The best intentions, congratulations, poems for Navroz holiday!


Hello, dear compatriots!

I sincerely congratulate you on spring, the season of renewal of our country, and the wonderful holiday "Navroz"! May joy and happiness not leave you on this day! May your new dreams come true in the new year of our country Uzbekistan! I wish you to spend today's Navruz in a cheerful mood! Happy Navruz once again!

I wish you a bouquet of flowers,
May my words be sincere.
May happiness and luck be with you,
Happy holiday today!
Happy Nowruz!!!

May happiness always be with you dear,
May the paths you walk be full of flowers.
May your eyes be happy to see your luck,
Happy Navruz!

I wish the expressions of flowers,
Glory of the Salabatli Mountains,
Forget the noises of the world,
Happy Navruz, friends!

Happy Navruz! A season of renewal for our country and a happy New Year's Day today! Don't let the festive mood leave you throughout the year!

After winter we came to spring,
I congratulate you on Navruz.
New, day, new year for our people,
May happiness and luck not leave you!

May God bless you
May your heart be filled with more faith,
Thank you for the great days,
Have a blessed Navroz,
Let every day pass like a holiday!

A bouquet of spring flowers for you,
My sincere greetings to you.
You have lived a century, that is half a quarter,
May NAVROZI OLAM be blessed!

Happy Navroz - the holiday of renewal and living. Don't deprive everyone of happiness and blessings from their homes!

Spring has come, Nowruz is coming!
First, it touches your heart,
Then the word teaches the buds.
Sleep escapes from the eyes of the earth,
So spring has come. Nowruz is coming!
Looking at the state of winter,
Yum-yum is melting ice.
An unparalleled beauty that makes you smile,
So spring has come. Nowruz is coming!

Make a bouquet of longings for you,
My heart is made into a bouquet.
From afar I say slowly,
May the Navrozi world be blessed!

Happy Navruz!
Ailaban tf-u karam,
Navruz has come.
Eyebrow pencil from the tumor,
Navruz has come.
Awakening of a strange feeling,
Singing of streams.
Singing savtu ajam,
Happy Navruz!

Welcome to Navrozim Uzbekistan,
We are glad to see your beautiful almond flowers.
To the father who opened his face independently,
Welcome to Navrozim Uzbekistan,

The children's leaf was imaginary.
Almond blossoms, delight the eye.
Absolutely lost the dust from the hearts.
Welcome spring, welcome Navroz.
The rivers are full of flowing waters.
I said thank you for seeing the peace.
To an independent homeland, as ornaments.
Welcome spring, welcome Navroz.

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