Toning prices decreased 2020-2021 new prices


By the relevant decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, some changes have been made to regulate the use of vehicles with tinted (darkened) glass. This was reported by UzA.
Including M1, N1 and N2 vehicles rear side windows The rates of payment for permission to change (darken) the color of the basic calculation amount for individuals 5 times (1 million 115 thousand soums). Previously, this amount was 10 times the BHM (2 million 230 thousand soums).
To legal entities rear side window The amount of payment for darkening has not changed - BHM 10 times (2 million 230 thousand soums).
Also, the amount of color change fee for the rear and front side windows remained the same, ie for individuals and legal entities 50 times (11 million 150 thousand soums).

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