Scenario of the event dedicated to the Constitution Day on December 8


December 8 is Constitution Day
The venue is festively decorated. Around the Constitution
dedicated slogans, posters. Also political
literature, lectures written by students about our encyclopedia, creative works
exhibition was organized.
(A tape about the homeland is played on a tape recorder and a literary night takes the stage
participants come out).
Beginner 1 - Freedom in your hand, licking in the head, shurud in the tongue,
You have a homeland, you have a school, you have honor.
Leader 2: -Sacred territory called Uzbekistan,
You have your own state, your own encyclopedia, your own anthem
Beginner 1: Thank you for the holidays,
To days full of meaning, content.
Prosperous, radiant great; for days,
O my free land - my Uzbekistan!
O my free land - my Uzbekistan!
Beginner 2: A new era has come, a changed time,
Man has changed over time.
Changed society, changed life,
Changed song — it changed life!
Song "Assalom"
1 - Beginner: -Assalamu alaykum, saints, the fire of the heart, the sun of love. Here it is today
in honor of the celebration of the 15th anniversary of our encyclopedia
we have. Please watch the event dedicated to the holiday
2nd starter
I'm happy to be free
From the motto of fairness,
My people are glorified,
Tafakkuri, from the decision.
Let's face it,
From justice, from justice.
Here, see, envy,
From a growing guide.
Happiness to the happy hand,
I have faith.
Like my mother,
I am happy with my independence.
it has been.
Uzbekistan is a free homeland!
Homeland full of light!
May your independence last forever,
Stand up until the worlds stand,
Student 2: On August 1991, 31, Uzbekistan declared its independence.
Happy Independence Day.
Let the sun of independence shine.
Independence gave us happiness,
Gave faith - it's a great opportunity.
Song "Mustaqil Vatan"
Student 3: March 1992, 2 Admission of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the UN
You are now equal in equal measure,
Forgive the whole country and forgive
You are the heart of my people
is complete,
The world is one pillar in the building.
All series in the House of Nations
It has a special place - nori
Student 4:
I say free because of the good,
I say prosperity because of freedom,
Sign when smoking in the Supreme Encyclopedia.
He saw the good in himself.
What a story. It is the encyclopedia of freedom.
He is the pride of the nation.
When independence is more than a year old.
He was born in the garden of goodness.
It is the highest happiness that independence gives,
This is the crown and throne that befits the Uzbeks.
Our constitution is rare and true
He is the supreme judge for us!
Leader 1: The Constitution of Independent Uzbekistan, noted by the President
as it reaches, it is a new document in its essence, philosophy, idea. In it
ideas and principles are the basis for the formation of civil society and the rule of law
Leader 2: The Real Factors of People's Power in Our Basic Encyclopedia
shown. Because we all know that in our state
all ongoing work, political, economic, social and cultural reforms
all serve to improve the people, the interests of man, his way of life.
That every day is happy, that our table is full, that our house is closed
forms the basis.
Student 5: Article 1: Uzbekistan is a sovereign democratic republic. Of the state
The names Uzbekistan and Uzbekistan have the same meaning
The trumpet sounded to the world,
He turned the world to Uzbekistan.
I swear by the spirit of Timur,
Our leader made the people happy,
The leader continued,
Deep respect for the people in his heart
No matter where we went
Let us have a free and prosperous Motherland.
Student 6:
Marifat bostoni ezgu dostoni,
The text of friendship and peace
O my free land, my Uzbekistan.
O prosperous country of Uzbekistan!
"I sewed a doppi" dance
Student 7: Article 3: The Republic of Uzbekistan has its own national state and
administrative-territorial structure, public authorities and administration
defines, implements domestic and foreign policy. Of Uzbekistan
the state border and territory are inviolable and indivisible.
The world map is decorated with lions,
Free Uzbekistan has spread its arms.
Pay close attention to the map,
See, envy my country
He is like a tall lion.
A warrior is like a brave man.
The chain of oppression is broken,
Demonstrate your identity to the world.
He breathed freely in this world,
And gave the world a garden.
Student 8: Article 4: The state language of the Republic of Uzbekistan is Uzbek.
All nationalities residing in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan and
ensures respect for the languages, customs and traditions of the peoples,
creates conditions for their development.
In this language Temur grandfather
He commanded the army.
Navoi's melody,
Bobur collected pearls
"Language is the glory of the people",
This is the word of the ancestors
Mother tongue title State language status
Student 9: Article 5: Own approved by the law of the Republic of Uzbekistan
has state symbols - flag, coat of arms and anthem.
As with the people of the world,
He became a dear friend and brother.
Released nations into the game net,
He added life to the life of Uzbekistan.
Property is one of the world's flags,
The light of our flag shone.
Our national anthem was played,
Heard that one breathes life.
It is the highest happiness that independence gives,
This is a crown and a throne worthy of Uzbeks!
Song "Flag of the country"
Student 10: Article 6: The capital of the Republic of Uzbekistan is Tashkent
O old land, mother Tashkent,
In history, the name Choch, sometimes
I was in a hurry!
Binkentu, Banokat, tears
my city
Bent, unbroken, head
Student 11: Article 7: The people are the sole source of state power.
Laying the foundation stone of justice, the Leader raised the people
He worked tirelessly.
He sacrificed his life for the Constitution.
Putting a person first,
He gave his life for the honor of man.
If the law does not serve man,
Honor if the laws do not touch man.
Not the law, he said, the law,
Humayun is a man of law.
The honor and glory of the state is man,
His body, heart and soul are human.
Student 12: Article 29. Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, speech and religion.
Everyone has the right to seek, receive and impart information of their choice.
in force
defined by law and information directed against the constitutional system
restrictions are an exception. Freedom of thought and expression alone
by law only in the case of state secrets and other secrets
may be limited
Thinking, words, beliefs
We have freedom.
Tafakkur, free creation
Josh is beating in our blood.
They said, "Think first."
We think we think.
When it comes to speech
We speak politely.
Student 13: Article 31: Freedom of conscience is guaranteed to all. Everyone
believing in the religion one wants or not believing in any religion
has the right. Forced assimilation of religious views is not allowed.
Restored pride and national pride,
Now we say I am Uzbek
Revived traditions, customs,
Restored value history and history,
Faith, religion-belief, scientific divinity.
Andijan Regiment dance
Student 14: Article 40. Everyone has access to qualified medical care
has the right.
Illness, grief,
Go to bed
Doctors rushed to the scene
This is the time to come.
Qualified medical care
The doctor shows
Service to El is a great generosity
Student 13: Article 41: Everyone has the right to education. Free general
education is guaranteed by the state. School work is under state control.
It is time to appreciate a scientist.
When the world of values,
He will live a life free of knowledge.
Knowledge is great wealth, knowledge is dice,
He will live a life free of knowledge
Dignity will eventually find its life,
The highest tower created by science.
Student 14: May 2004, 22 “School education in 2004-2009
On the State National Development Program ” 2017
On March 15, XNUMX, the "Regulations on General Secondary Education" was adopted.
Student 15: Article 49 Citizens are responsible for the historical, spiritual and cultural life of the people of Uzbekistan
are obliged to carefully preserve their cultural heritage. State of cultural monuments
Monuments, manuscripts
Both artifacts,
Ancestors report,
Every breath, every minute.
If you keep the monument a secret
Keep your eyes open,
Then you will save
The future, yourself
Student 16: Article 50 Citizens are careful with the environment
are obliged to be in a relationship
The pen you planted today
Ka-a-tta will be poplar.
Just be careful with it
It needs to be maintained
The mountains are beautiful, the meadows are beautiful,
We love gulatrini.
Remember, friends,
The value of nature
The song "Rainbow" will be played
Student 17: Article 55 Land, subsoil, water, plants and animals
the world and other natural resources are a national treasure, of which it is reasonable
use is necessary and they are under state protection.
Land, underground resources,
Water, flora-
National treasury,
Not found analogy.
Satisfaction, honesty,
Although the bottom is rich,
The future has a right,
Use wisely!
Student 18: Article 64: Parents until their children reach adulthood
forced to feed and nurture. State and society orphans and their parents
feeding and upbringing of children deprived of guardianship and
provides reading, charitable activities for children
There is kindness in their eyes, there is magic in their words,
Awake on the cradle- a loving mother.
Washing white, combing white, looking at our way,
Looking at our hearts - a kind mother.
The support of parents, a great support like a mountain,
Joy because of us, happiness from our happiness,
May they be healthy and prosperous,
He is happy with us tomorrow
Student 19: Article 66. Adult, able-bodied children are their parents
are obliged to take care of
Dear mother!
Dear father!
You are the individual of life,
Bol, you gave novvot.
My sun, without my mother,
Always be there for you!
Growing up, of course
In a lifetime of service
Of course we will,
Father, mother
The song "Peace be upon you"
Student 20: Article 68 Regions, districts of the Republic of Uzbekistan,
cities, villages, slaves, as well as from the Republic of Karakalpakstan
consists of
Provinces, districts,
Cities, towns,
Villages-unovuls and
All together,
Fathers of Uzbekistan,
From such flowers
Beautiful beautiful garden!
Beginner 1: The Constitution is written in a world-class, progressive and
is an improved encyclopedia. It is the most basic of the rule of law and democracy
is the law. How perfectly developed our constitution
to be applied in the country
Leader 2: Especially our compatriots who serve the interests of the people
indicates the brightness of tomorrow. It is independence,
irrigated with ideas of freedom and nationalism, in the future
It is able to ensure the transformation of Uzbekistan into a great state.
Reason puts justice first.
Evaluation when given to a just society
Our encyclopedia is unique, unparalleled and excellent!
Let's be vigilant to be the guardians of the homeland,
It is difficult to sow the seeds of discord,
Let's sacrifice independence,
He calls us to true unity.
"Khorezm" dance
Leader 1: On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Our event is coming to an end
Leader 2: Muborak-opa, the headmistress of our school
We give it to Inoyatkhodjayeva.
Beginner 1: Among the peers today, I am equal,
Collar to world tones, myself,
The worlds are in my heart, my heart is wide,
Beginner 2: O my self - gypyp, my honor,
My Constitution is my supreme encyclopedia.
We have an encyclopedia based on reason,
The song "We will not give you to anyone Uzbekistan"

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