The event will be held on the theme "Alisher Navoi - the sultan of ghazal property".


Development of the event on the topic "Alisher Navoi - the sultan of ghazal property" by Tursunova Dilafroz, a teacher of mother tongue and literary science of the 20th school of Uchkuduq District
                              The scene is Alisher Navoi's picture and the sultan of ghazal property
A work reflecting the spirit of the era can be decorated with antiques, and an exhibition of the poet's works can be organized. The participants of the event are also in national costumes, on one side of the stage is the artist's studio, candles and candlesticks, paper and pencils... Classical music is playing.
Behind the scenes:  The President's thoughts about A. Navoi in the work "High spirituality - invincible power":
Alisher Navoi is a great person who forms an entire era in the history of our nation's consciousness and thinking, artistic culture, an incomparable representative of our national literature, an immortal artist of words who glorified the pride and honor of our nation to the world. In other words, there is not a single person who speaks Turkish and Persian in the world who does not know Navoi, does not love Navoi, does not look at Navoi with loyalty and faith. If we call this great person a saint, then he is a saint of saints, if we say a thinker, he is a thinker of thinkers, and if we say a poet, he is a poet of poets.
A poet who expresses the joy and sorrow of the human heart, the goodness and the meaning of life as deeply as Navoi is rarely found in the history of world literature. The more we make our people, especially our youth, enjoy this priceless heritage, the more we will improve our national spirituality, our society with noble human will have such a powerful educational weapon in finding .
1st starter: Greetings, guests of the community's spirituality, gardeners of the flower garden of science.
2st starter:  Greetings, intelligent teachers who are the embodiment of purity and justice.
1st starter: Welcome to our refreshing circle on the topic of "Alisher Navoi - the Sultan of Ghazal property", where poetry and navo shukuhi are blowing!
2st starter: February 9. This day is celebrated in all developed countries with special joy, special grace, and special joy. Hazrat Alisher Navoi was born 576 years ago. More than 5 centuries have passed since then, and this blessed name has not fallen from the tongues, but still has a deep place in the language of people of literature.
1st starter:
Assalom, Navoi, Sultan of Ghazals
It's time to dump her and move on.
I wanted to meet you,
Your blessed age gave you a chance.
2st starter:
The great mountains are greater in size,
Liquid mountains are liquid
Navoi seems to me,
His breath hits my face.
After that, the figure of Navoi enters the circle.
1th student :
Not to stay in this space,
To paw at Nizami's oanja.
Before the necessary poem, there is a battle of poetry,
If there is no poem, then it will be fine.
I narrated in Turkish,
I told the story of this style.
On the road, this road is my regular road,
Khusrav and Jami are my hands.
Navoi begins to create while sitting, at this moment Abdurrahman Jami's description of Navoi is told from behind the scenes:
Behind the scenes: "Blessed be this pen, for it is the pen that created these gentle designs." Navoi took pity on those who created in Persian language and finished his works in Turkish language. When Navoi's works were finished in Persian, there was no chance for other poets to create.
NavoiWhat a strange citizen has built a meeting?
               What is the reason for this conference?
Student 2:       The goal is to please the soul of a woman like you,
            In our country, every Uzbek is a Navoi Khan
Navoi:  Chemistry course student Dilshad
                Will my memory be remembered until then?             
3th student:      A child who speaks Navoi's poetry,
            It is rare to find a boy or girl who is not proud of their grandfather
              Do they still remember my friends?
Student 4:        If it is circumambulated like the Qur'an, it is worth your "Hamsa".
             "Choe deon" is an undiscovered house that has not been entered
In Turkish poetry, I can pull it off
Ayladim ul makhaletani kakkalam (Navoi's figure leaves the stage singing a verse).
4-5 — students: 5-"D"
Teacher after five and a half centuries
We still need the gem you picked
The divan you have created is not enough
You put the crown in Turkish
How many years, how many times
The tumor you gave on the neck of the poets
Five and a half centuries later
The choir of justice is the minor you build
How many years, how many times
The tumor you gave on the neck of the poets
How many years, how many times
The tumor you gave on the neck of the poets
You hit Nizami in the arm
Then you drove through this area
As if the five epics were five statues
You built a castle on the chest of poetry
How many years in the grass, how many times
The tumor you gave on the neck of the poets
1st starter: "Khamsa" is a great example of Navoi's heritage, a mirror of the spiritual development of our nation
2st starter: "Khamsa" is five epics with a total of 51 thousand verses. The first epic of "Khamsa" is "Hayrat ul-Abrar", which means the admiration of good people. The work consists of 7976 lines and 3988 stanzas, 64 chapters and 20 articles.
(The story "Shah Ghazi" will be performed).
Beginner: One day, Shah Ghazi went to the polls. On the way, a crazy old woman blocked his way.
Camper: You killed my one and only brother, my heir, you are a murderer, a murderer. Go, you and I will go to the sharia court.
King: O mother, if your demand is poetic, I will confess my guilt even if you demand my life.
King: (to the official) Official!
Required: It will be alright, my king.
Judge: My king, spare a spoonful of my blood. You invited me to your presence.
Camper: My only son when there is a fight for the throne
Judge: Bring two witnesses to any claim under Sharia law, be your witnessesryou?
Camper: I have two witnesses. He is the justice and fairness of the king.
Judge: Or should be executed for murdering the king. Or must pay for food.
Beginner: Consider the reaction of a king who had the fate of an entire country and its people at his disposal.
Beginner: The king gave the old woman a sword in one hand and a tray full of gold in the other hand and said:
- Mother, if you need wealth, take my purse full of gold. If you want revenge, take my head with this sword,
Camper: no, I don't need your life or gold. I lost one son and found another. Be just and fair to your people.
Beginner: after that, this old woman is called the golden old woman. Such a just and honest king can be the head of his country. Alisher Navoi portrayed Husayn Boygaro based on the story "Shah Ghazi". The word "Ghazi" means "Victory".
Behind the scenes: "Farhad and Shirin" is the second epic of "Hamsa", the work was written in 1484. It consists of 59 chapters, 5782 bytes.
(Farhod and Shirin appear on the stage).
Sweet: Your condition is not good, my dear
I am from the state of Visolim
Why is this yukdin jism-u chun moan?
What's the point of being free?
How free are you in a bitter situation?
Farhad:Nigoro, how are you?
King of the prisoners of the world.
I am saddened and compensated
Erur Darding quit John too.
Behind the scenes: "Layli and Majnun" is the third epic of "Khamsa", written in 1484, consisting of 36 chapters and 3622 verses. This epic is the saddest and most painful among epics about love.
(Layli and Madnun to the stage comes out).
Crazy: No, it's strange if I call you a talent.
Who does not have a job for you.
Mandekin erur malak means rev
Anyone who sees me will call me dry.
Love makes me feel good.
Who is dead is dead.
In your love, this was the goal for me,
Whoever I saw, I immediately fell in love.
The era has reached this point
What I wanted, the scientist took away.
What I dreamed of in your love
It was perfect.
It's a strange day, my teacher,
Stay well, stay alive.
Behind the scenes: "Sabbayi sayyo" is the fourth epic of "Khamsa" consisting of 38 chapters and 5000 verses. This work is written in the "story within a story" method.
"Seven Beauties" scene:
1st beauty: (in black dress)
If the needle comes out, it's a child
Alibon to Chinese Bal Kashmir
        2nd beauty: (in a yellow dress)
Rum was a skilled goldsmith
His work is as bright as the sun
         3rd beauty: (in a blue dress)
The queen of Egypt drinks cash,
Yusufi Egyptian jamal ichra.
4th beauty: (in a red dress)
Because the prayer has become a point,
I said: it's Delhi time tomorrow
5th beauty: (in green dress)
As long as there is, there is no evil in Eden,
He is perfect in the art of flirting.
6th beauty: (in a pink dress)
When Forig's dead, you'll stop here.
I said: You are from Bokhtar.
Bahram: (to the official) I want to rest in the white castle today. For six days, I listened to the stories of strangers from six climates, but I did not find any news about my princess Dilorom. Bring the alien from the seventh climate.
Bahram: (to a stranger) tell a story. So that this story can calm my heart, cure my pain, soothe my sorrow.
The stranger's story: I was a party hero, and because of that, my job was ruined. I went to Kanizak and asked for education. I made myself mahram. I avoided every other feeling in my heart. I felt that there was great pain and secret love in his melody. He was living in someone's house. I wanted to know. "Stop checking," he said. He asked again. "Okay, I'll tell you, my condition is that you don't stay here. "You're leaving," he said. Indeed, his story was painful:
Dilorom behind the scenes: I am from real estate. I was captured in the massacre of two khans. The master bought me as a concubine. He was childless. He brought me up as his child. My fame spread. A painter secretly drew my picture and showed it to an emperor. I was loved, I loved. One day something happened while hunting. He shot as I said. He was drunk with wine. I was drunk with myself. I didn't deserve it. He did what no human could do. I had to sacrifice my life for him. He was right even if he bribed me. He threw it into the desert. My pilgrim, who was coming to see me, found me on the road. I wanted to go to our king and apologize. Hojam did not allow it. In this way I remained alive in Hijran. Go now! - the maid finished her story.
Bahram: That's it. After all, this is my Dilorom.
7th beauty: (in a white dress)
Ever since mine fell, I have a flower garden,
Mulki Khorezm belongs to Erur Dayar.
Bahram: (to Dilorom): no, no, I have this pride too. I wish you knew how much I hurt losing you. The seas and rivers flooded from the abundance of my longing. A storm started. My body is mine, my heart, soul, thoughts are your queen. I wish I could listen to your songs for the people of Khorezm.
(Dilorom plays music and sings in the classroom).
Bahram: now a party in your honor.
Behind the scenes: The epic "Saddi Iskandari" ("Iskander's Wall") was written in 1485 and consists of 89 chapters and 7215 stanzas. It is the largest in terms of volume among the "Khamsa" epics.
Saddi Iskandari.
(Iskander's letter to his mother is read from behind the curtain).
"This letter is from me, my soul is in pain. Iskandandur, who became a pajmur in the hands of death. My word to my mother, who is the soul of my broken body, my body is a mine of priceless rubies, that I was separated from many of you, I came far from you and tormented you. Although I have disobeyed your commandment, but you accept my request, oh mother... put my body in a coffin and carry it to the city of Alexandria with great speed, not by day or night, but I When you lay me down, pull one of my hands out of the coffin like a thread from a ruby ​​hole. So that the people look at this hand not with the eyes of wonder, but with the eyes of an example.
Dance (Mustahzad)
1st starter: The study of Navoi's work began in his own time. This research was especially well done in the XNUMXth century. Our famous creator Oybek created the poem "Navoiy", the novel "Navoiy", M. Jorayev the collection "El desa Navoiy", Uygun and Izzat Sultan jointly created the drama "Alisher Navoiy". (Guli and Navoi enter the stage).
2st starter:
On the long road to the darkness of history
Met muzaffar ustozu talib
The dream is in someone's hands
A dream winner with a pencil.
The intensity of three centuries is shining,
Morning convulsions come to my throat,
They reached Aibek Navoi
Navoi gave Oybek to my people.
Raw materials: My lord
               Tears again, don't break my heart,
Don't swim in this river of youth.
This river is dangerous, you can drown.
The heart is full of tears.
Raw materials: My dear, get rid of the tyranny of the times.
Hey, there's no rest in peace,
The heart cries, and there is no moisture in the eyes.
Just one request, my beauty
When the flower blooms, it is happy.
Remember the young bud too,
Do not forget, always cheer my soul.
I will not forget you, I will see you alive.
You still inspire my heart,
You will stay forever with my poem.
I wish you five precious dreams,
Sometimes you are Laila, sometimes you are sweet.
You always live in my epics,
I am a flower in my bostons.
I cry with sadness
I sit alone with your love.
Song: (of Alisher Navoi "Fido" ghazal.)
I confess my weakness to your eyes,
My life is devoted to you, Ravonbakhsh.
The color of your lips is my blood,
I am devoted to the old jilva.
My mind is a gift of sadness,
Good and bad sacrifice.
Where is the trouble in the steppe of Fano,
Who, my lady is devoted to the walk.
You took your heart and soul,
May it be for you, my devoted devotee.
Mushaira (examples of Navoi's ghazals and rubai are recited)
The ghazal "Amazements of Eighteen Years".
If eighteen thousand worlds are in your head,
No wonder, because my cypress is eighteen years old.
I'd say there are eighteen more,
At the age of eighteen, I have a lot of trouble in my head.
Don't say eighteen years, one hundred and eighty years, if he dies, he kills.
The King of Husn, the eyes of those who suffer.
Astonishment is in the pattern of the house, every wonder is there,
Everything is in the image of the Almighty.
The ghazal "Keldi"
The cypress flower didn't come yesterday.
I couldn't sleep until dawn yesterday.
I came out from time to time, waiting on the way to smoke,
Come to my mouth, the king did not come.
When the moon is clear, be careful,
It didn't get dark as long as I lived.
I cried madly,
I didn't want to laugh when I saw someone there.
No matter how many tears come to your eyes, don't make me sit down.
Whoever came was bleeding, no water came tonight.
If the suitor is not found faithful, then who steps forward,
On the way, the mistress of the first step did not sit down.
Hey, Navoi, cheer up and play with your heart,
Why, there was no sadness in the house where the boda came.
"I did not find" ghazal.
I showed a lot of kindness, but I didn't find a kind one,
I sacrificed my life, but I did not find peace.
I was dying of grief, I saw no sorrow,
I was sick with Hajr, I didn't find dilistone.
I became a target of a hundred thousand blames for love,
I did not find a target of saltiness in a bow.
My heart is like an arrow, a bud is a thorn, a flower is a thorn,
I did not find dilistone in the Dahr garden.
I haven't found a future friend because of my work.
At one time, I did not find a hardworking friend in love.
Taob ganjidin Navoi khorda a hundred times sorry,
I did not find the king of Nisar Etmakakka Khurdadone.
It's a little bit of honor for words -
Who can't be a precious gift.
The jewel of the four pearls,
The constellation of the seven heavens ul.
God is pleased to make man,
It's a privilege to talk to an animal.
Know the word Dona-i Dur as a legend,
know the word as a masterpiece in the world.
Dance (to Navoi's ghazal)
Poem "Sultan Navoi"
Sultan Navoi, who held the tongue,
The sky is full of wisdom.
If you want to climb the mountain of contemplation,
Navoi is an opportunity to reach out for life.
The fruit of beauty does not fall from the sky,
Navoi, a gardener who gave honey in Turkish.
Thank you very much for reading,
Navoi is a shield to the value of the word.
Five hundred years, five thousand chapters,
Navoi, the age that has hardened for centuries.
2st starter: So that's the end of our night. May Navoi's poetic gem always illuminate his spiritual world!

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