The updated constitution is our improving constitution


The updated constitution is our improving constitution
The concepts of man, people, nation, society and state are interrelated and have a legal and legal basis with a certain system and system. This legal document is our main law, the Constitution. In relation to the Constitution, it is not for nothing that our Prime Minister is called the symbol of our honor. So, the issue of attention and attitude towards it means attention and attitude towards our identity. It is the duty of every citizen to know and follow the legal aspects related to education, work, recreation, etc.
So, it is true that a new outlook, a new way of life necessitated the need to amend and amend certain articles of the Constitution. That is why the new constitution was referred to the people's verdict, it is not without reason that changes are being made to the constitution taking into account their suggestions, openness, transparency, and democratic principles are being followed.
     The fact that 222 proposals were actively submitted by our people and 61 proposals were included in the constitution is a sign of his patriotism. Also, the fact that the number of effective articles of our constitution has increased from 128 to 155 in the draft, and the number of norms from 275 to 434 in the draft is proof of our above opinions. It is noteworthy that 65% of the text of our basic law was updated based on the proposals of our people.
Almost all laws and decisions concerning the fate of the country and the interests of the people are signed by the President. Only one document is not signed by the President. This is the Constitution. It will be referred to the judgment of the people. Its maturity and perfection is a bright expression of the people's destiny and the country's prospects.
The President, who is a supporter of the fact that every citizen should see himself in the constitution and be proud that it is my constitution, also expressed his suggestions. The fact that it is reflected even on social and household topics, which are not found in any of the constitutions of the countries of the world, once again means the nationalism and humanistic nature of our constitution. Even the amendment to Article 1 of the Constitution is noteworthy. Changes in the wording of Article 1992 of the Basic Law of the country, which has been unchanged since 1, is a sign of innovation and goodness. According to the proposed text of the project, it is determined that Uzbekistan is a sovereign republic, a legal, social, secular, democratic state.
President Shavkat Mirziyoyev in his congratulation on the 2021th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of Uzbekistan on December 7, 29, said: "At the same time, we must implement the norms of our Constitution in full, promote the priority of law and justice in society, human rights and interests, and its dignity more effectively. "We have a good idea that we still have to do a lot of work in terms of provision," he emphasized about the important requirements of the legal state. In this congratulation, "...nowadays, Uzbekistan is boldly moving towards building a social state and a just society. Therefore, the time has come to seal the principle that "New Uzbekistan is a social state" as a constitutional provision"... The head of our state said, "A social state provides housing for the needy and the minimum amount of consumer goods necessary for living. He also emphasized that the individual and his family need to have enough wages to live a decent life, to ensure employment, to create safe working conditions, and to reduce poverty.
True, the concept of "social state" was introduced for the first time by Laurence Von Stein in the middle of the 19th century. But it should be emphasized that social, worldly, legal, state concepts are interrelated, and there is no Chinese wall between them. Therefore, the activeness and non-indifference of our people, the sense of belonging to their future, the fate of the country, inspires hope and confidence in the future. We are confident that the referendum scheduled for April 30 will be held in harmony, unity and solidarity.
Rahimboy Jumaniyazov
Head of the press service of the National Research University "TIQXMMI", professor, member of the Union of Writers of Uzbekistan


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