Essay: My profession is my future


Essay: My profession is my future
1 About professions
2 My chosen profession
3 The best of the professions is the teaching profession.

Work activity of a professional, type of permanent training; I need knowledge, skills, and experience that allow me to perform a certain type of work competently. If a person works in the profession he loves, he will never think that he is going to work every morning. Being engaged in one's favorite profession gives a person pleasure, joy, courage, motivation, at least spiritual nourishment.
The word "my profession is my future" is not said for nothing. Because it is not an exaggeration to say that the profession chosen from now will be the reason for selfless work for the profession in the future. First of all, I think about how the profession will benefit people. The profession I want to choose in the future is teaching. Since I was young, my love for children is different. I really enjoy teaching them what I know. Maybe that's why I want to become a teacher.
Teacher is a sacred word. And this is a kind person in any situation.

"If the greatest of the world's buildings is the school, the most honorable of the professions is teaching and coaching."
I. Karimov

Teacher! A whole world of meaning and respect is embodied in this one word. The teacher is an honest, humble, spiritually rich, morally pure person. Teacher! He is a hard worker who gives all his strength, intelligence, knowledge and talents to his students. There is a saying in our people: "A teacher is as great as your father." This sentence has a whole meaning. The people who taught us to take our first steps in life are certainly teachers. I will definitely become a teacher like my teachers in the future, I think that for this I need to study more.


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