Poems about the homeland

Articles about the homeland - the best and largest collection


We continue the proverbial trade. Now we will share articles on the theme of the Motherland. let's go
  • do not tear your hand,
    The power goes from your waist.
  • If you're bad,
    Don't be ignorant.
  • Fish live with water,
    Man - by hand.
  • Foreign soil - crazy soil.
  • Betkay goes, stays,
    The guards are gone, the hands are left.

Until there is a horn in another land,
Be a beggar in your own country.


Bulbul loves chaman,
Man is the Motherland.

Vatan gadosi - shroud gadosi.

He who does not know the value of the homeland does not know his own value.

He who comes to the homeland comes to faith.

Disaster for the homeland is self-destruction.

Until Vatangado,
Be Kafangado.

Far from home - they die of shame.

There is happiness in the homeland,
The throne of labor is the throne.

Peace of the homeland - you are peaceful.

The ruin of the homeland is the sanctuary of life.

Even if you lose Yordan, don’t lose Yordan.

Seven years of mourning for the bereaved, Weeping until the death of the bereaved.

Seek your light among the flowers, and your freedom among the hands.

The young man's grief is in his hand, El's grief is in his heart.

Even if you are a beggar of bread, do not be a beggar of the country.

Your homeland is your golden cradle.

If your homeland survives,
The color will not be straw.

If you give me water,
You will live for a thousand years.

Disappointed with the place of birth,
The land of the one who protects the land will not be destroyed.

When the hand burns, it burns - brave,
When the hand is happy, it is happy.

El knows where he landed,
The horse rests where it is fed.

Service to the wind is the highest generosity.

If your hand reaches out to you,
Always be loyal to him.

Your country is alive - you are alive.

I said country, I entered the face.

A good young man builds a country,
The bad guy destroys the country.

My own house is my bed of death.

The value of your own country is known in another country.

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