Poems about Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur


Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur

Missing mother earth
Their faces are pale from longing
Facing India
The country was looking for wind

Signs of longing
Babur finished the pen
Faithful flower dates
Babur finished his ghazal

Sultan of Ghazal property
A skilled king is a general
The whole world
We will be remembered everywhere

Leave it to us
Inexhaustible riches
To the traces you left
The world will be beautiful.

✍️: Islamova Mukambar

Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur

The sky gave me a test
My life is lost because of your disloyalty
Do good even if it doesn't return
That's what Babur wants

How much I did perseverance
I advanced my work
If I hand it over, it's a deposit
Do not forget my name

You do not know what longing
Until it's worth it
You do not appreciate your country
Until he goes to Uzga country

Babur's patience
Deadly mountains will crack
To the grave where my grandfather lies
The light is shining

✍️: Islamova Mukambar

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