September 9 is International Beauty Day


September 9 is International Beauty Day
The twentieth century was a revolutionary century in the field of cosmetology. At the initiative of the International Committee for Aesthetics and Cosmetology, SIDESCO (CIDESCO -Comit? International D'Esthtique Et De Cosmtologie) introduced the International Beauty Day, which is celebrated annually on September 9. The General Committee of this Committee was established in Brussels in 1946, and since that day thousands of physicians around the world have been formed in 33 divisions organized in many countries. Since 1995, everything that is most beautiful, aesthetic and pleasing in the world has been hailed separately. That is why beauty contests are held on September 9 in many cities and countries. The first beauty pageant in history was held in Belgium in September 1888, and the first Beauty of the World pageant was held in April 1951 in London.

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