Ramadan Eid greetings


Eid al-Adha.
May Allah's blessings be upon you. May your life be filled with the light of Islam. Thank you for the great days. Happy Eid.

Hurry to prostrate j6si beating heart. The sky is full of Allah's gratitude. Ask today what kind of wish. Happy Eid to the Muslim people

Eid al-Adha.
The world is full of holidays. Their origin is a fairy tale or a fairy tale. Today even the sun is shining beautifully. Happy Eid. The desert when the flowers are overflowing. The most beautiful flower that blooms in the desert. Enjoy the taste of faith. Happy Eid. White hidden in the bosom of dawn. When he said that it was a beautiful morning. As a symbol of great faith. Happy Eid. In the world, love has become a thing of the past. The skirt will probably cover the face of the moon. Rasulullah loved and celebrated. Happy Eid. Kufr, shirk, apostasy, slander and gossip. The ivy when sprinkled in the hallway without Islam. M6min my brothers wish only. Happy Eid.

Happy Eid
Blessed days are passing, God's mercy is pouring, We are wishing with tears in our eyes
Happy Arafa Day

Today, lightning strikes from the sky. Today, the whole dream is coming true. Today, every wish is answered
Blessed is the coming Eid

This day the word of Allah is said
This day is said a thousand different blessings
Sultan of the upcoming holidays
Happy Eid al-Fitr!

Happy Eid
Assalamu alaykum, may the Eid al-Adha, which is dear to me, be blessed.

God bless your home,

Peace to your heart,

Time in your life,

Good luck with your work,

Earnings in your hands,

Joy to your loved ones,

Give each other Trust.

Give each other Trust.

God bless your heart

Bismillah your tongue,

Believe in your heart,

May the Qur’an never leave your hands.

Throughout your life

Visit to the Kaaba,

Recitation of the Qur'an,

Duo Ijobati,

Iman Halovati,

Til Salovati,


Rest of the Hereafter,

Patience Satisfaction, Happiness,

Body Health -

Always be your companion.

I sincerely congratulate you and your loved ones on the blessed holiday!

After the Eid prayer

After the Eid prayer

The prayer of the earth holds the height of the people
The Creator is also waiting for the brave prostration
When he says, "Amen," the devil swallows his tongue.
Let your voice be dumb
May your prayers be acceptable and enjoyable!

If the church is a community,
Don't be afraid to grieve for a long time.
You are a beloved citizen of the Truth
Do not be left without an owner,
May your prayers be complete in the nineties!

If you walk, the earth will swell, my child,
Be righteous, be generous, my sultan.
Do not associate with the ignorant, my child.
May your flight be high with knowledge.
May your prayers invigorate your soul!

My brother, you are a stranger without my brother,
Who wants to be a sister, who wants to be a sister.
Your prayer is a text cage on a wild bed.
The secret of the evil eye is to please us,
May your prayers offend the wicked.

See the world is a world deposit
Peace be upon you, peace be upon you
Sincerely pray for the faith of the ignorant.
May the Hereafter be prosperous
Happy Eid prayer this morning !!!

Muazzam Ibrahimova

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