Learn English independently and easily!


Learn English independently and easily!

If you don’t know English, you can’t go far in the IT world. That is why I recommend services where you can learn English independently.

Applications for beginners:

🔷 Lingualeo

You will learn English in a game style through this app. There you can watch videos with subtitles, explain words, listen to and analyze songs, learn grammar and expand your vocabulary.

🔷 UDuolingo

Lessons on learning English, Spanish, French and German. There are exercises for reading, listening comprehension, vocabulary development, and grammar.

🔷 Puzzle English

Initially, you are invited to choose a learning goal: work, study, travel, or self-improvement. Tasks are selected depending on the language level you choose during registration: beginner, intermediate, or advanced. The service distributes materials in such a way that even those who are fluent in English can learn new things.

🔷 Memrise

An app for learning new foreign words. In addition to British and American English, there are 12 languages, including Arabic, Japanese, and Turkish.
The app deals with the new dictionary. The user is required to select a translation, write a phrase on their own, or collect words.

🔷 HiNative

The application is based on live communication with native speakers. They can ask questions, send texts for confirmation, or attach audio files to assess pronunciation. Because users themselves play a key role, they can interact in any language - there are more than 110 languages.

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