Introduction to the Ball Girls Event


I am the daughter of my Uzbek,
I am the root of Tomaris.
Nadira-yu, Uvaisiy,
I am their footprint.
Alpomish-u, Gorogli,
I am a girl from Termez.
My parents believed,
I am the brightest star.
In short,
Let me introduce myself.
Seventeen years ago,
On the seventeenth of May.
Step into life,
Nurafshan moonlit night.
Dad Ergashbek,
Orolboy master son,
Caspian erur builder,
The mind of the boss.
My mother Dilafrooz sister,
The seamstress melts.
Ozi master designer,
She is also a sweet mother.
In fact, my mother,
A former teacher.
El-u, to the child of the people,
Giving sincere education.
Four children in the family,
She is a three-year-old girl.
Vaccination of parents,
We are an example star.
Me, my mom and dad,
Two brothers, one brother.
We are united and united,
Our family is strong.
My brother's name is Bilol,
It is halal to find bread.
Wants to be a student,
The slogan is victory.
In higher education,
He wants to be a scientist.
Creative discoveries,
He wants to be proud.
Benjamin's big brother,
He is still a student.
Following in my father's footsteps,
He wants to be a builder.
My little brother Elyorjon,
The words are honey-sugar.
Wants to be in Krlajak,
Starshi lieutenant.
Where I was born,
Knowledge, rich in knowledge,
My people are always happy,
Residence Hazarbog.
I'm beautiful, I'm scared,
The tongues that live in it are Khurram.
A nightingale wandering in the garden,
The name of the neighborhood is chorgul.
As for me,
Think for a moment.
Then you take turns,
Shadow my history.
Tiny frog,
A baby girl is born.
My name is Mashira,
It was all fun.
Years later,
I was a girl like that.
The fifth year of the two,
I stepped into school.
Alo flows at a price,
I felt the joy of school.
He taught the first alphabet,
He held a pencil in his hand.
Sister Manzura, my teacher,
He waited, laughing like the sun.
I am a construction professional,
I'm studying in college.
Draw different pictures,
I also weave a lion.
My dream for the future,
I want to be a journalist,
Serving my people,
I want to thank you.
If my head time,
I am reading a fiction book.
Writing different lions,
I cut, sew, weave.
Instead of my last word,
Always be healthy.
O my friends, my peers,
I wish you good luck.
Mashirahon to you,
Good health.
In short,
Dating ends… !!!
Mashira KORJOVOVA...

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