Poems about Nowruz. For a small group.


Poems about Nowruz. For a small group.
Nowruz has come.
Hello my new year
I wish you today,
Giving joy to my tongue,
Welcome to my glue.
Navruz has come
The flower tulip has opened.
Plant rose juniper,
Sweet word today everyone.
✍️: Islamova Mukambar
Open your face to us today
Nowruz has arrived.
We stood in the call to prayer,
Sumac in a pot.
Every year when Nowruz comes,
The moon closes somsa,
Somsa is sweet
Tell me a secret.
✍️: Islamova Mukambar
Spring has come,
The flower opened.
the sun laughed
The light was scattered.
Present today is a wreath,
Today came flower spring,
The tulips opened,
Pick up guys.

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