Last bell event scenario for 9th graders


Last bell event scenario for 9th graders
Event scenario
Beginner 1: Peace be upon you, O motherland,
Peace be upon you, O heaven of light.
I bow my head, O my people,
Hello, light-filled Uzbekistan
Leader 2: Assalamu alaykum dear guests, kind river
teachers, passionate parents, and dear students!
Here is the last call today we have finished school
welcome to our night as we celebrate the night.
Beginner 1: It's been 9 years, in our mother's womb at our school
we felt like we were living. Even holding a pen in our hand,
read, write, and even pronounce our name correctly
stepping on the threshold of this school without even knowing how to do it
embraced us like a mother when we laid down
Sabirova Saidakhon, Vahobova Irodakhon to our teachers
we express our infinite gratitude.
Beginner 2: A person in the infinite ocean called life
he lives, he illuminates the whole world like a candle,
These humble, humble people are teachers!
Beginner 1: I do not want to leave munis school,
I liked the eternal light.
I can't open my eyes from that hunt,
The last bell to ring.
Beginner 2: Hard crying girls, my classmates,
Putting his head on the desk is a tear bead.
I do not want to hide, I am also young,
Don't ring the last bell.
Leader 1: Dear teachers, I would like to congratulate you
comes, your heart is full of love, knowledge. 9
year with patience to our whims, our joys
let those who endure us enjoy the light of knowledge and enlightenment
The students in our class have their own
express their gratitude.
Beginner 2: Please accept the word order
If we give __________________.
Beginner 1: Now Masturakhon remembers his school days
We turn to the song "SCHOOL" performed by
Beginner 2: To the care of love in the heart,
I learned a lesson from Farhod-u Shirin.
I found a flower here to lock my heart,
Stay tuned for the last call.
Starter 1: After all, we have a double name on the desks,
I wrote more playfully.
We have a double soul side by side,
Stay tuned for the last call.
2nd starter: RISOLATPARI, where is MAHFUZAXON now
Beginner 2: Great is he greatness,
A man who lived without realizing it.
The light shines in the heart,
Faith burning in the spirit is faith
Beginner 1: I speak on behalf of the students,
Congratulations to you teachers.
Unable to find words to describe,
I bow my head.
2nd starter: MASTURAKHON concluding our poem
Let's turn to the entertainment "QVZ" performed by our guys.
Beginner 1: This prepared number of classmates and
Congratulations to the teachers
we invite beautiful girls. “INJU”
Beginner 2: For the first time a wave of sweet sensations,
I'm sad that I didn't want to leave.
I'm afraid of losing him
Don't ring the last bell.
Beginner 1: What awaits us yet,
Love, joy, happiness or separation.
Is it time to leave?
The last bell rang without ringing.
Beginner 2: MISSIONARY, now it's your turn to dance
we give. “LOVEY-DOVEY”
Starter 1: Now it's the duet's turn! "YES OR NOT"
Starter 2: Lifetime through the shelves,
Life goes on and on.
A life that pierces the heart,
A teacher who has an amazing life
Leader 1: If he stretches out his hands, he will reach the sky,
Their paths are interspersed with stars.
Bring your heart to the property of perfection,
A teacher who has an amazing life.
Leader 2: Now it's the turn of our girls to dance
we give. Marhamad! “NUMBER 9”
Starter 1: Now MASTURAXON, now on to the round
when we invite our guys, we watch them dance.
2nd starter: Masters of the song performed by JAVOHIRBEK and
Congratulations to our mothers. "MOTHER"
Starter 1: Dozens of stars in front of the moon,
We were listening to the lesson, we are far from separated.
So fast past night and day,
Stay tuned for the last call.
Starter 2: Now it's our girls' turn
Leader 1: Now it's our turn! QVZ
Beginner 2: Good school, good teachers,
Now we are far from you.
Flights to dreams,
The last bell is ringing
1st leader: Hazrat Navoi, Muhammad Babur,
Even those who do hagans bow.
Everyone who lives in this fanciful world,
A teacher is a teacher to the human child.
Beginner 2: I came to greet you with flowers,
I came to follow the path of Ulugbek.
Great holiday today dear teacher,
Rejoice in the feast, teacher.

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