How dangerous is it to get the flu during pregnancy?


How dangerous is it to get the flu during pregnancy?
☝️This disease is in pregnant women
👉🏻zotiljam (pneumonia),
👉🏻 damage to the nervous system,
👉🏻 chronic diseases
👉🏻 pyelonephritis,
👉🏻 causes inflammation of the urinary tract.
Complications of the disease:
👉🏻 increased risk of miscarriage,
👉🏻 lag behind development,
👉🏻 Kogan water pollution,
👉🏻 can lead to premature birth.
🤰🏻That's why you have a runny nose, cough, weakness, sore throat, tingling in the toes, nausea, fever, sometimes pain in the lower abdomen, diarrhea Take immediate precautions if you notice symptoms such as:
• Drink more fluids. If you feel weak, have a sore throat or a mild headache, drink tea with lemon or raspberry.
• Chew a piece of lemon little by little to relieve a sore throat.
• Eat light meals and snacks in order not to strain the body further.
• Onions and garlic Cut onions into large pieces and place them all over the room. They fight airborne disease infections.
• If your condition does not improve even after the first aid measures, if you experience pain in the muscles, an increase in body temperature, consult a doctor immediately.
• Avoid gargling your throat, drinking milk with lemon, raspberry, honey.
👩🏻‍⚕️You can purchase Furatsilin tablet or Chlorophyllipp solution from the pharmacy, mix it with boiled water and gargle 1 times a day with 3 glass of mixed water. If the disease accelerates within 2-3 days, and the pregnant woman's health and fetus are seriously threatened, it is recommended to be admitted to the hospital immediately.
❗️Don't forget! When pregnant women have a cold, it is not possible to take a hot bath for their feet, steaming in hot weather! Do not take preparations made from various herbs without a doctor's prescription!❗️

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