December 10th. Anthem Day Scenario


December 10th. Anthem Day Scenario
May our homeland prosper,
Such is our dream
Our skies are clear,
Let our water be clear.
Let's sing the anthem "
holiday program
Purpose: The "Anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan" was adopted ___ years ago. In a short time, the Anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan was recognized as the most honest and fair set of words in the world. Teaching children from an early age is one of the main requirements of today. Because every young person who knows his rights, freedoms and duties grows up to be free-thinking, strong-willed and responsible.
1st starter:  Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing.
                        To days full of meaning, content.
                        Prosperous, radiant great; for days,
                        O my free land - my Uzbekistan!
                        O my free land - my Uzbekistan!
2st starter:  A new era has come, a changed time,
                        Man has changed over time.
                        Changed society, changed life,
                        Changed song — it changed life!
Beginner 1: Independent land - spring without treasure.
           There is an enlightened future.
Leader 2: Oh, chandon cried in my stomach today
  Thousands of opportunities were born in pain
  He loved the past, he loved the morning, he applauded
  The bright path is now in my independent hand!
Leader 1: Assalamu alaykum, dear parents participating in our event, respected teachers who add interest to our circle and students who are thirsty for knowledge. This day is a great celebration in our country, because December 10 is the day of the adoption of the Anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Leader 2: The Anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan protects the rights and freedoms of all citizens living in Uzbekistan and defines their duties.
«Vatan »Is sung.
Student 1: Tell me, my friend, what day is December 10?
Student 2: No one knows the day the anthem was adopted on December 10th
Student 1: Do you know your rights, comrade?
         Tell me, when was our anthem adopted?
Student 3: (with golden letters in hand
Republic of Uzbekistan
A book written as an anthem.
That’s all in the book
Full written statement
The Anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan was adopted on December 1992, 10. At the XI session of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Uzbekistan on December 1992, 10, the Law "On the National Anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan" was adopted. The version of the anthem prepared by the poet Abdulla Aripov and Mutal Burhanov was approved.
        In the Anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • we promise young people to grow up to be the children they want to be.
Today, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoyev is also doing a lot in a short period of time for the youth, the elderly and the whole nation. At the same time, they are developing a "Strategy of Action" and setting tasks and tasks in it. (Students briefly describe the strategy.)
I. Improving the system of state and society building.
II. Ensuring the rule of law and further reform of the judicial system. (Black is a symbol of superiority and honor, which are elements of legitimacy).
III. Development and liberalization of the economy.
(Tillarang is a symbol of power and wealth, which are elements of economic development).
IV. Development of the economy.
(Red is a symbol of life and ensuring a decent lifestyle for the population).
V. Security, religious tolerance and interethnic harmony, mutually beneficial and practical foreign policy.
(white is a symbol of peace and purity that are elements of a peace-loving policy).
 Dear peers! Let us diligently study and follow all the symbols of our country.
   In the people's perception, the upper part of the flag represents the ever-blue sky of Uzbekistan, the middle of the flag represents the white heart of our people and its white cotton, and the lower part of the flag represents our boundless green fields and nature. Twelve stars - wide and wide
It symbolizes the devotion of Uzbekistan to our ancient history, and the crescent is associated with the historical traditions of our country. At the same time, it symbolizes our independence, the two red lines on the flag - the blood of the children of our country in order to achieve unity and inviolable friendship.
The State Flag of the Republic of Uzbekistan is the President of the country, the Oliy Majlis, the Government of Uzbekistan, local government agencies,
In the buildings where various representative offices of Uzbekistan operate,
 It is raised at international events attended by official delegations of Uzbekistan. These rules are set out in a separate law.
Disrespect for the national flag of the Republic of Uzbekistan
 the person or organization who reported it shall be punished in accordance with the established procedure.
Songs about the flag will be played.
  • Leader: Distinguished guests, participants of our event! At the heart of our Constitution is the life of the people, their future. This work was carried out under the leadership of our esteemed First President IA Karimov.
starter: so we thank our grandfather the President, we will always remember them.
The sunshine glorifies the generosity of our people, the greatness of our ancestors and our rich history and the great spirituality that has amazed the whole world.
There is a variety of information in the world,
Life sought in the heavens.
A thousand guesses, a thousand suspicions,
Could not provide any information.
What sages hastened to the sun,
The astrologer ran away from the man.
Before Galileo, Ulugbek,
He revealed the mystery of the catastrophe.
From this clear, clear sky,
My homeland is Uzbekistan.
                                 Komil Sindarov.
Student 1: Free, of liberty
The symbol is the song
It is reflected in it
Our rights
It illuminates our path
For example, the sun
manually high
If we are born
Student 4: The Fate of Millions
Unda mujassam.
Our people say.
The earth lit up the globe
Uzbekistan also
If we sacrifice for the country,
We are happy to laugh
Student 5: Sings the song “Our Book of Happiness”
The law of our lives
Our book of happiness
The universe is meaningful
Our book of happiness
The country thinks Iqbolin
Our book of happiness
My country is beautiful
Our book of happiness
There is no Uzbek language
Our book of happiness
Thoughts glue happiness
Our book of happiness
Student 6: The President is our grandfather
Caring for us, kind
The country seeks peace
People speak of happiness.
Student 7: In the bosom of Uzbekistan
Every district, province
He lives day by day
In front of the army during the marches of Amir Temur
The flag was carried.
You are an independent mother
The world has recognized you
Everyone: Uzbekistan is free
                         Wait till the world stops!
Uzbekistan is a motherland
What a service, order!
 Nilpira, my flag, hilpira proud,
He dedicates it to my free people.
In the United Nations,
Hilpira is proud to give us.
From ancient times in the history of the world there were states that had their symbols. These symbols were supposed to be permits or documents for the citizens of this country. Our great ancestor Amir Temur attached great political importance to the symbols of the state. In particular, he ordered that even if one of the soldiers survived on the battlefield, he should hold high the flag of the country. The bowing of the flag was considered a sign of defeat.
    Each country has its own flag.
He finds perfection, he stands tall
Student 8: The backbone of Uzbekistan
There are armed forces
He is the backbone of the nation.
Enemy rabies is useless
Student 9: Independent Uzbekistan is confident,
Going his own way
He says his word.
Student 10:
He gave happiness to people
Mother Uzbekistan
He turned his face to the world
Became famous- epic
("Lazgi" will be played and dance will be performed)
Arrange the lyrics in the correct order
Yashnagay to forever science, creativity,
Glory to the world!
Sunny free land, happiness to the wind, salvation,
You are a friend to friends, kind!
The courageous spirit of the ancestors is with you!
These valleys of gold - dear Uzbekistan,
The time when the power of the great nation was in full swing,
He says he has fascinated the world!
Honest, motherland, be prosperous forever!
Immortal faith of a generous Uzbek,
Free, young generation is a great wing for you!
Torch of Independence, Guardian of Peace,
The time when the power of the great nation was in full swing,
These valleys of gold - dear Uzbekistan,
The courageous spirit of the ancestors is with you!
He says he has fascinated the world!
Student: Work on the dictionary.
A hymn is a poem or speech in which a person, thing, or event is praised.
Salvation-needed help
to abad-umrbod, forever
Forever SWOT technology
S-Strengths: Encourage students to respect the national anthem.
W-Weaknesses: Excessive performance leads to disrespect.
O-Opportunity: Use at events, classes and other meetings.
T-Threat: Incompetence, negligence
Student: Uzbekistan, mother
You are independent, free, free
The sun of happiness is independence
A hairy light over your head.
O homeland of Uzbeks
Wait till the world stops.
Reader: Your history is very long
Rooting is very deep,
Jaloliddin Your children are brave and courageous
Lol left the world
Jahongir bobom Temur.
Reader: Darding is over your head a lot
No fighting, no fighting
The name of the elders
World famous
I miss you for a lifetime
Bobur missed
reader: My mother is lucky
Thank you for the independence
Uzbeks who know themselves
Awakened national pride
Your own coat of arms is your anthem
Your birth is very proud
Student: Article 41- Every citizen has the right to education.
The reader: Article 49 - Citizens are obliged to carefully preserve the historical, spiritual and enlightenment heritage of the people of Uzbekistan.
The reader: Article 50 - Citizens are obliged to treat the environment with care.
The reader: Article 66 - Adult, able-bodied citizens are obliged to take care of their parents.
All: It is our duty to study our Constitution. ("Song of the Owners" will be sung)
  Teacher: Children, today we will get acquainted with the authors of the anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The word "Madhiya" is derived from the word Madh, which means praise, glorification and honor. The anthem of each state praises its people, country and national wealth. The text of our anthem was written by the People's Poet of Uzbekistan Abdulla Oropov, in which the poet described the beauty and richness of our country.
   Today we get acquainted with the life and work of Abdulla Aripov and Mutal Burhanov.A. Aripov was born in 1941 in Kashkadarya. After graduating from high school with honors, he entered the journalism faculty of Tashkent State University. After graduating from high school, he began working in the Writers' Union. Over the years, the poet began to publish a number of collections of poetry. These collections have taught our people to love the Motherland, people, to love and respect nature, to glorify people of faith and conscience. Today, Abdulla Aripov is a recipient of the Hamza Republican State Prize and the title of "Hero of Uzbekistan."
       Why do I love Uzbekistan,
       The dust is rolling in my eyes.
       Why call my motherland my homeland
        I call it holy, I call it lonely. His poems, which began with the words, are in the hearts of every Uzbek child with love and pride.
 Mutal Burkhonov - a 5-6-year-old boy when he became interested in music. The musician's friends often gathered in their houses to visit their father and uncle. . Seeing this interest of little Mutal, his uncle called him a "little musician" and gave him a tanbur.
       Over the years, it was a great pleasure to receive the title of "People's Artist of Uzbekistan" and to wake up the Uzbek people every morning with a solemn song. The reason for this success was that he knew the melodies of the Uzbek people well and had a deep musical knowledge. The national anthem encourages Mutal Burhanov to live, to fight, to serve the interests of the people.
III Final part: Today the task is to find samples of poems and songs of the poet and composer, who got acquainted with his works.
Summer, they said. A. Oripov
The poet sang a flower in a poem.
Those who read it: - Again! They said. They said that he was not following the path of poetry.
In another poem he wrote a nightingale, the poet wrote a poem about his mother
That is, they said, "This is an old ash'ar." They said, "Write, write."
 The poet connects his days with the night,
Singing described the creature.
They didn't care about him anyway,
They said, "These words are all familiar."
                                                                                                                               At the same time, information on the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan will be provided. The reader: The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan consists of 6 sections, 26 chapters and 128 articles.
The reader: Article 1 - Sovereign Democratic Republic of Uzbekistan The names "Republic of Uzbekistan" and "Uzbekistan" have the same meaning.
The readerArticle 4 - The state language in Uzbekistan is Uzbek.
The reader: Article 5 - The Republic of Uzbekistan has its own state symbols - the flag, coat of arms and anthem, which are approved by law.
The reader: Article 6 - The capital of the Republic of Uzbekistan is the city of Tashkent.
The reader: Article 24: The right to life is an inalienable right of every human being.
The reader: Article 37 - Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favorable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment in accordance with the law.
The reader: Article 40 - Citizens have the right to medical services.

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