keeps spinning,

Many times pass.

A word groans from the depths of the ages,

There was a soul left, there was a soul left.

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