What is a youth notebook? More about the youth notebook


What is a Youth Book?

The Youth Book is an electronic program that lists the addresses of unemployed young people under the age of 18 and under the age of 30 living in each sector.

Who runs the Youth Book?

The Youth Book is kept by the sector secretary and the head of the district (city) department of the Agency for Youth Affairs.

Who is included in the "Youth Book"?

The "Youth Book" includes by age, gender, occupation: graduates, currently unemployed youth, young people with disabilities in need of work, young people returning from abroad, young people released from JIEM, young people returning from military service.

Who forms the families included in the "Youth Book"?

The head of the sector, together with the working group, registers unemployed youth in the mahallas and registers them in the Youth Book.

In doing so, educational institutions help identify their graduates, the Neighborhood and Youth Agency unemployed youth, the IIB returning from abroad, and the JIEM exempt youth.

Who allows you to enter the formed list in the "Youth Book"?

As a result of the census, the lists formed by sectors are entered into a special program ("Youth Book") by the Secretary of the sectors and the Agency for Youth Affairs.

The "Youth Book" is entered on the basis of the following criteria on age, sex, professional ability:

a) graduates of general secondary education and higher and secondary special education institutions;

b) unemployed youth who are not officially employed;

c) unemployed young people with disabilities but able to work;

g) its place of work as a result of quarantine measures applied due to the coronavirus pandemic
and citizens who have lost their source of income, including young labor migrants who have returned from abroad;

d) unemployed youth released from a penitentiary institution;

e) young people who have returned from military service but are not employed;

g) young people caring for the elderly in need of family care;

j) the family is really needy, helpless and in need of financial support.