Scenario of the event dedicated to the birthday of Alisher Navoi on February 9


Scenario of the event "SULTAN OF GHAZAL PROPERTY"
1st leader: Dear guests gathered at the celebration of the birthday of the great thinker, the sultan of the ghazal kingdom - Mir Alisher Navoi, Assalamu alaykum!
Leader 2: "Davron eli in the body of the soul" Dear teachers Assalamu alaykum!
Beginner 1: What the saint of the world saw,
          You are the mother of all, O mighty life.
         Centuries have passed,
          The radiant one is the enlightened one on these faces.
Leader 2: Sincerely honor this great son
          If my people bow down, it's worth it.
          It is written together with his name
          The name of the world is Uzbek.
Leader 1: During the reign of Sultan Shokhrukh, a tree that bore the fruits of prosperity and hope blossomed in the reign of Sultan Shokhrukh. A star shone in the sky of honor and glory.
Leader 2: A high-ranking guide, a man of good nature, a supporter of the pure-minded kingdom, a pillar of the country. Future generations will respectfully mention him as the founder of the Turkish language, the sultan of poetry, Mir Alisher Navoi.
Teacher, blessed child! Mr. Giyosiddin Mir, may you live a long and prosperous life!
Little Ghiyasiddin said:
Teacher: This is, of course, both a debt and an obligation for us.
       Mr. Giyosiddin, God saw this baby, I felt it in my heart, I saw it in the divine light on the baby's face.
Oh, Amen, may your son, God willing, appear in the eyes of the people and serve in the way of his happiness, and may there be no dearer person on earth than him, Allahu akbar. The answer to us is now (they will leave).
Leader 1: Alisher Navoi was a close friend of the future sultan of Khorasan Hussein Baykaro and studied in a madrasah. Young Alisher loved to read books and memorize poetry from an early age.
Beginner 2: Everywhere there is spring, there must be grass,
       There must be flowers everywhere,
       Wherever there is a hazon, a thorn should be kissed,
       There must be a thorn in the side.
Alisher: Assalomu-aleykum, teacher.
Mawlana Lutfi: Valeykum assalam my son, whose son are you, you look like a child of a very well-educated family?
Alisher: I am the son of Ghiyosiddin (little) Bahodir, teacher.
Lutfiy: Say that, barakallo. Do you know me, why do you respect Kamina as a teacher?
Alisher: There is no one who has not heard about you and is not enchanted by your poems. The name of Mavlono Lutfi is highly respected in our family. I sometimes scribble on exercise paper.
Lutfiy: -Balli, balli, my dear, please come and read samples of your work on the fireplace.
Alisher: - Every moment is young,
       A star will appear along me, a rising sun
Lutify- (repeats the byte again) Voollah, if I could, I would exchange my 10-12 thousand Persian and Turkish bytes for this gazelle, and I thought it would be a great success.
1st beginner; -1465 he went to Samarkand and became very famous as a poet. The first book of poetry written by the poet is known as "The First Devon". , Minister in (1469-1472), and governor of Astrobod in (1472-1476).
Leader 2: - During his reign, Navoi performed hashar, but his love for his homeland did not give him peace for a second and he created many works longing for his homeland.
Please help me
There is a guide to the absence of manga
Don't be angry with me
Give me all your grace
A stranger in the West will not be happy
El anga will not be kind and compassionate.
Inside the golden cage are snow-red flowers,
There is no such thing as a thorn in the side of a nightingale.
Eighteen thousand worlds are in the beginning.
Surprisingly, Sarvinozim is eighteen years old.
By the way, there are still eighteen years of beauty,
At the age of eighteen, he was at the beginning of a conspiracy.
Sacrifice your head to the void
Make the body into a sadaqa ano spoon
The light that shines in the night,
One is the moon, the other is the sun.
        Leader 1: Our ancestor Navoi did a lot of good things for the people, even when he was a minister of the king. He was in charge of building schools and madrasas. Because of their humanity, they have won the attention and love of the people.
         Leader 2: -Let's listen to the wise words of our grandfather Alisher Navoi.
If you don't know a man,
Who cares about the people.
There is nothing in this flower, the flower of eternity,
When wonderful happiness comes, goodness comes with it.
Who in the way of truth has taught you a letter with resentment,
It's not easy to turn around with a hundred ganj.
After all, the job is to adopt a netgum
I'm going to take it to the ground.
Do not lie about the truth
Truth be told, do not defile your tongue with lies.
Work hard not to waste your life
Know that labor is the key to happiness.
1 starter. Alisher Navoi was the first to write Hamsa in Turkish in 1438, and in a very short period of time he finished writing Hamsa, which consists of five major epics. The people of science and creativity welcomed this event with great joy. Abdurahmon Jami Navoi praised "Khamsa". Hussein rode the great poet of Bayqara on a white horse and rode around the streets of Herat.
About the work of Hamsa.
Hamsa's first epic is "Hayrat-ul abror" (Astonishment of good people), a philosophical-moral-educational work. The volume is 3988 bytes.
Hamsa's second epic is "Farhod and Shirin". The volume is 5782 bytes.
"Layli and Majnun" is the third epic of "Khamsa". He began this theme in Uzbek literature with this epic.
The epic "Sab'ai Sayyar" covers the fate of Bahrom, the king of seven climates.
Navoi tried to connect the events of the work with the life of his homeland Khorasan, Movaraunnahr. It also gave a Turkish spirit to this famous story.
The concluding epic of Hamsa, Saddi Iskandariy, is dedicated to one of the world's most famous figures, Jahangir Iskandar. The epic "Saddi Iskandariy" is the largest work in terms of volume. It consists of 89 chapters and 7215 bytes.
Leader 2: - Navoi's growing prestige in the eyes of the king worried a group of officials in the palace, led by Majididdin, who did not care about the people. The poet was appointed governor of Astrobod in 1487-1488 and was removed from the capital.
Definition of three evils.
One day, Sultan Hussein summoned his ministers to test their wisdom:
The king said, "Find me three bad men. You will be rewarded with a hundred gold coins for what you have found, 70 lashes for what you have not found, and three days for you.
Leader: - The ministers ran around and couldn't find three bad people.
Alisher Nayoev: The executioner, the butcher and the traveler came to the king.
The king said, "Here is my friend Alisher, thank you for your wisdom."
Now I ask you to describe these three evils.
Leader 2: The ministers could not answer the king's question either
Alisher: If there is only an order to the executioner, he will kill anyone who is right or wrong. The butcher kills the best animals. The hunter hunts animals, catches beautiful birds and keeps them in cages. does.
Sultan Hussein: - My friend Alisher, I admire your wisdom once again.
I showed a lot of kindness, but I couldn’t find kindness.
I did not find peace of mind.
A simple sheikh who forbids me to fall in love,
Dema is a simple sheikh, I say loda sheikh.
As much as I said, day after day, your heart,
Wow, I'm getting worse every day
In the group of all meanings,
You're a real spit fire.
That is more than enough
You are from all the kingdoms of photography.
Navoi tiling asragin zinhor,
Who cares if you don't eat.
What a morning to make my secret love with my heart,
I wanted a secret to own a narrow domain.
Is the stone under my head sad?
The strange head on the rock?
Wondering how to choose the perfect Shaw rug
Leader 1: -Alisher Navoi is a unique and eternal figure. His works are as clear as the sky, transparent as the morning, accompanied by musical tones. not difficult.
Do not leave the homeland in one breath,
No more annoyance.
Leader 2: It is as if our dear ancestor is opening the magic of the word, the meaning of life, the door of happiness to humanity with his attractive verses. In this flower, the key to happiness is to do good to people.
A good garden will remain.
One spring day, Sultan Hussein was bored sitting alone in the palace. Since he had not seen Mir Alisher for a long time, he went to the neighborhood where his friend lived.
He went and saw that his friend was working in the garden.
Hussein: Do not despair, my friend! Why didn't you show up at the poets' meeting when you offered gardening?
Alisher said, "When spring comes, plant seedlings." I pluck the dried apples from this garden and plant three or four walnuts instead.
Hussein: My friend, what is the use of gardening when you are old?
When do these nuts come into fruition - when do you eat the fruit? Wouldn't it be better to sit quietly in this garden?
Alisher: - Friend, have you heard the saying that it is better to be bored? I am planting these seedlings not for myself, but for the children of the neighborhood. One day, "This garden is left by Mir Alisher!" that is to say, it is more delicious than any blessing.
Hussein: Otherwise, take these coins, my friend. You get seedlings!
Alisher: - You see, my friend, the seedlings I planted have already started to bear fruit.
Leader 1: - Mir Alisher has always been one of the great geniuses of his time, made the Uzbek name famous in the world and became a symbol of our people. Everyone enjoys his ocean-wide creativity to the best of his ability. Because every byte of Navoi is a book of wisdom.
Leader 2: - We are proud to have such a great thinker and poet, and today's literary evening is a manifestation of our respect for Navoi, the genius of poetry.
Leader 1: -Caravans of passing centuries
         Oh, how dangerous are his steps,
         The will of the human race has always been sufficient,
         If this happens, Navoi's hopes will be fulfilled.
Leader 2: -It's time to know who my friend and foe are today.
                         On this day, I wish happiness to all human beings,
                         This is the day I look up at the sky and pray in the morning
                         Let the places of my dear grandfather Navoi be full of light.
Today, we consider ourselves happy if we can at least cheer up the spirit of our grandfather Navoi. We, like our grandfather, try to read, to learn, to study, to be a perfect human being. Our holiday event dedicated to our grandfather Navoi has come to an end.
Thank you for your attention!

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