The names of the girls are special to you


Sabrina - Persian. arab. Patience, long-awaited, hope.

Mubina is clear.

Imran is the Arabic word for life, eternity, eternity, longevity, and longevity.

Sabina - Arab. Dignity is precious, beloved.

Indira is a hinchd name, meaning luxury great bright.

Damira is a Hebrew name meaning long-lived in the world.

Faith means a believer whose heart says Allah.

Komila - Arabic meaning, perfect, perfect, without flaws.

Kamila is a Latin name, and in ancient times there was a woman named Kamila. Meaning a young girl serving in a church.

Rozia is one of the names of Hazrat Fatima, which means pleasant, charming and cheerful.

Asia is a Jewish name that means a companion in solitude, a friend in solitude, a guide to the right path. She was Pharaoh's wife.

Asiye is a Turkish name meaning disobedient woman. It is important to pay attention to the meaning before naming.

Feruza means "conqueror" in Arabic and "lucky and happy" in Persian.

Mukarram is an Islamic name that means revered, revered, revered.

Shakhnoza means tannoz, noz karashmali, miloyim.

Farzona - Persian. The Tajik name means smart, wise, learned, unparalleled or kind, literate, generous.

Muslima means a Muslim girl whose heart says Allah.

Munisa means friend, companion, companionship.

Samira is an Arabic name, a pleasant, morning breath, smell.

Safina means ship in Arabic. It is the duty of your parents to your child.

Narmina means gentle, contented, happy and blissful.

Dilnur means the light of the tongue.

Aliynur means aliy nuri.

Sumaya means high rank, high.

Imrana is a living being who lives, breathes, lives, lives long.

Hanifa is the right word, which means pure.

Khusna - Arabic. It means the best girl.

Dew means morning dew.

Shakhlo is a beautiful girl with eyes.

Sweet - meaning; sweet, delicate, pleasant.

Odina is a girl born on Friday.

Azxar - Arabic. Means flowers.

Aysu - Turkish. It means moon water.

Amina is a reliable, loyal, trustworthy girl.

Asima is an Arabic name. It means defender.

Gulnara means Arabic flower.

Damira - Tatar. It means a strong girl.

Dilnaz - o'zb.DIL + NAZ.

Dilso'z - Uzbek. beautiful girl at heart.

Dina - Tatar. Believing means a good girl.

Zarina means gold.

Will understood the meaning of strong, strong, resilient.

Bonu means a girl who belongs to the lineage of horned sultans, nobles. Beka means dignified, lady, begoyim.

Asalbonu is a sweet, sweet, high-ranking girl.

Aziza - dear, sacred, necessary.

Zabira is an Arabic name. means strong, rigid.

Zaynab is a full, timely girl.

Soliha - Arabic. means a pure, pious, pious, godly girl.

Dildora - force. tadj. it means to be loved wholeheartedly, to have true love, to subdue the heart, and to be merciful.

Nargiza means a good, beautiful girl.

Samiya is an abbreviation of the word olijanov.

Lily is a name comparable to a lily flower. Gulday means beautiful and radiant.

The princess is the daughter of the horn, the beautiful girl, the captain of the girls.

Robbie is a happy girl, set to be the fourth-born girl in the family.

Sevara is a lovely, beloved girl.

Diyora is a country girl, a girl with a big heart, born in a peaceful homeland.

Hope means trust, intention, aspiration.

Turquoise means precious stone.

Farzona means smart, educated.

Farida is a necklace, meaning it cannot be found.

Nozima means orderly, regulated, orderly, disciplined, sarishta.

Sarvinoz is a tall, slender girl, slender like a cypress tree.

Zilola is as pure, pure, clean, spotless, intelligent girl as clear spring water.

Shukrona is a grateful, patient and praiseworthy girl.

Nigina is a ruby ​​set on a precious gold ring, a precious stone ring like a diamond, which means precious, beautiful, beautiful.

Gulnoza - GUL + NOZ.

Sitora means star.

Customer - the name of the planet Jupiter and the buyer of something, the buyer

Bibisora ​​- eron. english Bibi- beka meant.





Pomegranate - Pomegranate is put on girls born with nor.

Dilnoza is a sweet-spoken, sweet girl.

Gulnoza is a girl who is as fragrant as flowers.

Ifora is a sweet, fragrant girl.

A Muslima is a Muslim who loves Allah, a Muslim in the way of Allah.

A believer is a believer, a capable girl.

Shakhribonu is the queen of her country.

Imana is a girl with strong faith, who walks in the way of Allah, who has strong faith

Diyora is the daughter of the land

Iqbola - the future, the future is bright

 Names of Muslim women




Azizgul - tadj. english Aziz + Gul.

Aygyul - az. Aygul.

Aidana - kaz. "Purposeful, intelligent."

Ayla (r) - t. az. tat. tur. «Oy nuri».

Aynisa - az. Ай + Nisa.

Aysu - tur. "Moon water".

Aysha - t.   Aisha.

Amin - a. "A reliable, loyal, trustworthy girl."

Amira - a. "Princess, ruler."




Banu - p. "Lady, Princess, Queen."

Bahar - p. "Spring, flowers."

Bibigul - p. tadj. english Bibi + Gul.




Gulbanu - p. Hoot + Banu.

Gulbarchin - kaz.    Hoot + Barchin

Gulbonu - tadj. english Gulbanu.

Gulim "I'm laughing."

Gulnaz - p. Hoot + Naz.

Gulnoz - tadj. uzb. Gulnaz.




Damira - tat. "Strong girl"

Jana - p. "My favorite."

Djumagul - Uzbek  Juma + Gul.

Deal- p. "Heart, soul, mind."

Dilara - p. "Decoration of the heart, beloved."

I wish - p.-t. "Peace of mind."

Dilafruz (a) - p. “Pleasing to the heart; enlightening the heart.

Dilbar - p. "Beloved, captivating."

Dilbarbanu - tat.   Dilbar + Banu.

Dildar - p. "Girl of the heart, beloved girl."

Dildor - tadj. english Dildar.

Dilnaz - p. Dil + Naz.

Dilorom - tadj. ўzb. I wish.

Dilrabo - taj. Dilruba.

Dilroba - p. Dilruba.

Dumb - tadj. "Beautiful heart."

Dilfuza - Dilafruz.

Dilfruz - p. Dilafruz.

Dilara - bash. tat.   Dilara.

Durdana - p. Durr + Dana.

Duriya- kaz. "Beautiful, smooth."


Ruby - tadj. (a.) Yakut.

Yokutoy - tadj. english   Yakut + Aw.


Jamila - Kaz. Djamila.

Zhansaya - kaz. "Defender, helper."




Zainab- a. "Complete, timely";

Zaynap- p. tat.   Zaynab.

Zamira—A. 1. "shame, honor"; 2. "mind, thought, mystery."

Zarinа - p. « gold».

Zebiniso - tadj. uzb. Zeb + Niso.

Zebo - tadj. Ziba.

Ziyoda - taj.   More.


Worship - tadj. english   Worship.

Intizor - tadj. Intizar.

Iroda - az. (a.) Will.




Yasim - a. «Jasmine».

Yasmin- a. «Jasmine».




Kamila - a. "Perfect girl."

Karimabanu— tat.   Karima + Banu.

Kizlarxon - t. Make a boy khan

Silver - t. "Silver".



Lazzat - Arabic. "Sweetness, pleasure."

Laziza - a. "Sweet, sweet, bol"; 2. "Didi is a good girl."

Lailo - tadj.   Layla.

Layli - a. Layla.

Leila - bash. kaz. tat.  Laila




Mawluda - a. "Button".

Malaxa (t) - a. "Beautiful, wonderful, beautiful."

Malik - a. "Princess."

Manzura- a. "The chosen, the promising, the receiver.

Marxaba - p. (a.) "expected, welcome."

Mary - tat.  Mary.

Matluba - a. "Demanding, desirable;

Munira - a. «Bright girl.       

Munisa - a. "Close friend, partner";

Muslim - a. "A Muslim girl who is faithful to Allah."




Nagiza - p. "Good, beautiful girl."

Nagima -   Na'ima.

Nadjia - a. Nadjiya.

Nadira - a. "Rare, basic girl";

Nazakat - p. "A beautiful beautiful girl."

Nazanin - p. "A delicate, graceful, beautiful girl."

Nigina- p. "Precious stone."

Nigor - tadj. Nigar.

Niso - tadj. english  Nisa.



Odin - p. "Friday."

Ozoda - tadj. english "Clean."

Oygul - tadj.   Ай + Gul.

Orosta - tadj. "Clean."




Pari - p. «beautiful girl».

Paribonu - tadj. Pari + Bonu.

Parigul - p. Pari + Gul.

Parizod - tadj. ўzb. Paris



Ravila - a. Raviya.

Ravshan- p. "Light"

Raima - a. Raxima.

Rayxan - a. "Pleasant, wonderful";

Rayxana - a. Rayxan.

Rayhon - tadj. uzb. (a.) Rayxan.

Ra'na - a. "There is no equal in beauty."

Early - tadj. english Ra'na.

Ranogul - tadj. english (a.) Ra'na + Gul.

Robiya - tadj. english (a.) Rabi'a.




Sabira - a. "Enduring, patient"

Saboxat - tadj. english Sabahat

Saxiba- a. "Friend, good man."

Sevar - t. "Lovely."

Citara - p. "Star".

Sitora - tadj. Sitara.

Sobira - tadj. english Sabira.

The sultan - a. "The ruler, the princess, the wife of glory.

Sultanate - a. "Horn tower, greatness."




Tamanna - a. Tamanni.

Tamanni - a «desire, aspiration».

Tansulu - t. "As wonderful as the morning light."

Toxira - taj. english Taxira.

Tulganay - tat. "Full moon"

Tursunoy - Uzbek Tursun + Oy.




Ubayda - a. “Servant of the little God.

Ulmas— t. "Does not fill, lives."

Umayya- a. "Little helper."

Umida - a. “Hope, confidence, intention, aspiration;

Umidbanu - tat.   Umid + Banu.

Umniya- a. "Intention, hope, expectation."




Virtue - p. Fadila.

Payday Loans - a. "Precious stone"

Farzana - p. "Smart, educated."

Farida - a. "Morjon, topilmas";

Xadichabanu - tat. Xadidja + Banu.

Gift - a. «gift».

Xadiyabanu - tat.   Gift + Banu.

Hakimabanu - tat.   Judge + Banu.

Xalimabanu - tat. Halima + Banu.

Hanifa - a. "Straight, clean"

Xasina - a. "Beautiful is good"




Cholpon - kirg. tur.  Chulpan.




Shabnam - p. "Morning dew."

Shakira- a. thankful, acknowledging.

Sharofat - crown. ўzb. Sharafat.

Shaxzadebegim - tadj. (  Prince Q Begim.

Prince—N. "Princess."

Shaxla - p. (a.) "a girl with beautiful eyes."

Shahnaz - p. "Princess."

Shaxrnaz - p. City + Naz.

Personally - p. Шах + Sanam.

Shirinbanu - tat.   Shirin + Banu.




Yasaman - for example Jasmine.

Jasmine - example «jasmine».

Jasmina - tat. Jasmine.

Yasminur - tat. "Radiant jasmine flower".

Good - t. "Good."

Yaxshigul - tat.   Good + Hoot

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