February 4 Memorable days


Saturday, February 4, 2023
🎊Holidays 🎊
🎗 World Cancer Day
🍲 It's Homemade Soup Day in the US
📗 Mexican Constitution Day
🏭 Rubber boots were born
❄️ Sapporo Snow Festival (Sapporo Snow Festival)
🗓 Memorable days
📔1717 - a textbook on youth education called "Youth is an honest mirror" was published in Russia by order of Peter I.
📔 1722 - by the decree of Peter I "Table of Ranks" - the law on the order of public service in the Russian Empire was approved.
📔 1857 - for the first time, the remains of a Neanderthal man, who lived about 150 thousand years ago, found during excavations in Germany, were shown to the scientific community.
📔 1858 - German astronomer Hermann Goldschmidt discovered one of the largest asteroids in the main belt - "(52) Europa".
1931 - inventor AG Ufimtsev built the first wind farm in Russia in Kursk
📔 1935 - the first test train was launched in the Moscow metro
📔 1939 - Penza region was established by decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR
📔 1945 - the anti-Hitler coalition - the Crimean (Yalta) conference of the heads of state of the USSR, USA and Great Britain (I. Stalin, F. Roosevelt and W. Churchill) was opened, in which Germany surrendered. was discussed
📔 1970 - in the north of Ukraine, in the Kiev region, the city of Pripyat was founded, which has now become a ghost town due to the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.
📔1994-Uzbekistan became a member of the International Automobile Transport Association.
📔 In 2000 - 1991, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation handed over the XNUMXth century icon "Boris and Gleb" stolen from the Ustyuzhensk Local History Museum.
📔 2004 - Facebook site was opened - currently one of the largest social networks. networks in the world
🎁 Born on this day 🎁
👶 1746 - Tadeusz Kosciusko - Polish and American military and political leader
👶 1873 - Mikhail Prishvin - Russian Soviet writer, publicist and prose writer
👶 1881 - Kliment Voroshilov - Soviet military leader, state and party figure, Marshal of the Soviet Union
👶 1881 - Yakov Protazanov - Russian and Soviet film director, actor, screenwriter
👶 1889 - Pitirim Sorokin - Russian, American sociologist and culturologist
👶 1897 - Ludwig Erhard - German economist and statesman. Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany (1963-1966)
👶 1933 - Igor Kvasha - Soviet and Russian actor, TV presenter, theater and film director. People's Artist of the RSFSR
👶 1945 - son of Polad Bul-Bul - Soviet and Azerbaijani pop singer, composer and actor
👶 1967 - Sergey Grinkov - Soviet and Russian figure skater. Honored Master of Sports in the USSR and the Russian Federation

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