Lions on June 1 Children's Day



On the occasion of International Children's Day, we present poems dedicated to children by the brightest representatives of world poetry. Today, at least, don’t forget to kiss your baby.

Gabriela MISTRAL


The night is dark, the night is strange
The sea remained in the night.
I shake your cradle,
I don't feel alone.

The sky is strange in the universe,
The moon also embraced the sea.
Lifting you by hand.
I don't feel alone.

Man is a stranger on earth,
No worries to be found.
I am completely with you, -
I'm not alone…


Let me sing a song for you,
The whole earth forgets sorrow.
The example of your smile is gentle, warm
Mountain rocks, mountain thorns.

I sing a song for you,
Heavy thoughts chasing from the heart.
Full of love from your breath
Even snake, tiger houses.

Zulfiya's translations

02Nozim HIKMAT


Worthy of your celebration
How do I find the words?
Let it bloom like a cherry blossom
you have life, health.

You're a big girl, orlik,
you are in your happiest time.
Let it shine without ever fading
happiness in your eyes.

The days are sunny, sunny,
your father will come to the shore.
I will bring it to you
coins goldfish.

I'm a little tired
I will give you my poem.
You're in this house, boy,
the light that combs from you.

* * *

Let's give the world to the kids, at least for a day,
Let them play like a red ball.
Let them play songs among the stars.
Let’s give the world to the kids.
Like a huge apple, like a hot loaf of bread,
Let them be satisfied for at least one day.
Let’s give the world to the kids.
Let the world learn at least one day.
Children are the ones who will take the world,
Immortal trees will be planted.


Open, I knocked on the doors,
I knock on the doors one by one.
I can't see you,
the dead cannot be seen.

I died in Hiroshima,
years have passed, dates have passed.
I'm still a seven-year-old girl,
dead children who do not grow up.

My hair is on fire,
my two eyes burned, dizzy.
I turned to a handful of powder,
my dust was blown into the air.

I am one of you for myself
I don't ask for anything, no.
Not even a spoonful of sugar can be eaten
paper-burning worm.

I knocked on the door, open it,
let every hand, every village, every city.
No more children being killed,
henceforth yeelsin sugar.



Port Said * Mansurim is thirteen, fourteen years old
barefoot, barefoot shoes are lubricated
at the top of the mirrored, ringing box.

Slippers, heels, shoes, boots -
dust, mud, stains -
all put in a glass box.

The brushes are winged, the pores are red velvet.
Slippers, sandals, shoes, boots
happy: brand new,
falls from a glass box.

Mansurim is like a black palm pickle.
Mansurim sweet boy.
He always adds:
"Oh, my dear!" **

They burned Port Said *** and killed Mansur.
I saw the photo in the morning newspapers:
a small corpse among the dead.
YO exactly, yo habibi!
Like palm pickles…

* P or tS aid is an Egyptian port city.
** "Oh, yes, yes, yes" - "Oh, my lonely, my darling!" that is, from an Arabic folk song.
*** In 1956, the imperialists, outraged by the independent policy of the Egyptians, moved to Port Said
they put.

Miraziz Azam translations

Pablo Neruda


Why planes
children who do not take to play?

Can I have some lemons?
big orange birds?

Why not train helicopters
collect honey from the sun?

Where the full moon is adopted
a night bag of flour?

* * *

If I hadn’t noticed I was dead
then who do I know the time from?

Where a blind man can escape
bee stings?

When the yellows are finished
What do we cover the bread with?

* * *

Tell me, is the rose naked,
or is it their dress?

Why the tree hides
the luster of the root?

The killer repented of the car
Have you heard or seen?

Even from a train chilled in the rain
Is there anyone in the world sadder?

* * *

Do they talk to a cloud of smoke?

Hopes should be sprinkled with dew - right?

* * *

In a flying nightgown
where did so many holes come from?

As the air wept incessantly
why is the cloud roaring with joy?

When the solar eclipse is eclipsed
for whom is it burning?

* * *

Is the world of pigeons just peace?
Is the world of tigers just war?

To the Swallows who were late for school
what happened

What do they say about my poems
who didn't know what my blood was like?

* * *

Rice smiling at whom
shining so many white teeth?

Why in difficult times
write a book with invisible ink?

Oranges are the light of the sun
How do they distribute to each other?

* * *

What is pomegranate juice
Rubies that gossip?

Why Thursday
not walking after friday?

When the sky is blue
who shouted for joy?

What a disappointing place
when purple opens?

* * *

Why always spring
comes in blue?

The sky cries when the color fades,
why do you laugh

How did you get free
discarded bike?

* * *

Amber is a mermaid
is it true from the tears?

The bird flew to the bird
Who knows what the name of the flower is?

Better late than never -
what do you say

* * *

When the world first appeared
Was it Venezuela?

Where is the middle of Oman?
Why are the waves not flowing there?

A flying star that fell to the ground
Wasn’t the diamond a dove?

* * *
Where is the love of those who have lost their love
are you without them now

I asked with my eyes:
When will we see each other now?

Miraziz Azam translations



Worn out in the evening
frost coat.
Children out the windows
yellowing lone tree
landing on birds
decided to field.
In the evening the distant river
stretched to the shore.
Suddenly on ceramic roofs
flushed redness.


- Bear,
I want to be silver.

"You're cold,"
Come on, son.
- Bear,
I want to be a stream.

"You're cold,"
Come on, son.

- Bear,
Stitch to be.
- All right,
Right now.


In existence when the moon rises
tin alar calls.
Thick forest, in the woods
flashing cuttings.

When the moon rises, it shakes
the ground is like the ocean.
Lost in infinity
an island-like heart.

On a moonlit night
between the yellowed gardens
unbreakable, frozen
The man who ate the caves.

On a moonlit night
one look, one moment
countless silver coins
screaming in his wallet.


The prince hid the locusts
The boy is looking for a voice
The boy in the bag is looking for his voice.

"It's weird if I find my voice."
I made a ring for myself.
I hid the silence
to the beaded eye of the ring.

Between dewy roses
The boy is looking for a voice.
From inside the green locust
his voice echoed in the distance.

Translations by Shavkat Rahmon



My daughter believes,
What i write
Of course,

* * *

“Now I am
I understand your heart, my child! ”
My mother told me.
He came into my dream,
She left after crying.

* * *

What came to mind ?!
The puppet
Putting aside,
My daughter is sitting
He took me.

* * *

* * *

Don't look like your father!
To your father's father too!
Do you hear me
What am I asking for
From you, my dear.

* * *

Poor father!
I can't even read
He put the newspaper aside,
He started playing in the narrow yard
With an ant.

* * *

I hit my daughter.
He fell asleep
Without drying his eyes,
As he half-opened his mouth.
I gently stroked his cheeks.

Translations by Khurshid Davron



Such laughter makes my heart ache.
A man in a full symposium,
of a stranger
over the shoulder
laughed at me baby.

I don't smile either
in fact I want to cry out loud.

There are very few such smiles in this world.
They give very little
Give me such smiles.
This smile paralyzes my hands,
This smile is the smile of angels.
Such a smile is very joyful,
Such a smile is painful.

Not ashamed of anyone here
I want to cry and cry.
But when I cry - a crying baby.
Better, I'll endure, better, be patient…
Because it is impossible to cry
I suffer with a smile.

Such laughter makes my heart ache…


I saw a ship in my dream,
Dwarf ship with white sail.
What a beautiful ship it was!
Tears welled up in my eyes.

The wind blew, the waves roared,
I saw - that dwarf ship,
It sank to the bottom of the sea -
I could not hold my dream,
Oh, what do I do now?

Translations by Khurshid Davron

G'afur G'ULOM


Mukhtorjon is six years old
He asked his sister:
- Munisxon,
Tell the truth,
Do you know how to think?

Munisxon to his brother
He looked surprised:
"Brother, tell me yourself,"
What does it mean to think?

Mukhtorjol is serious, -
Gather your eyebrows together,
He pointed to his sister:
"Look, I'm thinking."
"What do you think?"

- I think a lot:
If there is a mountain from Morojniy,
If you have a cherry garden,
If a pot of cream,
If there is camel cheese.

The water came out of his mouth,
"Wow," said the wall
"Stop, acacia,"
I think so.
"Think fast," said Mukhtor.
- Get up and think:
Hi-y… if a doll.
If the key is not broken.
When he closes his eyes
See me too…

"Is that a thought?"
Learn to think!
Will you be a bear?
He blinked:
"What about you?"
Munish Khan.

Mukhtar was furious:
"I'm not a girl,"
It will be a girls month.
When I was growing up,
When I entered five hundred,
I will be a great dad.
"Will you have a daughter?"
What happens to the horse?
- I will have a hundred daughters,
His name will be Puiis.
"Wow," said the wall
Munisxon, -
I'll be the bear…
I will have a thousand sons.
The horse will be Puxtor.
Hi-i, - shaking his tongue
Gijgijlatti brother.

In doing so, my friends,
In a beautiful, cozy garden
Under the water tap
Two young people playing
They began to think.


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