Learn more about making money on the Internet


Are you wondering if there is a real income on the Internet without investment and fraud? Yes - there is! I’ll say more - it’s available for you too! By following the simple tips in the text below, you will soon be able to get your first money online.
In this article, I will share my experience of making money on the Internet as well:
  • I will show specific examples of how and how much money you can make from the network;
  • I will tell you about real ways to make money without investment and with minimal investment suitable for beginners.
In this article you will learn:
  • 1 Is It Real To Make Big Money On The Internet?
  • 2 Earnings that do not require special knowledge and special skills
    • 2.1 Perform simple tasks
    • 2.2 Work in social networks (like, repost, etc.)
    • 2.3 Review and comment on money
    • 2.4 Questionnaires
    • 2.5 Advertising and video watching
    • 2.6 Real money income on referral
  • 3 investments that require certain skills and real income on the Internet without fraud
    • 3.1 Photos as a real means of earning money
    • 3.2 Create your own resource on the Internet
    • 3.3 Revenue from sales
    • 3.4 Earn money by creating your own resources on social media
    • 3.5 Tutoring, online consulting
    • 3.6 Copywriter - How to make money when writing texts
    • 3.7 Writing student work
    • 3.8 Offer their services to create and advertise resources on the Internet
  • 4 How to be successful and not give up in the first month
  • 5 Conclusion
Is It Still Possible To Make Big Money On The Internet?
I suggest you look at a few specific examples of how much money some online resource owners make.
Example 1. YouTube
Earlier, I wrote an article about how much money youtuber makes, so I recommend you review it to avoid repeating. I can say that revenue is measured in thousands of dollars.
Example 2. Revenue from the site
Here I want to talk a little bit about my experience and the blog you are reading right now.This is one of the sources where I can make money on the internet.

My income from this site

I didn’t create it from scratch, but I bought it for a specific purpose, but then the plans changed and I didn’t do it for a while. When he started writing and adding articles (he ordered from some copywriters), then in the second month, after 10 articles were published, he more than $ 300 per monthrevenue-generating contextual advertising.

But I won’t stop there, I’m working, I’m building a team, I’m planning to develop it further, increase revenue, and make a more serious income. There is someone to equalize. The internet is full of examples where people who have had almost no financial investment for several years have a lot of power from a single site.
Here is a video about the source:
Example 3 Income from social networks
There are many social networks and you have at least 2-3 registered. That's right? And there are people out there who not only spend time, but actively grow and make money. There are still great examples of how much bloggers make money on Instagram.
And now I want to present to you, my friends and thousands of other users the real ways to make money on the internet that have been tested.
Earnings that do not require special knowledge and special skills
This is the simplest job - you do not need special knowledge, experience and other investments to do it. You can start working now too. Depending on how much time you spend at work, you can put your first earned money on the card today.

ATTENTION. But no matter how beautiful it looks, you can’t make big money here. These options are more suitable to start as a part-time job or to find out if making money on the internet is really more.

How Much Money Do You Want To Make On The Internet?
Simple tasks
Where and how to make money on the Internet while doing homework? Take Yandex.Toloku as an example.
This is a site with a variety of simple tasks that anyone can do.Some tasks have a mandatory tutorial, but there is nothing complicated, in fact without a few instructions and scams on how to perform this task without mistakes.
As the user rating increases, you will have to find more jobs.
Examples of tasks:
  • assessment of sites, their quality, as well as the accuracy of the description of goods in online stores;
  • check the uniqueness of advertisements (if there are duplicates);
  • identifying brands from banners;
  • Identify the category of advertising
  • get acquainted with the name of the organization, etc.
Similar tasks are done quickly, they can be found in other sources - Etxt, Advego, Seosprint, Forumok and others.
✅ You 1800 to 4500 rubles you can earn .
Work on social networks (likes, reposts, etc.)
The next way to make money on the Internet without investing now is through social media. The methods you want to talk about in this section are the simplest. Of course, as I said, they are useless, but their implementation is the daily "work" of any user.
After all, what are users doing there? Often they are:
  • They share messages
  • I like it
  • They comment
  • Join groups;
  • voting and so on.
As it turns out, you can make real money for such actions!
How? Promoting communities and pages requires them to subscribe to as many people as possible and respond to their posts. As the competition is fierce, it is difficult for a new merger to naturally become a leader. Here are the owners and similar methods - they pay for joining groups, likes, reposts and more
Services and prices for Vktarget
You can find tasks for this type of income from the following sources:
  • VkTarget;
  • Forum;
  • SMMOK et al.

IMPORTANT If you do too many actions on a single page, social networks themselves can block them, considering them spam. Therefore, I do not recommend making money on your personal account - it is better to create an additional account.

✅ Approximate starting salary 900 to 2250 rubles .
Comments for money, leaving comments
How can I make money? The purpose of writing reviews and comments for money is the same as in the previous version - to be advertised by the owners of their projects.
Here are some resources you can use to make money this way.
Comments are often ordered by blog owners for articles, videos, youtubers, online stores. So not all the reviews you read on the internet are accurate, some are just written for money.
For example, otzovik is a source with independent reviews. Here you can share your opinion about anything, the money to see other users ’comments is paid here. It doesn’t make sense for people to write wrong answers here. I personally like to go to read otzovik when I am interested in a product.
✅ Earn money by writing reviews and comments 2-3 thousand rubles can do.
Who pays to vote? For large companies that promote a product, it is important to know what customers think about it. By collecting users ’responses from surveys, they gather the information they need. Plus, you can make money.
What should I do?
  • First, fill out the questionnaire in as much detail as possible during registration.
  • Second, create a few completely different accounts.

ATTENTION. Inquiries will be sent based on your hobbies, knowledge, experience. Therefore, how versatile you are to present yourself in a survey depends on your online income from surveys and how often you receive them.

✅ You can comment anywhere 2400 to 6000 rubles you can make money.
Advertising and video views
Imagine - it’s not a scam and it’s not a divorce! The Internet pays for such actions. Sure, but what to expect from the views.
This type of income is attractive because it is absolutely available on the Internet for beginners with no investment. This is where you can quickly find your first $ 1 money and move forward.
There are many sites where you can find similar functions, for example:
  • LikesRock;
  • Cashbox
  • QComment;
  • SeoSprint and others.
If you want to get acquainted with this method, I advise you to read an article about making money by watching short videos that cost 1500 rubles and more per day.
✅ Work related to watching on the internet 1300 to 3400 rubles it can .
Make real money through referrals
Almost all of the above sites provide referral links. What are these and what to do with them?
You can delete links for friends and acquaintances who plan to make money on the Internet, post signatures on their social media pages and forums. If someone enters the site through this link, registers and starts working, then a certain part of their income will be transferred to you.
That is, you actually get a steady passive income. There are examples on the internet that people make large sums of money just through referrals.
✅ In the first months you From 500 rubles you can make money with vouchers Up to 2-3 thousand rubles .
Real money on the Internet without investment and scams that require certain skills
If we are talking about financial investments, then the following methods of earning some income will not be necessary, if in some cases minimal.
But there are other investments as well - your knowledge, skills and time as the most important resource. You are ready to wait and think about how much money you will make before you reach a normal network income.
Each of the income schemes presented on the Internet below requires investment in certain resources, but it is easy to achieve with great desire.
Photos as a real means of making money
Amateurs and professionals who have seen the beauties of the world and can take pictures of it have many opportunities to make money on the internet. Here are a few:
Photos, photobanks. Take unique, high-quality photos and place them in similar sources. You can even get a substantial amount to sell a single picture.

ADVICE. Take different photos - this will increase your chances of getting a large number of successful deals. Often unique photos are bought by fashion bloggers, owners of online stores.

By the way, you can deliberately search for an online store in your city and offer them a photo of their product. Now almost all offline stores are creating their own pages on the Internet at the same time - it’s a great idea to make money.
Sources where you can sell pictures
Organize photos. Still, being a great photographer can make decent money. In this case, the Internet is a great way for potential customers to talk about themselves.

ADVICE. First of all, create pages, groups, communities on social networks. Fill them with new albums regularly. And satisfied customers will be happy to leave positive feedback and connect your business contacts with colleagues, friends and others.

If you are thinking about how to make money on the Internet from 1000 rubles a day, then this is just an option. You can make more money with just one photo session in a few hours.
What to take a photo of?
  1. Newborn photoshoots, first-born babies, family New Year’s and photoshoots during pregnancy are especially popular.
  2. In addition to photos, children’s birthdays, kindergartens in schools, weddings, and more are the most common.
Sources or investments required to earn income:
  • photographic skills;
  • camera (preferably professional);
  • the ability to offer their services and stand out among competitors.
✅ Per month in photos 7 to 16 thousand rubles you can earn.
Create your own resource on the internet
Do you want to make a lot of money in the future? Then this method is a good start for such purposes!
So how can I make money with my own money? It can:
  • blog (information, on a specific topic, personal);
  • online store;
  • On the YouTube channel.

PAY ATTENTION. Don’t expect quick gains. Six months or more will go from the beginning to the first withdrawal of funds from your site.

How and when to make money? I suggest you get acquainted with the following ways to make money:
Advertising - contextual, banner. About advertising from Yandex. Direct or Google.Adsense can make good money in two situations:
  • on a blog on any topic, if you have a lot of visitors (over 2 per day).
  • on a money-related blog (finance, loans, investments, making money) - expensive advertising here.

PAY ATTENTION. Money topics are the most useful, but also the most competitive. Particular attention should be paid to quality when filling out such a site. Analyze and improve competitors.

Selling links, placing articles to order. There are link exchanges, I recommend miralinks.ru and gogetlinks.net, where you can find customers who pay you to post a link or article about their resources on your site.
But if your site is dear to you, don’t bother with that revenue. Recently, Yandex started banning such things (if the site has too many external links). To avoid this, place at least one article with a link and an article, and, preferably, two without a link.
Study the situation
In the screenshot, part of the revenue from one of my old sites, which I don’t do anymore, just post links and articles when orders arrive. This is a screenshot of the last two articles written and posted on the miraculous links, as well as separate articles, as well as gogetlinkas with guards.
By the way, the site traffic is low - about 500 people. children’s themes per day - once led by his wife.
Affiliate Programs. It’s like making money through advertising, if you have a lot of traffic or a good topic (both are an ideal option together), you can make decent money in affiliate programs.
What is the essence of income? Stores, banks, travel agencies, game developers are willing to pay you a specific portion of the product / service purchased / ordered by a customer as a partner through your affiliate link. That is, you will find the customer, after the operation you will be paid a percentage of the amount spent by the customer.
You can find offers to cooperate with admitad.com (one of the most popular in the whole CIS), salesdoubler.com.ua (for Ukraine) and others.
✅In affiliate programs you 5400 to 13500 rubles you can get.
Promoting their services. You are a good expert in any field, for example, you know English very well. With this site, you can promote your services - teaching English to others.
How? Fill the blog with interesting articles on how to learn English, what techniques and their effectiveness - advertise your services in parallel.
Ways to make money:
  • individual and group skype tutoring;
  • conducting live classes in your city;
  • recording video courses for subsequent sales;
  • in the future on the basis of the site you can create a service for tutors and students, where you can earn a certain income from the transactions made through the tutor from your tutor.
Sales of information products. Compared to the previous method, you can sell your knowledge to others for money. Create a video course and advertise on your website.
You can do this by holding free webinars (a very popular topic soon) and there you can advertise a paid product.

IMPORTANT You need to have high quality free materials on the site so that people can trust you and want to buy your information product. To be successful in this field, you need to be really professional.

What can you teach? Here are the first online stores and the topics they sell video courses on.
Topics for creating video courses
Selling goods in online stores. Well, that option is clear. All I can say is that in online stores, you can not only resell goods, but also make and sell them yourself.
For example:
  • knitwear (clothes, toys);
  • handmade soap;
  • souvenirs;
  • photo books and more.
What you need to make money:
  • knowledge of resource creation and promotion or methods of hiring relevant specialists;
  • time to fill out the site or money for someone to do it for you.
✅ You are on your site for your startup 6 to 15 thousand rubles you can earn.
Earnings through sales
Above, I touched on the topic of sales through my site, now I want to talk in detail about other ways to sell some products and how to make money from it.
Join page. This is a one-page site that is as detailed as possible (to interest the customer), but at the same time briefly, describes a particular product and has a form to order it. A single product or a group of products is sold through landing pages. It is very easy and fast to receive.
It is useful to get something popular at the "peak of glory." I remember from things that were already noisy and past, hamsters, spinners, LOL dolls.
Message board. Many underestimate this method, but for me it is the fastest and almost free method:
  • testing yourself in trading and understanding yourself or not;
  • Earn money to open and promote an online store;
  • Decide on the goods, understand what sells well, it's not so much.
My experience
I know what I’m saying because I’ve also tried to sell through bulletins myself - these are sales that are sold. I’ve already written about this, and when it comes to drop here - I don’t want to repeat myself. But I will say that it really works and requires almost no investment.
This is one of my tandoor ads
Social networks. It is a powerful tool for trading and making money accordingly. Given how many people spend almost all of their free time there, it can’t be used.
Promoting a group on social media is easier and faster than a site. Recently, in terms of sales, people are actively embracing Instagram.
Mobile instant messengers - Viber, Telegram and others . From my experience, trading through instant messengers is efficient and definitely works. The key is to find an audience.
If you compare the subscribers of a sales group on Viber and any social network, then there will never be such a large percentage when you see your product on Viber as on social networks. People here will unsubscribe if they aren’t interested, and the rest will basically look at everything you publish.
A real example
This is one of my wife’s noisy groups. They are engaged in ordering clothes, shoes and more from the online stores of well-known brands in America and Europe. It was all started by one girl, now at least 3-4 people work for her (they still have vibe and groups on facebook), but vibe is the main line. Apparently - the income here is normal.
What to sell? If you don’t have any products or directions that are a priority right now, look out for Chinese products. Yes, there are a lot of low quality stuff out there, but there are also very cheap products, they are cheap and you can put a certain margin on them.
What does it take to make money?
  • Knowledge or tool to create a resource where the trade can take place (you can do it without it);
  • money if you plan to buy goods + suppliers (you can work on an order basis);
  • decide on goods and find suppliers for unloading sales.
✅ Initial sales revenue 6 to 14 thousand rubles it can and up.
Earn money by creating your own resources on social media
Sure, this option of making money could be combined with creating your own website, but I decided to separate them anyway. Here the methods of creation, filling, advertising are completely different.
Although the methods of making money are similar, they are:
  • placing advertising posts for money;
  • trade
  • promote their services;
  • Create groups and promote them for subsequent sales.
What to do to make money - clear steps:
  • Step 1. Creating a group is free, easy.
  • Step 2. Decide on a method - how exactly do you plan to make money.
  • Step 3. Encouragement is to gather more live (not from bots) participants, preferably your target audience.
  • Step 4. Start by finding one of the above methods.
✅ Revenue from sales 5-7 thousand per month and may be higher.
Tutoring, online tips
This is a real way to make simple money on the internet. The big advantage of online tutoring is that it’s not just about finding students in your city or district - you can have students all over the country and even beyond.
If you are a teacher, a teacher, a student, or just have a higher education and a good knowledge of one of the school subjects - you can try yourself as a teacher.
The most popular:
  • foreign languages, especially English;
  • math
  • students take exams, all subjects in which they take the exam.
Plus, no matter what the field, if you’re a good professional, you can advise others to make money on the Internet - via Skype.
Who can do this:
  • accountant;
  • lawyers;
  • lawyers;
  • Doctors
  • psychologists;
  • any person who has the knowledge that others need.
You can do not only one-time tips, but also trainings, webinars. A modern direction like coaching still exists. If you are interested, search the internet for more information.
To make money you need:
  • knowledge;
  • the ability to transmit them is not given to everyone;
  • Have a good internet connection for online consultation.
✅ You tutor and give advice from 5,5 to 15 thousand rubles you can make money.
Copywriter - How to make money writing texts
Copywriter is one of the standalone Internet, probably the most common on the Internet.
But not everyone is given the opportunity to understand copywriting skills and become a highly qualified professional. If writing texts isn’t yours, then you can’t force them to sit all day. If not used as additional income.
Where do copywriters make money? Everyone starts with private exchanges, the most popular being etxt and advego, but there are others.
A blog recently published an article about these and other exchanges and sites for making money through copywriting - I suggest you see if you plan to make money this way.
Where to start making money?
  • decide on a suitable exchange for yourself;
  • sign up, add a portfolio, if available;
  • learn the rules quickly and get started;
  • and, of course, knowledge of Russian, spelling and punctuation.
✅ Income for beginners in the field of copywriting from 3 to 8 thousand per month and without any additions.
Student writing
There are those among the students who are not always ready to bathe for the next student day and night, instead paying for it. If you find it difficult to write this course or graduation thesis - offer your service.
Who needs this job?
  • excellent students;
  • was a recent student, but I still remember well and know all the nuances of such work;
  • to teachers.
To make money, you need relevant knowledge and customers. Where to get them:
  • classmates, younger students;
  • placement of advertisements on free boards, social networks;
  • sign up as an author on sites that do custom student work.
Here is an example of one of these sources. You can register here as an author and do the work on an order basis.
What to start?
  • have a good knowledge of a particular topic;
  • declare yourself an expert.
✅ An income you can trust 4 to 12 thousand rubles .
Offer your services to create and distribute resources on the Internet
Internet technologies are actively developing and turnover is growing every year. There are many directions and specialties:
  • programmers
  • Web developers
  • SMM specialists;
  • directors (contextual advertising specialists);
  • content managers and others.
Their services are in demand and will henceforth be paid more and higher.
By the way, these are all free routes. You can search for such jobs on special sites and exchanges - I’ve already written an article about who freelancers are and how they make money. He has a full review of such sources for making money - don’t forget to review it.
One of the most popular is kwork.ru.
Kwork themes where you can offer your services
To start doing something like this and make good money, you need:
  • have relevant information;
  • positive feedback and reputation are very important;
  • the quality of services provided should be at the same level, as competition is also high.
✅News 4,5 to 12 thousand rubles can earn income a month in freelance.
How to be successful and not give up in the first month
Statistics show that there are a lot of people who want to make money on the internet, but after a few months, a good portion will be gone. Most of those who don’t give up the first steps are in no hurry to do small tasks on anything and don’t dare to take more serious ones.
I want to give you some tips to help you understand where to start your income and how to work to achieve the desired result.
Tip 1. What you can do and how you can make money from it.Making money on your hobby is something you enjoy.
Tip 2. Don’t tie everything at once - try one. The performance of the first category you choose is not real, but it will take you at least a week or two (not a day) to understand it (depending on the method).
Tip 3. Be careful. There are indeed many ways to make money on the internet, but there are many who want to make money with your unsavory methods.Sometimes there are such deceptive scams that you need to be vigilant so as not to fall for their tricks and scams.
Tip 4. Take things in stride. The more you try first, the faster you will see the result - then you will be motivated to work. You don’t have to look for easy ways to get rich on the internet - it doesn’t lead to good things.
Tip 5. Learn. This advice is especially important for those who want to make money on the internet. There are a few new rules, schemes, algorithms here almost every day, everything is changing fast - something that was relevant yesterday won’t work today. You need to follow all of these to get into the topic.
The above methods are really a real income on the internet, which is only confirmed by me.
Of course, you shouldn’t expect to make a lot of money from the first group of methods - they will be very useful for beginners to make money on the Internet and keep going. But everything is fair, without cheating.
The second group of options allows you to earn a full salary and even more - it’s all up to you!
Or are you already making money on the Internet? If yes, then share exactly what it is - it’s important for me to know what my students are interested in.
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