Lions for girls' names


Lion in the name of Aziza
A-trophim darkness give light,
Z-iodir eyes to my heart.
I want to see you once,
Do not let my heart be troubled.
Please pray for me
A lion in the name of Azizam
Does anyone know my condition except you, my dear?
Z-uhro star nights shine like you my dear.
I put the I-shq trade in my heart,
Z-or etibon nights come half.
A-sra keep me the heart that loves you,
Give mercy to a young man like me!
A lion in the name of Azizam 2
I chase A-rmon with my happiness,
I planted a flower with my hand.
I fell in love with a beautiful flower,
That's why I don't exchange Z-uhras.
I'm not happy, you're happy,
I love you my darling
A lion in the name of Arafat
A-yt I Expect Only One Word From You,
I drink Zahar from the hands of R-aqibs.
I'm looking for a place in O-smon,
F-I can't live if you don't love me.
A-yt Kutay From Night To Dawn,
Say I Love you with a T-shirt
A lion in the name of Barchinoy
For the first time I felt the love of grass,
A-true love entered my heart.
R-anjitmayin his soft heart,
Ch-orladimi love for the girl's heart for the first time.
I wake up playing the I-shq song,
N-why did this girl drive my heart crazy.
If I want to see the beauty of the moon, I will never come back,
It's too late now that my first lover has left my heart
A lion in the name of Bonu
B-or My World Is My Name To You,
Will I go with you to O-dreams.
N-Ozli You Laugh So Much,
Do I run away with U-Zaks?
A lion named Charos
I'm here with you,
I am such a sweet maston of your A-tirs.
To put it bluntly, I'm crazy about visoling,
Why did you go to O-lis Charosginam.
I wrote my sweet ghazal remembering S
A lion named Dilafruz
The pain of love is sweet,
This is my heart that burns in I-shing.
L-atofat on the face of kindness in your eyes,
A-qlu stole my consciousness, O Dilafruzim.
If you are an F-angel, I wish you,
Don't say R from the heart, every single word.
I've found what you're looking for, you're Dilafruz,
Let the moon shine, this is my life ..!
A lion named Dilbar
I've been looking for you all over the world,
I-zlad the prince of my heart.
L-ablarim says repeat your name,
B-I'm glad I met you, man.
A-yirmagin never be merciful to us,
R-obbim keep us happy we wow.
A lion by the name of Dildora
My pain in science, my hope,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I miss you,
Every word that comes out of your lips,
D ard or alam, you know.
You burned the stone like fire
You killed R ashk and then burned him
A lamdam, if I burn to ashes with longing
M ajnun is an example of a madman himself
A lion in the name of Dildora 2
The sky is in my head for months,
I ask, I froze.
L-snowballs cover my face,
I'd like a half-dozen, please.
I wish you were with me,
I'd like to have a shave.
A-sta sun slowly rises into the sky,
Tell my beloved that I miss you, sun
My eyes are like the black night.
My hands can't reach the stars.
I have a dreamy eye humor like L-ayli,
H-aliya, why is it bothering my heart again.
Weeping for the heart that is far from him,
M-Udom is filled with his infinite love.
Even the full moon is ashamed of him,
R-husband laughs silently
A lion in the name of Dilshodam
Silent nights that don't understand me,
Without tongues, my tongues speak of love.
L-ahza my heart beats for a moment without you,
Sh-irin is again deceived by fantasies.
O-smonim covered black clouds,
The D-Union is covered in white snow today.
You didn't come to my heart by hurting me, my dear,
My love froze like white snow, my flower!
A lion in the name of Dilorom
D-iloromim dil oxim, azoblar sensiz,
I look forward to my eyes, silent on your way.
L-ahza-lahza I say, I miss you badly,
O-ydin night you doubt me, remember.
The day I saw the dream, or the dream,
It was a beautiful bird that flew to O-smons.
I fly in my dreams, I miss you,
You don't miss me because you miss me
A lion named Dildoram
The heart that misses you D.
I-shq Kuyiga Sher Wrote Bu Dil.
Kiss me from your brothers,
D-il Hear my word, Dear people.
Don't fly to the skies without me
R-Ashkim Kelar Bakmasang Bir Bor.
Why do you torture me?
Sorry, my love, you know too
A lion named Dilshoda
D-ilim Kuyar If I can't say that I love,
I can't wait for you to look at me once.
L-akhza Lakhza Kutar If I'm on your way,
S-pain It's hard if I don't see your eyes.
When I'm excited, my tongue won't speak.
I'm dying. I don't know. I'm like a madman.
If I can't say it, my eyes will say it.
A-qlu Hushim You are my stolen love
A lion in the name of Durdonam
Sho`x Navo Birdona in D-science,
U-Zolmagan Gulim Yagona.
How R-ad Says My Love
D-urdona is My Beloved.
Like the Star in the Sky,
N-ozli Boqib Yuragim Ortar.
A-Qlim Take My Love.
My Loved Girl Will Be Durdona
A lion named Dilyora
D-Unyo, I have one request from you,
Give me I will make her happy.
To the flower that opens like an L-flower,
Let me give you a place in my heart and live in love.
O-smon yagavergin mayli snow-rain,
R-ahm to our cruel fate.
A flower that opens in my arms, not A-rmon,
A lion named Dinora
D-ili bribes and crushes the heart again,
It is difficult to repeat the I-sming.
N-igohim does not fall on other flowers,
Even if you are in O-lis, my heart is with you.
R-angima I will find you beautiful,
You know I'm loyal to you
A lion in the name of Ezozam
O Creator of the World Such a Beautiful,
Z-ilol Did You Wash Your Face Like Water In The Moon.
When I go to sleep in the evening,
Did You Show Me In Your Dream As A Z-Melt.
A-ytgin Does the World Have a Mood for Me,
M-ehr Bilan Asray If My Love Is In Fate
A lion named Farida
Do you know what Iraq is?
Do you feel what A-zob is.
I'm crying, are you crying,
I-shq love hopes from you.
I miss you so much,
Oh dear, that's all
A lion in the name of my child
Even if the F-angels leave my heart,
Even if they throw it in the arms of A-zob.
R-akhmdil Jonkuyar I have a lover,
I have opened as a flower for Z-amina.
I Don't Look Like Oh He's Delicate Heart,
N-ozik Niholim Bordir Himself Guncha Example.
A-tyrlar Hushni Olar Angel My,
My love, my happiness, loneliness, my child, yourself
A lion in the name of my angel
If I Don't See You,
A-rmon To me Moonless Nights Bright Eyes.
R-akhm Aylagin Dilim Kuydurdin Yamon,
I Kiss You Now Come To Me.
S-ehrlading With Mehr With Sweet Word,
Don't torture Angel in your H-performance.
T-anho I Miss You Mag`zun Kechalar,
A-sli What I saw in a dream is my dream.
My angel waiting for M from the white clouds
A lion named Feruza
F-alakka Boy Chozdi Sevgimiz Jonim,
E-rkalab I Love Even In Your Dreams.
R-ad Etmagin Gozalim Let's Live Together,
Be with me till the end.
Z-arrin You look like a star, my dear,
Only Tashlama Yarim to A-zobs
A lion named Feruza 2
F-eruza My Star Is Falling
What should I do?
R-ashk Fire Burns My Heart,
U- Tegsaya to Someone Else.
I Lived In A Wonderful Paradise,
And now I'm burning in the fire of hell
A lion named Ferede
F-igonim Falakka Yetmasa Netay,
Where do you go without seeing your beautiful eyes?
Even if my R-fly flies to the sky without you,
E-slime My Heart in Heaven I Am Alone.
I Want To Live With You In The World,
I want to leave the world in love with Ex
Lion in the name of Fatima
Spring when F-originals are exchanged,
O-chilar are flowers in my heart for you.
Let the T-stars be the stars of the sky,
God created us.
You are the flower that opened in my heart,
A-srayin you are my eternal love ..!
A lion named Guli
Of the beauties, you are the most beautiful,
I look forward to hearing from you.
L-ola, I'll pick you up, come,
I'm waiting Say I love you
A lion named Gulhayo
G-I'm sorry I really love you,
I couldn't help it.
L-ali never kissed your lips,
H-woman goes to you eh armonginam.
If only I had a place in my heart,
Y-die don't love my heart anymore.
Oh, the torture of love is so painful,
A lion named Gulilola
My sweet word to you, my dear,
Let your long hair be tied in my hands at night.
The sweet ball of your L-brothers makes me drunk,
May Allah protect us.
L-aylim my Gulilolam lonely darling,
You are my full mother in O-smon, you are my star.
Let me kiss you on the cheek like L-ola,
I'm a fan of A-trophy, my faithful half ..!
A lion named Gulnihal
Beautiful people can never take my heart,
I want to live alone with you.
It's as if you're crazy like I am,
My children will know if you listen.
I'm burning in the night, awake at night,
Every time I repeat your picture.
I ask the moon,
I will bleed for a day from your L-brothers..!
A lion in the name of Gulijonim
I want to stroke your beautiful hair,
I want to live with you in the future.
Every Breath I Take,
I'm coming to say and sing.
My sister, I will give you every word,
O-sing I Became Your Beautiful Eyes.
If I can say my love to you,
I-shon, I'm happy, I'm with you for a lifetime.
I love you more than my life, my dear
A lion in the name of Gulnozam
My dear, I miss you so much today.
I miss your flower face.
My brothers and sisters, Your name is always repeated.
I miss your affectionate glances.
I'm hitting an arrow, will these arrows run out?
The long-awaited Yorim will come today.
A-ytarmikan Zor I'm waiting, I'm waiting,
M-en Today I miss you too my soul
A lion named Gulrukh
I will carry G-ul, always on your roads,
You play with your hair and pass by me.
I can't say the words that remain in my heart, my love,
These are my flowers that have faded in my hand.
For a long time, my eyes stayed on the ends of your hair,
I remember the good nights, you are gone, my beauty
A lion named Gulmira
G-don't worry trust my love
My heart is a target.
I'm honest, I'm a guy
You're the one I love in a competitive world.
Two hearts, let them be one now,
R-come to connect the appetites.
A-lam to your lovers
A lion named Gulnara
G-ullar Ham Uyolar from your beauty,
They will wake up from your love.
My brothers will say Repeat your name,
N-Asib If It's Beautiful, We'll Make Weddings.
If I don't see the face of the moon, I'll miss it,
Don't R-ad I believe in our love.
A-badi Let's live happily in our home.
A lion named Halima
Every moment I remember your moon face,
Your words are sweet like A-sal.
Don't let your cheeks turn red like L-ola,
Thanks to God who created our i-kk.
I stroke your hair day and night,
Don't let A-slo separate us, our kind..!
A lion named Holida
If my women take me away, to my friends,
The sun shines in the sky.
Playing in the L-alazor, laughing and wearing garlands,
We were walking together, my friend was happy.
Let there be many true friends in D-Unyo,
May our A-trophy always be full of flowers..!
A lion named Hulkar
The stars of every night landed on your hair,
You have been waiting for it, friend, your birthday has come.
May your brothers be filled with smiles and joy,
May you and your wife be full of children in the future.
With envy in your A-trophy, your friends are crowded today,
R-ost, this is my best wish, be happy, my God!
Lion in the name of Hafiza
H-ijran Stains My Heart,
A-rmonginam Why don't you come.
F-Iroq Dardi Kuyudre My Heart,
I'm waiting. Why don't you feel it?
If I don't see you, I'm Z-erikaman.
Don't throw me away
A lion named Jasminam
J-don't you look at me,
A-jib Mysterious I Like You.
S-evib It will be bad if I stay,
My love will wander.
Please don't leave me,
Don't hide your N-igo from Zim.
Don't torture me
A lion named Kamola
You only miss my little ones,
You are as sweet as A-sal.
M-I found you in the sky of your love,
O-Allah, my beloved is forever blessed.
Don't let your moon-like faces blush like L-ola,
May your songs always be as sweet as A-sal..!
A lion in the name of Kumush
My dear, this world is dark without you.
Your insatiable eyes rained down on me.
My goal is far, but the goal is one,
Even if you're already here, I'll have enough for you.
Sh-irinimsan Yo Laylim - You are the only one, Kumushim
A lion named Layla
Don't let your cheeks blush like L-ola,
Don't let your crazy lovers walk in your A-trophy.
I will fill your heart with happiness and love,
L-My wife, I will love you until the end of my life.
My heart will be happy if your face smiles like O-y,
A lion named Marjonaga
Leave me alone
A-sta Sekin Kadam Tashlabon.
R-I don't care. Just be happy.
Be like an Angel in heaven.
May the kiss dress be fine,
May your marriage be blessed.
A-sta Sekin Kadam Tashlabon,
Full like the moon in Goshang,
From A-qlziz Ashik-u Begarar
A lion in the name of Marjonam
This Heart Can Endure One Suffering,
A-sli My life itself is a wish.
R-Ashk Burned in the fire of this sky,
J-onim One Heart That Will Not Separate Us.
I've been looking for you in a dream, you are by my side,
Your N-igox is in my eyes and in my dreams.
God Can't Take Back My Love
M-en I live with you, our love never ends
Lion in the name of Medina
M-love lit a lamp in my heart,
A-let my heart be happy.
D-Iydar, I'm going to your side,
My eager eyes want to see.
I want to live with you forever
A-ytsang, I will give you the truth.
A lion in the name of Maftuna
It's a beautiful place for me
I have a word for you.
F-only myself
T-I mean, you're the one.
I will not break my heart, I will never miss you,
Even if I know about you, I will never leave your side.
I won't break my heart, I won't regret my love.
A lion named Mahlyo
M-made you black, your black eyes,
You have a weak smile, your face is beautiful.
H-atto, the moon also nests, your sweet laughter,
From the color of your lips to the colors of flowers.
I'm waiting for my eyes, sleepless nights without you
Be my friend, come to me, my soul has no confidant except you.
Our love is as pure as heaven, no one can separate us!
A lion in the name of the princess
Where are you far away from me?
A-ytchi, I have no one but you.
I will kiss your L-brothers one day,
Don't be sad, my dear.
Enchanting me with your eyes,
A-don't torture my heart..!
A lion in the name of Malohida
Don't force me
Don't despise A-rmon.
I am a dervish,
Oh, don't make Majnun cry.
H-ijran grass torments me,
The fire of love burns me.
Come be a balm to D-ard,
Put an end to the A-break now..!
A lion named Mehrinisa
May fate divide us,
May our great love be eternal.
Let this black eye of mine be weak
I can't stop loving my R-uh.
Two worlds I can't give up on you.
When you miss your love
I am writing this poem.
S-I'm sorry to see your eyes,
I'll caress your face like O-y in my dream..!

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