Script of the event called "Women's jewelry" on March 8


Program of events dedicated to March 8 International Women's and Girls' Day
(To the sound of the song "Holy Lady")
    Speaker 1: According to the narration, Qadiri decided to create an absolutely perfect world. He separated day from night, created water, earth, plants, animals, and the last day, man. They are so worthy of each other that Allah's envy came to this perfection. After that, there is no woman to look at, and luckily, the clay against happiness has run out. Then he added a pinch of beauty from the moon, eyes from the night, hair from the willow, color from the rainbow, expression from the flowers, purity from the morning, in short, he created a woman little by little.
Leader 2: Hello, dear mothers, dear sisters. They say that this woman is an incomparable miracle of the world. In fact, a woman does not care about music. But what is the adornment of a woman who is the adornment of the world?
Leader 1: Our philosophers say that in order to bring a person to maturity, it is necessary to educate a woman first. There are no words to describe the East, including Uzbek women, who have been unmatched in terms of maturity since time immemorial. As part of our national values, Uzbek modesty, grace, elegance, in general, the traditions of Uzbekism inherited from our dear mothers and grandmothers are reflected in the life and behavior of our girls today.
Let's discuss what aspects we should pay attention to in raising a modern Uzbek girl.
Leader 2: In today's event, we would like to focus on the following topics
  1. About clothes
2. Culture of interaction
3. Health
4. There is a lot of skill in the subjects
Head 1: A question for you... You want to meet a girl and become friends. What aspects of your new friend would you focus on first?
Leader 2: I think that at first I should pay attention to his appearance, that is, the way he dresses and behaves.
Speaker 1: I think so. The first indispensable aspect of a woman's grace is her ability to dress in a unique and beautiful way. This is one of the important signs of direct civilization. Depending on how someone is dressed, it is possible to determine his taste, spiritual level, and even his profession. According to our psychologists, clothing shows not only the appearance of a person, but also his spiritual world, which nation he is a child of, which era he is.
2nd presenter: Based on this, each country, nation has its own national costumes
it would be more correct to start from education.
- How do you think a modern Uzbek girl should dress?
-Does the current dressing culture of our girls correspond to our national values?
 Let's give the floor to our honored teachers.
 (there will be a costume show - with the participation of schoolgirls)
1st presenter: Uzbek girls are not compared to husnu-latofatday for nothing. A girl who wears such clothes is about to become a princess.
Speaker 2: Another quality that makes a woman beautiful
It is her courtesy. The main means of communication is the word, which becomes a gem in a woman's language. Every word spoken by a woman's voice is a melody.
1-Initiator: But even when you say a word, you can find it and speak according to everyone's heart.
being requires special intelligence from a person.
        -The scene will be shown - about rudeness and politeness
   Question: - The behavior culture of our young girls
   what can you say about
   - What is needed in the formation of the culture of interaction
Need to pay attention?
    There will be a debate.
  (music break)
Leader 2: We should also have a medical culture in education.
A girl was born in the family. In the future, she will become a mother and raise a healthy generation for the society.
   Question: What is the impact of women's health on the family and society?
  • What should we pay attention to in order for our girls to be healthy?
Musical break
1- presenter: We will always remember with respect Tomaris, Bibikhanim, Gulbadanbegim, Zebuniso, Uvaisiy, Anbar Otin and hundreds of other women who left an indelible name in the great history of our nation with their courage and tenacity, intelligence, elegance and tenderness. The noble qualities characteristic of our great-grandmothers are still present in our honorable women today.
It is reflected in the form of our dear sisters.
The state award was established. We think that our girls who will receive this award will leave our school.
  Leader 2: This is the end of our event.
(to the sound of music)

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