September 8 is the International Day of Solidarity of Journalists.


September 8 is the International Day of Solidarity of Journalists.
The International Day of Journalists' Solidarity is celebrated annually on September 1958, 8, according to a resolution adopted at the Fourth Congress of the International Organization of Journalists in Bucharest. According to the conference participants, on this day, journalists and publishers around the world should demonstrate their solidarity, especially in defending their rights. This decision was also supported by the UN. On September 1943, 8, Julius Fuchik, a Czechoslovak journalist and writer, was executed by the Nazis in Germany. He was arrested by the Gestapo on April 1942, 24, along with six members of the liberation movement. Julius Fuchs is best known for his book, Reportage from Under the Tree, written in a Prague prison. After his death, the work was translated into more than 70 languages. Fuchs later won the International Peace Prize. Since 1958, the day of the journalist's execution has been celebrated as International Journalists' Solidarity Day. This day is seen not only as another professional holiday of journalists, but also as a bright demonstration of their cooperation and integration. Traditionally, on September 8, representatives of the media around the world will hold various conferences as part of the festivities. At these events, not only experience is exchanged, but also various awards are given to dangerous professionals.

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