Is it possible to make a good income as a baker?


The bakery is an opportunity to realize your wild ideas as a business, so the question arises: how to open your own production, not to bake and sell bread yourself? Bread and bakery production is a process that always finds its consumer. How many famous words are dedicated to this cute and delicious product! People living in the former Soviet Union eat everything with bread - it’s more delicious and more satisfying.
It is very difficult to find fresh bread in a big city today. Most people get used to buying this product in supermarkets where the quality does not always meet the required requirements. Needless to say, the variety of pastries in such stores - you won’t find a fresh, yet warm broth that will delight your family.
The oven can be found in almost every major city and even a small village. Large enterprises cover a huge area, so it is much more difficult for them to comply with all the wishes of consumers - mass production and emphasis on the provision of bread to all categories of citizens.
At the same time, the profitability is clear - private production and coverage of a small number of people helps to meet the needs of almost everyone, while giving the consumer the right to choose a very large assortment. Your oven can be a real gift for both a small village and a big city, who have long been bored with fresh pastries.
Significance and prospects
Baking is a multifaceted process that requires detailed study of the market and good advertising. If your product is of high quality and the location of the store is convenient, the consumer himself advertises well - the information is conveyed orally and random passengers cannot pass by.
Mini-manufacturing is cost-effective because it makes it easier for it to adapt to the direct wishes of customers and rebuild its equipment. Baking bread can only be a start for large businesses - the store should not be limited to this product.
The key to a successful sale will be this assortment. Everyone wants to bother not only with plain bread that suits any dish, but also with original baked goods, diet products and pastries. In addition, the amount of baked goods will depend on demand.
If you have chosen not only the places for cooking, but also the product with the necessary equipment and raw materials, and you can definitely find a baker who can be considered a master of his craft, the bread business will be successful. ladi.
The creative approach doesn’t hurt - experiment, add something to your production, and soon your brand will be recognized and product production will rise to a new level.
As an example, you can download it for free.
Initial investments and documentation
The baking business requires an initial investment - you will have to pay the rent for the buildings, equipment, workers ’wages. All costs will depend on what size of production you plan on. Three hundred thousand rubles in a small bakery can often be enough, but as the volume increases, its amount can increase several times.
At the initial stage, it is necessary to solve the calculations related to the opening of production. A home-based business requires a much smaller amount than a full-fledged oven. Expenses for the year fall into the following categories:
You can register as a sole proprietor and open your own company in a simplified manner, or you can expand your opportunities and create a limited liability company. Planning and costs are not much different, but each type has its own characteristics:
  1. The sole proprietor is legally liable for the operation of the enterprise, and if there are bread costs and low profitability, he faces serious financial losses. If the business is profitable, the project will pay off.
  2. Registration of a person as an individual entrepreneur is carried out in a short time without the intervention of lawyers, and a limited liability company includes the services of a lawyer.
  3.  much cheaper at the stage of registration and registration of a legal entity as an individual entrepreneur.
  4. It is much easier to bake unleavened bread and other products and sell it as an LLC. Thus, you can easily change the scope of activities without limiting your capabilities in practice.
  5. The bakery products based on the design of the LLC are of more interest than the partners.
So it will be easier for the entrepreneur to deal with the design and finish the business if he wants to.
It is very important to collect the following documents:
  • Documents confirming the examination and compliance with sanitary standards.
  • A certificate of conformity that allows them to trade in bakery products they produce.
  • Documents obtained from the fire inspection on fire safety of buildings.
  • Permits for the supply and sale of raw materials, products, bread machines, large production equipment.
It is important to gather a set of documents immediately after paying the rent, as this will reduce the time before opening the project and allow you to implement your ideas as quickly as possible.
Route selection
To determine the type of activity and correctly calculate your strengths, you must first take care of what direction your company will work.
Today, a mini-bakery is the best choice because large businesses have long occupied such a trade. If there are small costs, you can take the business to a higher level, but for that you need to develop the project in detail.
If a large-scale product is produced in the city and analog plans are included in your plans, you are unlikely to get a good profit quickly and take the customer away. In this case, you need to reduce the cost of the project, reduce the wages of goods and workers.
One of the most popular industries is the mini-bakery, which produces this unique product, which is very different from the products produced by a major brand. For example, baking doesn’t have to be sweet - most people consume cheese, garlic and even meat products.
The best option is to combine the bakery with a cafe or a fast-food restaurant, where customers can not only buy fresh bread, but also enjoy them in a comfortable environment. However, the menu should include a full lunch for all categories of consumers, including young children. Do not forget about diet products.
It is also very difficult to start a mini-oven from scratch, because from scratch you have to do absolutely everything - find a room that fits the size, make repairs there, connect the necessary connections and appliances.
It is useless to organize a small production in a large room - if you still have unused space, you will spend extra money on rent. It should fit the size and type of room.
At the same time, it is important to think about home areas where employees can spend their personal time during lunch, as well as a dressing room and bathroom where all the contacts for washing hands and hair are done.
From a small room, you can trade through a small window or a mini-hall - this will save you space, but you can perform all the functions of an organization that provides convenient customer service. The small oven project does not require a large area, but offers separate rooms for the production of bread from the Russian oven and bread from the tandoor.
High quality equipment, like a good room, is the key to the success of your organization. You can buy as much as you need and as little as possible, but you can buy them all at once. The small bakery project includes the following positions:
Product name Estimated cost1.Tandir800 000 rubles2.Dough mixer280 000 rubles3.Flour sieve20 000 rubles4.Dough table4000 rubles5.Electric mixer4000 rubles6.Equipment for testing the dough55 000 rubles7.Dough softening machine40 000 rubles8.Respans20.Pots000.Pots 9 rublesTotal: 3000 10 20 rubles It is not recommended to buy low-quality equipment, as it threatens not only the product, but also fire safety. In addition to the above, you will need to purchase additional furniture, showcases, and cash registers to sell the products.
Video: How to open a bakery - step-by-step instructions.
The staff of the bakery and the shop near it are people who provide the consumer with delicious and quality products, as well as courteous service at the time of purchase. At the same time, every employee should know his job well so that there will be no misunderstandings in the future. Pay attention to education, work experience, and the availability of a health book.
Be careful! Specialists are not allowed to work without a valid sanitary book.
The following positions should be among the key staff that every bakery should have.
  1. Production technology.
  2. Mrs. Cleaning.
  3. Accountant.
  4. Desserts.
  5. Loader.
  6. Package (optional).
  7. The driver.
  8. Vendor.
Return depends directly on the production technology and the type of product produced by a particular enterprise. At the same time, you shouldn’t skimp on advertising and equipment - these are the factors that will ensure you make money in the short term. The calculation of the refund should be done in advance so as not to lose money, it is recommended that you hire a qualified professional.
In this material:
Any activity will be successful if there is a great demand for those services or the goods it produces. One of them is the baking of bread products, the popularity of which is observed in all regions of the country, as such products do not always lose their relevance for the population. Many entrepreneurs dream of opening such a project, for which you need a carefully designed bakery business plan with all the necessary calculations, which will allow you to pre-analyze future costs, future revenues and calculate the payback period of the enterprise.
Bakery as a business: a description and importance of the idea
The purpose of the project is to organize the production and implementation of bakery products, which are the main source of income. To do this, rent a room if there is a lot of traffic. It is better to choose a sleeping area of ​​the city, which significantly reduces competition.
The target audience of the bakery will be people who live nearby and choose bread products that can boast of quality and usefulness. Bread products must fully meet the requirements of the buyer, which requires the use of unique recipes and quality ingredients in the production process. This allows the oven to stand out against the backdrop of establishments that operate similarly.
The baking range should include whole grain breads, bran products, sesame seeds, flax seeds and other ingredients that are beneficial to the body.
The main advantages of such activities are:
  • stable demand for bakery products, not to fall even in times of crisis;
  • the ability to quickly restore production to suit the tastes of consumers;
  • possible cooperation with shops and catering establishments, as small ovens are among the most suitable suppliers.
List of bakery products and services
The popularity of the oven determines the features of its range, which should not only be diverse, but also stand out for its exclusivity and high quality. Simple baking, which only eliminates the feeling of hunger, is not suitable for many consumers who want to see a healthy product with great taste on the shelves.
For a successful business, the entrepreneur offers a wide range of products, including traditional bread, cakes, rolls, pies, various stuffed pies, croissants, rum women, cakes, diet products and more. In addition, cooking is provided to the population. , baked in a tandoor, has recently gained popularity.
Often, a modern bakery operates in two directions: bakeries that are sold later, as well as cafe services that allow visitors to first try hot pastries with a bowl of aromatic drink and then take it with them.
In the Russian Federation, the shape of such ovens is still very young and consumers have a number of advantages: the constant availability of freshly baked products, excellent service and an environment for communication.
Product pricing is done after careful observation of competitors in terms of assortment, demand and product prices. The cost of baking should not be too high, only premium categories designed for the wealthy consumer, for example, fitness bread with different ingredients may be an exception.
Buyers with low incomes in the bakery should have several types of cheap bread.
Market analysis, assessment of competitors and risks
The location of the bakery and the number of competitors that fill the market have a major impact on the scale of production and the range of baked goods. In many cities, local bakeries have been in operation for decades, delivering fresh bread to almost all stores.
There are several options for such suppliers in the Russian Federation, whose share is a certain percentage of the entire market:
  • large production (ovens, large ovens) - 60%;
  • self-baking super- and hypermarket chains - 13%;
  • small private bakeries - 20%;
  • other establishments (restaurants, cafes, etc.) - 7%.
Businesses that bake bread on an industrial scale cannot boast of its quality, but in many cases this does not prevent the consumer from buying bread in the shops of these producers.
Bakeries opened in large-chain retail stores are unable to deliver a wide range of bakery products to the population because the consumer is usually looking for bread on the shelves from familiar producers. Many of the suppliers listed have significant drawbacks, which include the use of any additives when making the dough. Such components make products attractive, but at the same time increase production costs and, along with them, the cost of the finished product.
Stores that buy such cakes are often looking for other suppliers, given this fact. In order for open bakeries to be of interest to them, the manufacturer must pay attention to the wide range, quality and reasonable price of the bakery products produced.
As with any project, the oven has a number of risks that can be external or internal. External types include:
  1. Cruel suppliers, as a result, the company is forced to work non-stop. The likelihood of such a risk can be reduced by properly concluding contracts with suppliers that provide penalties for non-performance of certain obligations.
  2. An increase in the cost of raw materials, which leads to an increase in selling price, as a rule, has a negative impact on demand.
  3. The pressure of big competitors is able to lower the price of their products and thus reduce sales in other ovens. To minimize such risks, you need to monitor the market regularly and form your regular customers, which will require you to produce bread products that the market has not yet offered.
  4. Cancel the lease or increase its value. The likelihood of such a risk occurring is small, but its occurrence leads to large costs associated with moving and stopping the production process. To avoid such a situation, it is recommended to choose a reliable landlord and enter into a long-term contract with him.
  5. Decreased demand due to seasonality. In this case, product analysis and customization is required, as well as the development of effective advertising methods.
  6. Amendments to official documents regulating activities related to bread production.
Internal risks are:
  1. Impossibility to implement the planned product volume. To reduce this risk, it is recommended to organize an advertising campaign and hold various promotional events on a regular basis.
  2. Time to failure due to equipment failure. To prevent this factor, the production line must be maintained on a regular basis.
  3. Low skills and staff turnover. To reduce this risk, it is necessary to hire only employees who fully meet the requirements: work experience, information, qualifications. It is also recommended to organize periodic training courses for employees.
  4. Decrease in popularity among the target audience due to violation of product quality requirements or mistakes in enterprise management. You can avoid this risk by constantly working on product quality.
Ovens need to stand out from other similar establishments so that consumers can have positive reviews that they can share with each other. Possible competitive advantages:
  1. A low price that is very difficult to achieve without compromising quality.
  2. Comprehensive products, including several products that are not found in the general market. Unusual pastries will undoubtedly attract the attention of buyers.
  3. High quality products that allow you to stand out among wholesale suppliers.
  4. Convenient location with parking and access from different directions.
Organizational plan
To open a project related to the production of bakery products, you will need to take a number of steps:
  • market research of similar products;
  • search for sources of funding;
  • lease of premises that meet all the requirements of this activity;
  • pre-development of trade channels;
  • business registration;
  • purchase of necessary equipment;
  • repair and placement of production facilities;
  • hiring staff;
  • development of product formulas;
  • to set up production.
You will need the following documents for the oven to work.
  • approval of rospotrebnadzor;
  • sanitary-epidemiological conclusion;
  • tR TS certificate of conformity;
  • develop their own technical specifications or purchase them from other manufacturers;
  • state control program;
  • fire service report.
Mini-oven registration
Enterprise registration is done in two ways: IP (if the partnership is not planned) or LLC. If a person already has the status of an entrepreneur, it is necessary to check the list of activities provided during the registration of individual entrepreneurs, the availability of codes that allow to engage in such business. For example, code 55.50 “Restaurant and cafe activities” allows pastries to be sold where they are produced. This allows the entrepreneur to produce products in one place and sell them immediately.
To register an activity in IP mode, you will need:
  • preparation of a set of documents: passport, application for business registration, a document confirming payment of state duty in the amount of 800 rubles, TIN;
  • apply to the tax service with a set of documents;
  • choice of tax system;
  • in the documents of OKVED codes corresponding to the activity;
  • obtaining a certificate of registration of individual entrepreneurs and registration with the state body in the Federal Tax Service.
LLC registration is carried out according to a similar scheme, the required set of documents includes:
  • passports of founders;
  • statement;
  • decision on establishment of a legal entity;
  • document on payment of state duty (4000 rubles);
  • company charter;
  • information on the authorized capital.
As a tax system, the simplified tax system is applied at a tax rate of 15% of the company's profits. The following OKVED codes are displayed when registering a baking business:
  • 10.7 - production of bread and flour confectionery - basic code and its subtypes 10.71, 10.72;
  • 47.24 - Retail sale of bread and bakery and confectionery products in specialized stores.
If you plan to make room for a cafe in the bakery, you need to add the following.
  • 47.29.35 - retail sale of tea, coffee, cocoa in specialized stores;
  • 47.25.2 - Retail sale of soft drinks in specialized stores.
Product range
In creating the assortment, it is necessary to give preference to the majority of the population, mainly in the area where the bakery is located. The best option is to give the consumer the opportunity to choose one of the most popular positions:
  • bread (oven, wheat, wheat rye, without yeast, rye);
  • breads and baguettes (rye, wheat, unleavened, whole grains);
  • pastries (pies of various fillings, croissants, sweet and greasy buns, rolls, biscuits, cakes, cupcakes).
When it comes to pies, products filled with cheese, liver, meat and vegetables are in great demand. Most often, the revenue from the sale of this type of bread is 70-80 percent of total sales.
 To give the consumer a choice, a few rules need to be followed when creating an assortment.
The cost of cooking is probably set from low to medium. The cheapest products should be located in the main areas of the window. So, those who are familiar with cheap pastries are interested in the whole range. Customers need to be offered new products from time to time, replacing them with products that are gradually being produced, the best option is to produce small quantities of test products.
Don’t be upset if the first formed list of goods isn’t helpful at all. While working in the bakery, you can take into account the wishes of visitors and update the range based on their feedback.
Renting rooms for production
They are looking for a bakery at the crossroads, which will have a positive impact on sales. At first, it was leased for a while, but we need to talk right away about the possibility of buying it in the future. The cost of rent depends on the region and location in the city. The area of ​​the premises should allow it to be divided into several blocks to organize a production workshop, a room for workers, warehouses for storage of raw materials and finished products, as well as utility rooms.
Requirements for the sanitary room
There are a number of requirements that must be met when equipping an oven:
  • availability of a working ventilation system;
  • covering the walls with washable tiles, whitewashing the ceiling;
  • availability of toilet, sewer, cold and hot water.
Ovens should not be equipped in the basement.
Purchase of equipment
The bakery business plan helps to determine what equipment is needed to produce a certain amount of finished product in one shift. Thus, 50 kilograms were purchased to produce the product:
  • oven;
  • a test cabinet for fermenting yeast dough;
  • a device for sifting flour;
  • dough kneading unit (dough mixer);
  • ventilation umbrella
  • one-piece washbasin;
  • confectionery and wall tables;
  • scales;
  • refrigerator;
  • trolleybus;
  • shop windows
  • shelves, bread forms, oven sheets;
  • lockers for personal belongings of employees.
Look for suppliers of raw materials
In order for the oven to stand out according to taste and attract visitors, you only need to buy high quality raw materials, it is better to choose two different companies to deliver it. The following should be considered when looking for a supplier.
  • product price and quality;
  • reputation and experience;
  • timely and systematic delivery;
  • the ability to deliver the required amount of raw materials to the customer
  • flexibility and loyalty;
  • the ability to return unused products.
Before announcing a job, the required number of workers is calculated, which depends on the scale of production and the number of work shifts. For the oven you will need:
  • technologist;
  • baker;
  • drive
  • usta;
  • sales representative;
  • room cleaner;
  • accountant
Marketing and advertising
The most effective way to promote a bakery would be to place advertisements where these products are sold. Advertising can be external or internal, the first option includes:
  • counter;
  • long structures for advertising;
  • showcase;
  • creating a site on the Internet;
  • distribution of leaflets.
  • price tags;
  • posters
  • packaging;
  • invite visitors to taste.
In addition, various promotions are held, regular customers are given discounts and savings cards.
Today, aromamarketing is becoming more and more popular because the smell of fresh bread attracts people passing by the bakery at random and encourages them to buy pastries.
The financial part of the bakery business plan
As a result of pre-calculation of costs and future income for each entrepreneur, the indicators differ from each other. The size of each of them depends on the region where the oven is located, the equipment used, the volume of production and sales, the quality of raw materials, and so on.
Project financing
To open a bakery from scratch, you will need an initial investment (in rubles):
  • registration of recipes - 51,000;
  • obtaining all permits and certificates - 26,000;
  • activity registration - 11,000;
  • room repairs - 105,000;
  • registration of the mark - 21;
  • advertising - 55,000;
  • purchase of equipment - 780,000;
  • other expenses - 20,000.
The total investment is 1,069,000 rubles.
Current expenses
The monthly costs for the operation of the oven include:
  • salaries of employees - 220;
  • rent of premises - 40,000;
  • utility bills - 35,000;
  • advertising - 10000;
  • purchase of raw materials - 215,000;
  • disabled - 25,000.
Total: 545 rubles.
Revenue and estimated profit
The average inspection in the bakery is 100 rubles, if there are 500 people, the daily sales income is 50 rubles, up to 000 rubles per month.
The difference between income and expenses for the month is as follows:
1,500,000 - 545,000 \ u003d 955,000 rubles.
Calculate the amount of tax deductions at a rate of 15% of profit:
955,000 x 15% \ u003d 143,250 rubles.
The profitability of the oven is calculated as follows:
1,500,000 - 545,000 - 143,250 \ u003d 811.750 rubles.
Thus, the profitability is as follows:
811 750/1 500 x 000 \ u100d 003%.
It will take 1-1,5 years to cover the initial investment to open a bakery.
  • Product Description
  • Selection of buildings
  • Recruitment
  • Baking Marketing Plan
  • Business risks
  • Financial plan
BBusiness plan for opening a bakery for the production of bread and bakery products with a production capacity of 400 kg of finished products per shift.
How much money does it take to open an oven?
According to the initial plan, the opening of the bakery will cost about 970 rubles for rented premises:
  •  Cosmetic repair of buildings - 150 000 rubles.
  •  Purchase and delivery of the finished oven - 350 000 rubles.
  •  Purchase of raw materials and supplies - 70 000 rubles.
  •  Coordination and approval, acceptance of declarations of conformity for products - 150 000 rubles.
  •  Registration of business and other organizational expenses - 50 000 rubles.
  •  Reserve fund - 200 rubles.
A step-by-step plan for opening a bakery
At the beginning of the baking business, the plan envisages the following actions.
  1. Conduct marketing research of bread and bakery markets in the city;
  2. Find project funding sources;
  3. Find the right oven;
  4. Development of primary sales channels;
  5. Business registration;
  6. Concluding a lease agreement for buildings;
  7. Make appropriate repairs;
  8. Purchase of main and auxiliary equipment;
  9. Recruitment of staff;
  10. Develop a recipe for bread and bakery products;
  11. Starting a business.
Product Description
Our bakery plans to produce the following products:
  •  Formed bread (0,5 kg) - 150 pieces.
  •  Sliced ​​long bread (0,3 kg) - 180 pieces.
  •  Bagels (0,3 kg) - 100 pcs.
  •  Filled pies (0,2 kg) - 1200 pieces.
Production capacity is 400 kg (8 hours) per shift. The bulk of the products are baked in the night shift so that they deliver hot bread to the outlets in the morning. The ovens work seven shifts a week (2/2). The average selling price for bread and bakery products is 44 rubles per kilogram. Thus, the daily turnover is 17,6 thousand rubles, and the monthly - 528 rubles. For all types of products, a declaration of conformity is obtained stating that the product is manufactured in accordance with all norms and regulations, and that there are no GMOs or other prohibited additives. These undocumented stores cannot sell products.
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Selection of buildings
It is planned to rent a room with an area of ​​115 square meters to organize the business. Leasing payments amount to 60 thousand rubles per month. The high rent is due to the good condition of the buildings. Here all the conditions for the production of food products are created, and the composition and composition of the equipment meet the requirements of SES and fire safety. There is a hot and cold water supply, ventilation and sewerage system, the walls and ceiling are painted with non-toxic paint and partially tiled. The size of the room allows it to be divided into a production workshop, a warehouse for finished products and a warehouse for raw materials (flour), a staff room, a toilet with a bathroom and a utility room.
What appliances to choose for the oven
The business plan for baking bread and bakery products envisages the purchase of a set of equipment with a production capacity of 50 kg of finished product per hour. It is planned to spend 350 thousand rubles for these purposes. The package includes:
  •  XPE-500 oven (40 thousand rubles)
  •  ShRE 2.1 test cabinet (22 thousand rubles)
  •  A sieve PVG-600M (24 thousand rubles)
  •  MTM-65MNA 1.5 mixer operator (63 thousand rubles)
  •  ZVP 10 * 8 ventilation umbrella (9 thousand rubles)
  •  One-piece bath (3,5 thousand rubles)
  •  SP-311/2008 confectionery table (17 thousand rubles)
  •  Table for the wall SPP 15/6 otts - 2 pcs. (9 thousand rubles)
  •  Scales CAS SW-1-20 (4 thousand rubles)
  •  Raf SK 1200/400 - 2 pcs. (17 thousand rubles)
  •  Basket for HPE TS-R-16 - 2 pcs. (45 thousand rubles)
  •  Furnace sheet for GES - 12 pcs. (7 thousand rubles)
  •  Bread shape 3L10 - 72 pcs. (41 thousand rubles)
This equipment is housed in an area of ​​30 square meters. m and is intended for making cakes from wheat bread, rye wheat oven and confectionery, yeast dough. This configuration allows you to perform all the necessary operations for the preparation of raw materials and direct cooking of products:
  •  Dilute and loosen the flour;
  •  Knead the dough;
  •  Cutting and shaping dough pieces;
  •  Proofreader workpiece inspection;
  •  Bake bread and bakery products in the oven.
The bakery is planned to hire an experienced technologist, bakers (5 people), drivers (2 people), workers (1 person), a sales representative (2 people) and cleaners. The accountant is part-time (under an outsourcing agreement). The salary fund is 135 thousand rubles per month.
What is the tax system for choosing an oven
The organizational form of the enterprise is a simple sole proprietorship registered with the local tax service. It is planned to use a simplified tax system ("simplification") as a tax system. This is one of the most beneficial tax systems for a bakery. The amount of tax is 15% of the organization's profits.
Baking Marketing Plan
The products are planned to be sold in shops and restaurants in the city. There are about 300 such organizations in the city. In particular, the wholesale customer:
  •  Specialized stalls and pavilions selling bread, pastries and confectionery;
  •  Internal distribution networks (grocery stores);
  •  Cafes and restaurants;
  •  Urban institutions (hospitals, schools, kindergartens).
A sales representative will be hired to enter into contracts with potential buyers. Later, with the development of production, it is planned to open its own outlets for the sale of freshly baked bread and bakery products.
Business risks
The risks of running such a business are as follows:
  •  Increased market competition
  •  Lack of government support for the industry
  •  Growth of production requirements, complexity of state regulation of prices (maximum sales margin)
Financial plan
We continue to calculate key performance indicators. Monthly expenses of the enterprise
Has an aunt - 408 000 rubles.
How much money can you make by opening an oven
According to the business plan, the net profit per month will be 102 thousand rubles. The profitability of the oven is 25%. Such figures can be achieved only if 100% of all products are sold. In practice, the situation may be different (refundable, delayed payments, etc.), so the final benefit can be safely reduced by 25-30%. But even with such a calculation, it is possible to calculate the return on investment for 13-15 months of operation of the enterprise.
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What to show when registering the oven OKVED
When registering a business for the production and sale of bread and bakery products in the All-Russian Classification of Economic Activities, codes 15.81, 15.82, 52.24, 55.30 are issued, depending on the range of products offered and methods of sale. You should also select codes such as 52.24 - retail bakery products. 51.36.3 - Wholesale of bread and bakery products.
What documents are required to open the oven
First you need to register as an individual entrepreneur, choose the tax form and submit to Rospotrebnadzor a certificate of commencement of activity with a certificate of delivery for registration. LLC can be used as a legal form, but IP is cheaper and easier to register and register the required documents. In addition, it is necessary to conduct medical examinations of employees with the issuance of contracts for disposal, industrial waste disposal, development of production management program, documents confirming the maintenance of ventilation systems, the issuance of sanitary books.
Professional business plans on the topic:
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  • Confectionery business plan (16 sheets) - DOWNLOAD ⬇
  • Baking machine business plan (14 sheets) - DOWNLOAD ⬇
Do I need permission to open the oven?
The following permits are required for the production and sale of bakery products:
  1. Permission from Rospotrebnadzor.
  2. Sanitary-epidemiological conclusion on all products.
  3. Approval of the declaration of conformity to the requirements of TR CU 021/2011.
  4. Develop specifications or purchase specifications from other manufacturers.
  5. Production Management Software.
  6. Permission of state control.
Bakery production technology
The process of making bread and bakery products depends primarily on the choice of recipe. Depending on this, the necessary equipment is selected - oven and dough mixer. The production stage can be conditionally divided into three stages:
  1. Do not knead the dough.
  2. Product shaping.
  3. The cooking process.
Depending on your production volume, the package can be manual or automatic. After kneading, the dough should «cook», for this special containers are used. When the dough is cooked, it is sent to a molding workshop, where for each product the dough by weight is taken from the whole mass and placed in a baking dish. In the final stage, the baking itself should be in the oven at 25-240 degrees for 280 minutes, depending on the product.
Dear visitors, below is a business plan of a mini-oven with economic calculations. The calculations were done by experts with extensive experience in an Excel file, so they can be adapted to any business plan of another mini-bakery. After reviewing the document, you can download the file with the following calculations. If you have questions, write them directly in the comments, in a group, or by mail to us.
Summary of the project
The name of the project: "Creation of a mini-bakery".
The purpose of the project: to create a mini-bakery for the production of high quality bakery products and sell it in a network of grocery stores in Kirov.
Project products
The project plans to produce the following types of products:
  • non (non, non, darnitskiy);
  • baguettes;
  • cups
  • buns and burgers;
  • cake
The initiator of the project
The chain of grocery stores in Kirov is the initiator of the project and today sells these products in their places, but for efficiency and profit we want to start production ourselves.
Volume of investments
The total investment in the project is 1,600 rubles. Along with VAT, the bulk of them is spent on equipment purchases. The equipment will be purchased from a major supplier in the industry based in Moscow. The contract provides for both delivery and installation of equipment. All equipment is guaranteed for up to 3 years.
The distribution of investments by areas is as follows:
Project financing
Financing will be provided by attracting a bank loan in the amount of 1200 rubles. as well as the project initiator’s own funds. It is planned to borrow for a period of 3 years with an annual interest rate of 17% per annum. The bank loan will be for shop buildings owned by the project initiator.
Raw material suppliers
Since the main raw material for bread production is flour, local flour mills will be the main supplier of raw materials.
Product consumers
The first and main consumers of mini-bakery products will be a chain of stores. In the future, with the development of the production and sales market, it is planned to offer products to other small shops and individual stores.
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