September 7 is the day of the solemn ceremony dedicated to the 2000th anniversary of the city of Margilan


September 7 is the day of the solemn ceremony dedicated to the 2000th anniversary of the city of Margilan
September 2007, 7 - A solemn ceremony dedicated to the 2000th anniversary of the city of Margilan was held. The great scholar Muhammad al-Marghinani wrote in his Nazm al-Jam'i al-Kabir: , The city of Margilan is like a drop of dew that lands on the cheeks of a tulip, that is, like a pearl of the valley. ” This analogy of a medieval scholar is not in vain. Today, Margilan is achieving its original values, becoming one of the most charming, charming and beautiful cities. Due to the geographical location of the Fergana Valley, the wonderful climate, from ancient times there were all the conditions for the development of agriculture. From the XNUMXnd century AD, Margilan expanded to the south-east and north-west. According to research conducted in Qizlartepa, the site of the present-day Tashkenttepa mahalla, the temple of firefighters was built at the same time. The temple was built on the outskirts of the old city, on a special platform 3 meters high. Over time, the basement of the room rose to 1.4 meters. Archaeological research has greatly enriched our knowledge of the lifestyle and occupation of the people of ancient Margilan. Two thousand years ago, wheat, millet and barley were planted here. Horticulture and vegetable growing are developed. Viticulture and winemaking are well developed. The religious views of the people of the ancient city of Margilan are also reflected in the red angob vessels of the XNUMXst century. considered. The city of Margilan, as in previous centuries, played an important role in trade relations with Kashgar during this period. The goods brought from Kashgar came to the markets of Kokand and Margilan, along with the cities of Fergana region, and from there spread throughout Turkestan. Silkworm breeding, one of the traditional handicrafts in Margilan, has also been skillfully continued. According to the 1926 All-Union census, Margilan had a population of 43. The people of Margilan showed hospitality and compassion typical of the Uzbek people, provided shelter to families displaced during the war, orphans, and created conditions for improving their economic situation. In Margilan, the transition of all sectors of the economy after the war to the path of peaceful construction was much more difficult, city life developed difficult and controversial. The period of real prosperity of the city of Margilan began after the independence of Uzbekistan. A total of 11 colleges in the city of Margilan, including construction, pedagogy, accounting and credit, medicine, trade, have about 10 students. In 2 national handicrafts, 35 secondary schools, "Istiqbol" lyceum and medical lyceum, 2 music schools, students are provided with in-depth knowledge and skills necessary for everyday life. Margilan has 12 libraries, 6 houses of culture, a museum of culture and art, the Nurkhan People's Theater, a park of culture and recreation. Wide streets, modern multi-storey houses and historical-memorial monuments, crowded markets and beautiful alleys attract the attention of residents and visitors of Margilan. There were many temples in Margilan. During the colonial period, there were 25 madrasas in Margilan. In 1908, 1245 boys and 330 girls were educated in the city schools. The city of Margilan in its time was home to many scientists and educators.

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