From the BOOK - an event called "No Close Friend" was developed


From the BOOK - an event called "No Close Friend" was developed
The event will be held in the following conditions: the room or hall will be decorated with slogans, posters inviting reading and science. A book exhibition will be organized.
Conductor: Hello dear guests! You are welcome. I am very pleased to see you in our information resource center. As you know, UNESCO designated April 23 as "International Book and Copyright Protection Day". This day has been celebrated since 1995. Our information-resource (information-library-room) center (ARM, AKM) also prepared an event called "The book invites to a miracle" today. 1: The book is the sun. If the sun warms the earth and mother nature, the book warms the human heart, not only warms it, but also illuminates it. If it is permissible to give the shortest definition to the book, it is appropriate to describe it as the sun of spirituality. That is, if there is no sun, the existence of the universe, nature, and even life will remain in doubt, and if there is no book, the development of spirituality will remain an abstract idea.
If we take a broader view, the prosperity of the nation and the development of the country depend on the reading level of the people, that is, their education. After independence, in our independent country, thanks to the initiative and direct attention of our President, exemplary work is being done in the field of raising a healthy generation. Sports and health facilities, tennis courts were built in labor teams. However, it would be a one-sided approach to the issue to understand only physically fit people by the term healthy generation. The maturity of the generation depends on its spiritual maturity in many ways. Considering this, if bookstores and libraries were erected next to such buildings, it would be a great light upon light.
2 :
the dream of every heart is fulfilled life,
doubt the one who knows the valueIt is a living book.
The light of the eye, the peace of the heart is the medicine of the heart,
has darkg 'it's like moit's a book.
the one who protects from every calamityHim good luckg ',
Tiryi andhshat dagger to zillat qoriginalbloody book.
everyone is young if andin g 'especially if
Don't become famous in a hurryg 'It's an easy book.
3 : The importance of books and reading in the formation of high spirituality in the hearts of students is incomparable.
A book is a tool that connects centuries to centuries, times to times, ties to ties. "A house without books is like ignorance," said a wise man. But reading the right book is also not good. Because there are a number of reasons for this. First of all, a person's life is not enough to read all the books. In addition, continuing to read the work you come across can have a negative effect on a person's level and the formation of his worldview.
2- :
The key to knowledge is a book,
Gar o'cut by chapter
Learned knowledge,
Is it open?open your heart.
Go on a tripwhat's uphum
He is the mostthe vagina is mediumhum
If you are familiar with the book,
You rise to the sun.
4- : He is interested in things that suit his nature, character, and mentality. Someone is interested in historical books, someone reads philosophical novels, someone likes adventure books, and someone likes comic books. Another person will be a poet. Also, the periodicity of books is important for them. For example, lovers of classic-traditional, modern literature will also find it suitable. It is possible to determine a person's goals and aspirations, character, and mood by looking at the book he is reading. In this sense, he can be recommended to read books with these interests in mind.
2- : I hate human traffickingq
I read books early or lateq
Student 5: Did you know that Bruce Lee, the famous kung-fu master of the movie, likes to read books because he sees them as a brainstorming session. Bruce Lee's library contained more philosophical books than any other American philosopher. He could often be seen sitting immersed in the world of pictures depicting the struggle of Chinese Dao monks, writing or translating poems immersed in heavy thoughts.
6- : Students' passion for reading begins in the family.
Our ancestors read the works of Mashrab, Navoi, Bedil and other poets with interest in their homes. Children participated in reading circles. As a result, they have a passion for reading.
N. Khanikov, who got acquainted with the activities of Bukhara madrasas in the middle of the 137th century, testified that a student was required to read approximately XNUMX books to complete the full course of the madrasa.
7- : To love and read a book, which is a source of knowledge, it is necessary to be able to choose it and know the culture of reading. Book reading culture includes buying books and paying special attention to regularly enriching the library, book keeping etiquette, reading process, applying what you have read to yourself and life, and dozens of other issues.
2- :
Better than a bookno friendsq jaHonda,
take care of him in sad times.
With him admit itwell no harm
Face your soulorepeats.
8- : Recently, the decision of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On organizing the provision of an information library to the population of the Republic" was announced. Such care was necessary to promote reading among the youth. This timely decision will surely pay off tomorrow.
9- : And we students, in turn, can enrich our libraries with literature of various genres. For this, if each student voluntarily brings one book, the library will be enriched with 20-30 books. As a result, a student who takes 1 book will have the opportunity to read 20-30 new books. Sponsors can also be involved in this work.
We think that active participation in this work by generous people who care about the development of their children, the future of the country, and the development of the Motherland is a great honor.
Student 10: However, nowadays, films full of colorful events and events, other means of telling about adventures - television, computer, and the Internet - are gaining influence. If a person does not read a book, listens to FM radio for ten hours a day, or watches two or three TV serials, his head remains dull.
Television and radio can never replace books. Education and the intelligence behind it paves the way for something more important than introducing a country to the world - enlightenment. Enlightened, i.e. high morale and deep knowledge personnel make the country prosperous and accelerate the development of the country. It is impossible to acquire real knowledge without reading books. That's why we say "always be a book". (all students say this exclamation out loud).
After the performance of the students, it is the turn of the music addq or raqs can be executed).
After the music ends, several students come on stage and tell the thoughts of the sages about the book.
After this performance, the presenter invites the reader who has been actively attending the ARM for 2 months to the circle and presents him with souvenirs: books, educational materials.
Then the presenter wishes the guests, students and all the audience to always be accompanied by a book, and declares the event closed.


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