Script of the holiday event "Assalam Navroz".


"Assalam Navroz" holiday event.
       The school yard was decorated with festive balloons, flowers and slogans related to Nowruz holiday. The event will be attended by community representatives, VEN supervisor, honorary teachers, parents, teachers and students.
       Before the festive events, an inter-class competition called "Spring dishes - Navruz korki" will be held. In the competition, students of all classes put their spring dishes on the table. The judges evaluate the food according to its type, quality, taste and table decoration. Then a festive event will be shown.
 1st starter:                                                                         Let's start with our introduction. Uzbekistan is called our country,                                  
We are the children of old Fergana.                                                       Greetings to you, my country with a bright future.
2nd starter                                                                         
 Hello, dear souls, suns
 Young people enjoying the light of your love,
 We have brought you a supreme faith,                                             
 Greetings from my great faith.
      We say hello to the school's incomparable beauty, happy and joyful girls, brave and brave boys, and we also bow our heads to our dear and respected teachers, guests who visited our school.
1st starter:
     We sincerely congratulate the country of Uzbekistan and all the young people and teachers of our school with the coming Navruz. Happy holiday  let it be.
 Years of velvet cover,
 Adir field edges
 Take flowers in your hands
 Navruz has come, dear ones.
 2st starter:                                                                                            Let the sun shine
The golden rays of the earth,
Cheer up, dear ones, Nowruz has arrived.
      We will give the floor to the head of our school, Nabiyev Abdumomin Nazirovich, to open our holiday event called "Assalam Navroz".
Now it's our turn to dance "Orombakhsh" by Tursunova Sevara, a student of the 9th grade.
 Now it's time for the holiday program prepared by the 9th grade students
 We invite Navro'zai, Bahoroy and Dehkan Babas to the round.
1st starter:
      Nowruz will bring joy to hearts this year as well. All the children, girls, mothers and grandfathers missed him. We really missed Navruz, which was always waiting for us. Because nowruz is one of the holidays that we love and wait for.
2st starter:
      Nowruz is a day associated with the awakening of nature. March 21 is a national holiday celebrated by eastern peoples as the equinox day, i.e. Nowruz holiday.
 1nd starter
       The current turn is a wonderful Navroz performed by the girls of the 9th grade
we give to the song about
 1nd starter                                                                         
 The definition of history is epic in languages,
 The sun is shining and the sky is blue.
 Hafiz sings and dances the world
 It is different to come to Navruz this year.
 2st starter:
One side is a big fight
A side cop curry,
Telling the story brings joy to the old and the young
It is different to come to Navruz this year.
1st starter:
      Our poets write poems that shake the heart. Let's give the current turn to such poems about Nowruz and listen to them. Greetings, 3rd graders.
1nd starter
 If he dances in the magic of a beautiful melody,
 A rum that turns countless stars into itself.
2st starter:
 An example of a peacock is a plucked persimmon
 Let the eyes rejoice and let the hearts rest.
 Dance by the students of the 6th grade.
 In the olden days, young boys and girls used to go out into the mountains and play all kinds of games. Can our current youth also do such work?
2st starter:
You know, Nigora, I don't understand what you mean by this?
1st starter:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           You can find out what I mean from the speeches and speeches prepared by the 9th grade students.
A word to ___________________ who is currently a guest at this holiday
we will give it a turn.
We will give the current turn to the composition prepared by the students of the 8th grade.
 2st starter:
      The spring breeze blew away the boring winter, and the clear air came back to its judgment. The spring breeze blew from the east. He opened a little way to decorate the world.
1st starter:                                                                                              The trees that fell asleep put on their green robes again. Different mists of smallpox opened up. They filled the world with their expression and hovering smell. After such warm words, his place in our school  and Nishonova Gulchehra from teachers who have a position
 Karimionovnaea, we will give the word turn. Thank you                                                                                                                  
Beginner 1:
Dance in the performance of Merhamat 2nd class. 1st starter
Nowruz in the old Turan people
My friend of many years is gone.
The sun shines brightly,
The old and young people of my country are on the promenade.
A table spread with sumac in cauldrons
Happy Navruz, O Uzbekistan.
 2st starter:
 Navruz has come, Navruz, Navruz,
 The water flows now like a torrent
 Warm spring everywhere
 The body of the hydrangea.
 People congratulate each other
 These beautiful moments are a treasure,
 Navruz has come, Navruz, Navruz,
 Now it's time for a dance performed by 9th grade girls.
2st starter:
 Do my Nigorakhan dresses fit me? That's it now
 Shall I go round the circle?
Hey girl stop and think how many hours have you been on this stage?                                                                         
2st starter:
It's been about an hour or two.
1st starter:
So what do you do around the scene? After all, everyone can see you. It would be better if we gave the turn to the beautiful girls of our school to come out in their national costumes and describe them. So are we  the most beautiful and eloquent of our school  we would identify the girl, that is, the queen of our school. Now   One participating girl from each class will come out and fulfill the conditions we have mentioned. This is 5 of our national dress previews  It takes place until the 9th grade.                                                       1st starter:                                                                       In our school, there are sports in addition to various clubs
trainings are also organized. Looking at the number prepared by the participants of this sports training
if we can and continue our celebration.
2st starter:
 Let there be a dance between the eyes and the eyebrows,
Let there be a dance for both young and old alike.
Let everyone dance for a while,
Let there be a dance with joyful sighs.
Dance performed by Merhamat 9th grade students.                                                                                               
1st starter:
Please, let's now give the floor to Sister Sultonova Mukammal, and then we invite everyone to a public dance.
 Spring has come again in the world,
 A strange beauty is a strange life.
 I welcome you right now,
 Stable life my elder brother.
2st starter:
Don't look for tashbeh from this ghazal,
What does the nation need instead of cash?
You probably have a feeling from the beginning
It's time to wake up to those who call you.
1st starter:
With this, to conclude our event dedicated to Navruz today, let's give a speech to the head of our school, Nabiyev Abdumomin Nazirovich:
2st starter:
Dear guests, teachers, schoolmates, that's why our holiday event dedicated to the beauty of the world of Navrozi has come to an end. May spring mood, cheerfulness and beauty always be with you.
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Deputy Director of Affairs:                                  

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