How much does it cost to enter the test?


❓How much does it cost to enter the test?

✅ ANSWER: It is free for those who graduated this year, and those who graduated last year pay 150 soums.

Those who graduated from school, college, and high school in the previous year of the test must pay half of the base rate - 150 soums to participate in the test.

Who is exempt from payment:

— those who graduated from the educational institution in the current year;
- Graduates of the House of Mercy and Children's Towns;
— persons on full state support;
— persons with disabilities;
— persons included in the single register of social protection and their children;
— Young people included in the "Youth Register".

❗️NOTE: applicants who have not made the payment will not be allowed to take the test. This payment can be made in installments, but it must be paid by July 20 (the same day).

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