Topic: Children of Uzbekistan,
Guardians of the future
Students: Homeland Peace Fortress,
Every boy is his guardian.
Teacher: Assalamu alaykum, dear teachers, kind educators. Today's educational hour is dedicated to the Defender of the Fatherland Day on January 14. We congratulate all our compatriots on this holiday. We declare our educational hours open.
The anthem sounds.
Student 1: Hello to you from the heart net
Friends gathered around us
Putting our hands on our chests,
We say welcome to you.
Student 2: Greetings to you from the people of Turan
From every dear soul who is an ointment for pain
Student 3: Assalamu alaykum elim, to my people
I bow and put my hands on my chest.
Student 4: Assalamu alaykum dear guests,
The heart of the oceans blossoming at his feet.
Student 5: Loving his homeland,
Happiness laughs in this land,
We greet you from the bottom of our hearts,
Let's be honest.
Reader: The door our father opened
The cradle our mother embraced
Which one of us planted flowers
Which one of us threw ashes.
Open your eyes, man
Homeland host we are guests
Even stateless governors
The living heart is flawed
If we live in this world
Let's live for the homeland
The so-called Uzbekistan
Let's live for Chaman.
"Song of Uzbekistan" will be performed.
Student 1: Turan, which sparkles between two rivers,
Many people are amazed at the riches God has given them
Student 2: Good thoughts in the hearts of the good,
Some greedy rulers make a thousand thoughts
Student 3: Our ancestor said that power is a measure of justice,
We draw strength from the teachings of our ancestors
Teacher: Indeed, our great ancestor Amir Temur built a huge state between the two rivers. The fame of this state reached many years. After a long time, our independent Uzbekistan was established instead of the great state, and September 1991, 1 was declared the Independence Day of Uzbekistan. Now our country is free and independent among the free nations. Who were the children Amir Temur?
Students: Our grandfather Amir Temur,
Our brave and courageous grandfather.
The battle raged,
The great state created the country.
Eternal immortal name
The word in our language.
We will never forget
You are a great grandfather.
Student 1: Tomaris, dripping with the blood of Shiraks
How many brave boys gave their lives,
Traces of ancestors remain in the mountains
I wish independence forever, mother.
Student 2: Ancient Turan gave many scholars, sages
Khorezmi, Beruni, Ibn Sinani
Listen with all my heart to the sound of the past
Congratulations on your independence, dear Turan.
3rd archer: The enemy liked your innumerable riches. Sometimes oil flowed from the west and sometimes from the east.
There were tears in my Uzbek eyes
Your sons will keep you, my Uzbekistan,
May your independence be eternal, dear Turan.
Teacher: In order to perpetuate our independence and preserve the peace of the Motherland, the military forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan have set themselves the task of defending their country from enemies. They swore allegiance. Question and answer session will be held.
Student 1: Our border crosses rocks and fields
Maybe somewhere downstairs
The enemy is lying in wait.
The military will not plunder its homeland from enemies
Those who love their country will not let their enemies down.
Student 2: Our sky is endless
Our clear, clear water,
May Uzbekistan prosper
This is our dream
Those who committed suicide
Strong border
No enemy can cross.
Teacher: Since the declaration of independence of our country, no one believed that Uzbekistan has enemies. Unfortunately, there are those who do not see the prosperity of the Motherland and the freedom of the people. On February 1996, 16, a terrorist attack took place in Tashkent. As a result, many of our compatriots died. Many places were destroyed. Such ignorance and ingratitude are strongly condemned by our people. Again in the summer of 1999 and 2000, there was unrest on the Uzbek border by terrorists. This year, several defenders of the Motherland died prematurely. We are proud of these Compatriots and their bright memory will live forever in our hearts. I bow to you. I think you will also contribute to the peace of the country in the future.
Student 1: Guys are the praise, the beauty of nations.
The ore of the generation, the backbone of the state,
Prosperity of the country, the reason for weddings,
The pride of the people, the grace, the joy.
Student 2: There is no danger if the young man survives
There is a shield, a fortress, a fortress,
Guys laugh out loud
Pleasure in baby sleep.
Teacher: You are today Alpomish, to Amir Temur
A worthy grandson, a brave, courageous boy
May the pure spirit of the ancestors support you
Free Uzbekistan relies on you.
A military song is played.
Student 1: The homeland is blossoming,
Awakening the hearts for a lifetime,
When he raised his head, he crushed the enemy,
Let us be a text fortress for peace
Let us be a shield to this dear Motherland.
Student 2: These free days are the real cure,
It’s the time my grandparents dreamed of
To whom is medicine, to whom is hope,
Let us give thanks and rejoice
Let us be a shield to this dear Motherland.
Student 3: May my grandfather Timur always support us
Let Jalaliddin send courage
The fortitude of the ancestors is immortal
Let us be loyal boys to them
Let us be a shield to this dear Motherland.
Student 4: Compatriot, hold your head proud,
Love your homeland, your body,
Asray know the sun of independence,
We were born free, let's be human
Let us be a shield to this dear Motherland.
Teacher: Dear children, do you know that for the defense of the Motherland we must be one and the same.
Scene - "Father and seven sons".
Student 1: My homeland is a priceless land
You have faithful children
If an enemy steps in,
Daydi will be like a dog.
Student 2: Let your boys name you
Polat, Arthur, Muhammad Qadir
Hands that are the head of a wise leader
He is always able to win.
Student 3: God bless Uzbekistan
Keep your sons like pearls
Homeland bread and salt
Children are white for life.
Student 4: He gave his life for the Motherland
Long live the brave boys
May our homeland be strong
They are also evil.
Teacher: You are a child who owes money to the motherland
It will be a symbol of each place
Well, what do you say, the symbol of Turan
Cotton-wheat bounty of Uzbekistan
The sun that smiles at the beginning is his
There is light in his old age
The sky is clear of dust
A garden like a green paradise
Always thank you,
I live in a clean country at home
I repeat my devotion every day
I dedicate my life to my homeland.
Let the sons of Uzbeks be brave and courageous.
Let flowers bloom from the feet of the martyrs for the homeland.
Many thanks to those who sacrificed their lives for their country
They say that their name will never die in their hearts.
Thus, the educational hour dedicated to the Day of Defenders of the Motherland came to an end.
We say that Uzbekistan is the only one in the world,
We cherish it like the apple of our eye.
It ends with a song about the homeland.

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