Secrets of passing the exam successfully


Dear applicant! After a few days, the moment you have been waiting for, the state exam that summarizes the results of your years of knowledge will begin. It's no secret that one of the most exciting moments in life for most of us is taking university entrance exams.
Today we will give you our important recommendations to overcome these emotions and lead to studentship:

Before the exam

1. Relax the day before the exam. Take a break from all your books and relax yourself. Try to spend your day meaningfully in the park, in the company of your friends.
2. Forget all unconsciousness. "Will I be able to achieve my dream and goal?", "What if there are difficult questions that I don't know?", "What if I fail the exam?" remove negative thoughts such as What a man can do, a man does. Why can't you be when so many applicants are students?!
3. Lift the mood. Forget all the fears and excitement and try to cheer up. Make jokes with friends. Watch uplifting movies. Listen to your favorite music. Another simple way to cheer up is to play games with the kids. Believe me, innocent childhood games will help you forget all your fears and cheer you up.
4. Confidence is half g'alaba. Believe in yourself. Convince yourself that you will definitely become a student. Imagine starting a new school year and being the student you always wanted to be. Feel yourself surrounded by coursework and assignments.
5. Pay attention to your diet. Pay more attention to your diet the day before the exam and on the day of the exam. It is better to avoid coffee and sweets as much as possible. It is also not recommended to eat fried and fatty foods. Because, these foods can spoil you on exam day.

In the exam

1. Go through the question paper. First, go through the questions on the paper one by one. If there are any shortcomings in the questions, for example, if the number of options in the given answers is small, then it will be possible to solve the problem at the same time. The staff monitoring the test process can change the question paper. Once the names and options of the applicants are entered in the register, the question paper will not be changed.
2. Allocate time properly. Allocate time properly during the test process. First, in the sequence of high-scoring blocks, write down the answers to the questions you know for sure on a piece of paper. Leave the marking on the answer sheet until the end of the test process. When you can't find the answer to one question, don't stop and move on to the next question. Because time is limited.
3. Do not rush. If you are taking a test in specific subjects, after completing the task, compare all the options with your answer. Because the answers are structured in such a way that even a single hint in front of a number can cause you to mark your answer incorrectly.
4. Ignore no one. Do not pay attention to the applicants around you during the test. Sometimes the applicants who take the test with their heads up and write allanima may appear to you to be very "knowledgeable". This situation is going to give you a mental shock.
5. Be careful while marking on the answer sheet. Once you have marked all the answers on the extra sheet of paper, go over it again. Start marking the answers on the answer sheet 20-30 minutes before the end of the test process. Do not forget that even 0,1 points are very important. Therefore, be careful when marking, mark the circles that can be marked in the section dedicated to each subject.
Good luck to you all! May you pass the exam successfully and become a student of your dreams!
Komiljon Aslanov

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