March 8 scenario (for kindergartens)


March 8 scenario
The hall is festively decorated with music and the children enter the hall and stand in their seats.
Beginner: To understand the respect of the mother,
It is the duty of mothers to understand.
The word mother is very great,
Our mother is a gardener, our mother is a caretaker.
Mother is the prosperity of our home,
Mother's house is also a joy.
Mothers decorated us like flowers
Mother brought us into this world.
Assalamu alaykum dear mothers, sisters of the river heart, sweet little girls. I sincerely congratulate you on March 8, International Women's Day.
Ball: Opajon, you are right, this holiday is Mother's Day, and so is yours.
Ball:Very right if our sister allows us to take this holiday together.
General: Very nice guys we started the celebration in it.
Ball:Dear mothers and sisters, we sincerely congratulate you on this holiday.
Ball: English greeting.
Ball: Now the children of our group will also recite memorized poems and songs.
Ozodbek: Independence in our country
Summers, gazelles, alyor.
They say alla, yor-yor,
If the mothers survive.
Beautiful:We are for boys and girls
You are a holy mother.
As my dear children
You are always on fire.
Hassan: In this heavenly homeland,
The tracks you clicked.
The rays of your eyes,
We are boys and girls.
Akram: Heaven will be the earth
The earth is full of light.
Laughing happiness star,
If the mothers survive.
General: Congratulations to our mothers. (Children congratulate their mothers)
General: Now you listen to the spoon performed by our children.
Spoon: Onajon, onajonginam.
(Children take their seats)
Dance: Performed by girls.
(At that moment Egriboy enters with a box in his hand)
General: Wow, who are you?
Curvy: I will be the famous Egrivoy.
General: What are you doing here?
Curvy: Tugruvoy is looking for me, please take this box and hide me.
Head: Una, you go and sit next to the children, she can't find you among the children.
(At that moment, Tovruvoy enters the circle, calling Egrivoy wherever you are
True: What's going on here?
Ball: We are celebrating the holiday.
True: What kind of holiday is this?
Child; Mother's Day.
Girl; Grandmother's Day.
Ball: All Sisters' Day.
True: Yes, I was also bringing presents for this holiday, and Egrivoy took my gift box on the way and ran away. Didn't you see Egrivoy?
General: So Egrivoy deceived us.
Egrivoy: Forgive me, please forgive me my friend. Here is the box.
General: Show your skills for today’s celebration so that we can forgive you.
Egrivoy: Let's have a dance with the boys.
Dance: Andijon polka.
General: Now we watch a dance performed by the boys.
(After the dance, they say goodbye and give the box to the starting children.)
Ball: Here are the gifts we give to the girls in our group.
(Boys rate girls one by one and congratulate girls)
Ball: Now we continue to sing poems and songs.
Timur: You are my oily happiness,
My throne of happiness.
My first word out of the language.
Mother without my existence.
Star: Sings poetry in English.
Zuxra: March 8 today,
Mother's Day.
Path to the roads,
A bunch of flowers.
Will: Mehri river without mother,
His words are dull.
Good morning mom
Be healthy my light necklace.
General: Now we listen to a song performed by children
Dance: «Хorazimcha »
General: We invite 4 of our boys to our new circle. We have a special condition for these boys. Because today's holiday is also a holiday for the sisters, our boys will show their agility. You need to get dressed quickly. And you will dance.
Dance: The children dance.
General;Here we have seen the skills of our sons. Now we invite our loving mothers to the circle. (Mothers go to the circle)
This year has been named the Year of the Healthy Child by our esteemed President. It is no coincidence that the country will be strong with its children. Mothers, we will invite your children to join you.
1.Condition.T throwing the doppi at each other.
2. Condition. Return to the finish line in the rings.
3. Carry the balloons in the head.
General: Thank you moms, you are so sweet and kind and so energetic.
Dear mothers and sisters, I sincerely congratulate you once again on the holiday.
Ball: I wish you peace and family happiness.
Ball: Always be healthy for our happiness.
General: We will continue the celebration in our group rooms.

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