Birthday of People's Artist of Uzbekistan Botir Zokirov


People's Artist of Uzbekistan Botir Zokirov was born on April 1936, 26.
The songs performed by him are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and whenever they are played, they give a special mood.
Botir Zokirov became famous in 1956 when he founded the youth ensemble "Yoshlik". His opera arias, Uzbek folk songs, and foreign hits were spread all over the world. In addition to national songs, the singer's repertoire includes songs in Italian, French, Spanish, Russian and Greek.
It should be noted that the development of Uzbek pop art is associated with the work of Botir Zokirov. B.Zokirov was also talented in fine arts and directing.
The singer died on January 1985, 23. During the years of independence, Botir Zokirov was awarded the Order of Merit.

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