January 14 - Defender of the Fatherland Day We are small soldiers


January 14 - Defender of the Fatherland Day
We are little soldiers
Festively decorated stage. Pictures of the defenders of the Motherland, our brave soldiers, the armed forces of our state. Patriotic posters with patriotic slogans, wise sayings and hadiths were hung. Boys and girls in military uniforms take to the stage and line up to the music. The event begins with an introductory speech by the teacher.
Teacher: Hello, dear teachers, dear students! Today, January 14, is our Defender of the Fatherland Day event
All: Welcome!
- We congratulate all of you on this holiday.
students recite poems in honor of the Motherland, independence.
Student 1:
Thank you,
To the great days.
Meaning, content,
For full days,
Farovon, nurafshon,
Commemorative * days.
All: O my free land, my Uzbekistan,
O my prosperous country - my Uzbekistan!
Student 2:
My sun flag under the blue
The world listens to my anthem today.
Mother Uzbekistan beats in my chest, She is bloody, she is alive,
he is life, conscience. Everyone: In the wider world
The word is wise, the meaning is hymn.
The participants of the event will sing the national anthem.
Student 3: Dear teachers, dear parents, sisters, dear friends! We are glad to welcome you as a dear guest of our time today!
Student 4: On January 1992, 14, the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan IAKarimov "On the establishment of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan" was issued.
That is why every year we celebrate January 14 as Defender of the Fatherland Day.
Student 5: Each o'o '\\ from a young age “When I grow up, of course, be a defender of the Motherlandvlaman, ”he said, dreaming of becoming a brave soldier like his brothers. There are 19 people in our class as well o'o'W as a child, who had just turned 11 years old. They also grow up, of course. own achieve their goals. They serve in the army of the Republic of Uzbekistan and protect the peace of the motherland.
Event participants
they sing poems in honor of uzbekistan.
Student 6:
Uzbekistan, my unparalleled world, I will not give you to the worlds. Independence is true, your honor other than I don’t give a shit, you. Student 7:
The soil where my umbilical cord blood was shed, You are holy above all things. Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing.
I was born with your love, I found freedom in BagYing, mother. I will keep the button of faith, I will not give you to the lowly. Student 9:
Uzbekistan is the star of Turan, you are the shining eye of friends. The earth opens up to you,
I will not give you to the bad ones, student 10:
How much flowed eye young people,
What innocent heads were cut off. I will not give you to the serpents, who have sucked the blood of your children. ll-reader:
Dear Motherland! Human joy!
White, clear roads like cotton.
Suyanch togMm, full confidence,
I will not give you to the poor.
A song about the homeland is played.
Student 12: Now our friends are giving a brief overview of the Armed Forces, the Army, and the Defense Service of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Student 13: The duties of the citizens of our encyclopedia tovChapter 11 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan states that the protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan is the duty of every citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Articles 125 and 126 of the Constitution also state that the state has sufficient Armed Forces to ensure defense and security.
- Army is a Latin word meaning the land forces of each state. Our army includes the Armed Forces of the State, units of various types of troops and operational units consisting of individual units, generals, tanks, air forces and other armies.
Student 14: Defense is the protection of the state of Uzbekistan, its territory, borders, people and wealth from the enemy. If our country is not suddenly attacked by the enemy, it is to attack it.
Student 15: Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan:
  1. All armies on land;
  2. Air Force;
  3. Air Defense Forces;
  4. Special and Engineering -Construction Troops;
  5. Border Troops;
  6. It consists of the National Guard, that is, selected troops.
The children recite the poem “Soldier Brothers”.
Student 16: Thanks to independence, the whole world has recognized the country of Uzbekistan, the Uzbek nation. In this regard, the services of President IAKarimov are invaluable.
Student 17: Today, there are many people in the world who see, use and recognize the creators of the planes, cars, tractors, electronic equipment, products of the textile industry created by the Uzbek people.vi do not.
Student 18: Today, the fame of Uzbek sports has spread all over the world. Who doesn't know Ravshan Irmatov, Muhammadkadir Abdullayev, Rustam Kasimjanov, Elshod Rasulov, as well as the winners of the XVI Asian Games in China, the followers of Mirjalol Kasimov, who won a silver medal at the Asian Youth Football Games?
Student 19: Followers of such famous athletes can be found in our class as well. Muhiddinov Abdurahmon, Akramov Abdulaziz, along with excellent grades, actively participate in the circle of "Uzbek martial arts" and win honorable places in district, regional and national competitions.
Student 20: Last year, Abdurahmon and Abdulaziz took part in the competition for the prize "Santa's Cup" in "Uzbek martial arts" in Tashkent, won the first month, won a gold medal and I degree. returned with a diploma. We are right with them
We are proud of
Student 21: Now these victorious peers of our peers are showing the exercise "Vatan" in their favorite sport.
by the teacher
a prepared small stage show will be shown.
It depicts the dialogue of a soldier and his brother, the images of a proud grandmother with her beloved granddaughter who returned to defend the Motherland.
After the performance, a song about the Homeland Guards will be performed.
Student 22: There is no more sacred duty in the world than to protect one's homeland. Defending the homeland means protecting one's parents, family, home, people.
Student 23: To do this, every young man and woman must grow up to be strong, courageous, physically strong, healthy, and most importantly, patriotic. The future of our Motherland, its prosperity, the strong protection of our borders are in the hands of us, the youth. In the future, like our brothers, we must become fearless, courageous and courageous guardians of our Motherland.vwe need
"Homeland song" will be played.
My mother,
Uluo 'Vatan - jon Vatan.
I sing about you, Be a happy nightingale Homeland. students recite the poem "Grandchildren of Amir Temur."
The Tsar looked around, smiling, his eyes twinkling, and his slave whispering, "Who are these people?"
These boys mardu field,
Owner period
Grandchildren of Amir Temur.
- Open-faced, sweet-spoken, Bright-faced, Knowledge-seeking, sharp-eyed, Who are they? We are us, sons and daughters, Mardu meydan, Sahibi davron - grandchildren of Amir Temur. The holiday is finally over, march
the melody sounds. students will demonstrate their skills through a variety of physical and military exercise methods, and the event will conclude.
Saodatkhon ADASHEVA, primary school teacher, school No. 35, Balikchi district, Andijan region.

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