Hero of Uzbekistan Abdulla Oripov was born


People's poet of Uzbekistan, Hero of Uzbekistan Abdulla Oripov was born in 1941 in the village of Nekoz, Kason district, Kashkadarya region. After graduating from high school in 1958 with a gold medal, he entered the Faculty of Journalism of Tashkent State University and successfully graduated in 1963. Since 1963, he has served as an editor in various publishing houses, a secretary in the Union of Writers, and a leader in the Association for the Protection of Authors' Rights. Currently, he is the chairman of the Union of Writers of Uzbekistan. Abdulla Oripov's work began in his student years, and his first collection of poems "Mitty Star" was published in 1965. Later, the poet wrote "My eyes are on your way" (1967), "Mother" (1969), "Ruhim" (1971), "Uzbekistan", "Qasida" (0), "Khotirot" (1972), " The wind of my country" (1974), "Surprise" (1974), "Judgement and death" (1979), "Salvation fortress" (1980), "Yiilar armon" (1980), "Election" (1983) poetic collections have been published. Looking at the poems included in these collections, we can see that the poet's creativity and artistic skills have grown, polished and matured year by year. We are amazed by the wealth of ideas in the "Election" collection. In particular, the idea of ​​Independence, the independence of the nation, the desire to see the Motherland free and prosperous, shines from line to line, creating a strange brilliance. The poet's poems such as "Men nechun sevaman Uzbekistan", "Autumn in Uzbekistan", "Autumn", written in the 60s, are filled with the lights of Independence.Abdulla Oripov is well-known and famous as a novelist and dramatist. In particular, his epic "The Road to Heaven" and the poetic drama "Sahibqiron" (1996) are the works that brought great fame to the poet. At the moment, he is also the author of the National Anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan.Abdulla Oripov, as a talented poet, translated Dante's "Divine Comedy" into Uzbek with great skill. He also translated the works of A. Nekrasov, L. Ukrainka, Shevchenko, R. Hamzatov, Q. Quliyev into his native language.People's poet of Uzbekistan Abdulla Oripov is a laureate of the Republican State Prize named after Hamza, a full member of the International Academy of Science, Education, Industry and Art of California (USA). On the seventh anniversary of our independence, he was one of the first to receive the title of "Hero of Uzbekistan".

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