Dear compatriot, let's talk with you about our homeland - Uzbekistan. This is a very interesting conversation-journey. Because a trip to the homeland is as interesting as a person's own history, a trip to his own.
Uzbekistan is one of the most ancient and unique countries in the world. How many have dreamed of seeing him once in their lives. And with you we will live in its bosom, enjoy the fresh air, the clear water, the incomparable blessings. Not everyone has that kind of happiness.
Do you know in which region of Uzbekistan it is located? We feel that you first want to know the meaning of the word "region". Region is an Arabic word meaning direction, boundary, territory. This word can be used in broad and narrow senses. It broadly refers to an area that spans several countries. For example, the word Central Asian region has a broad meaning. Because the Central Asian region includes many countries. In the narrow sense, the word means several provinces within a particular country. For example, you have probably heard on television and radio that "spring work has begun in the southern regions of the country." So, tell me, which region do you mean by the southern regions of our country?
If someone asks us about our homeland, we should first mention this information.
Uzbekistan is a country located in the central and northern part of Central Asia. It is bordered by Kyrgyzstan to the northeast, Kazakhstan to the north and northwest, Turkmenistan to the southwest, Tajikistan to the southeast, and partly Afghanistan to the south. The total area is 447 square kilometers. Four-fifths of the area consists of plains, a small part of mountains, hills, mountain slopes. The largest rivers in Central Asia, the Amudarya and the Syrdarya, flow through Uzbekistan. In the eastern and south-eastern part of the country there are Tiyonshan, Alay, Turkestan, Zarafshan and Gissar mountains. Among these mountains are such large valleys as Fergana, Zarafshan, Kitab-Shahrisabz, Surkhan-Sherabad, Chirchik-Ahangaron. The main part of the population lives in these valleys.
Have you looked carefully at the map with the image of our country? Let's take a look at it together. Here, each region is different. Each region and province is distinguished by its unique nature, people and unique culture. The words of President Islam Karimov are based on this fact:
Indeed, our country is so diverse and unique that when we say Uzbekistan, we mean the beautiful cities and villages of the Fergana Valley, the ancient architectural monuments of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. The expanses of Karakalpakstan, the beautiful and majestic image of Tashkent, the vast hills of Kashkadarya, the mountains of Surkhandarya, the unique customs and traditions of the people of each region.
President Islam Karimov has said wonderful things about each of them in his works. Here are some examples of them, We hope you will read them carefully and memorize them.
“Tashkent is a huge political gateway to the East. It is the capital of our country, which has an economic and spiritual status, highly developed science, culture, creativity and scientific potential, and is recognized worldwide. ”
“Bukhara has always been the land of brave heroes. This is the homeland of the Uzbek national struggle, which is recognized worldwide today. ”
"Speaking of the Surkhandarya oasis, first of all, it is a beautiful, sunny country with vast fields on one side. z appears in front of us. We imagine hardworking, tolerant people, open-hearted and warm-hearted people living in this beautiful, unique country. ”
“When we say Tashkent region, we mean a beautiful mountain with mountains like Chatkal, Ugam, Chimgan, fertile fields, huge industrial enterprises, modern cities, prosperous villages, beautiful gardens. the oasis will appear. "
“Samarkand is a divine place with a history of thousands of years, which spread the fame of our people and nation to the whole world.
Samarkand is a city with a glorious past, a happy present and an eternal future. ”
“Kashkadarya is one of the regions of our country with many natural resources, a place with great potential, beautiful and unique, in the sight of God. And it is the homeland of brave and courageous people who have built their country and lived faithfully in this oasis. ”
"When we say Navoi region, we mean the unique nature of this beautiful oasis, endless deserts and fields, vast pastures, as well as a huge industrial zone."
"Anyone who once saw the beautiful and unique corners of the Jizzakh oasis, the views of Bakhmal and Zaamin, the high mountains of Forish, will inevitably be fascinated by these places."
"It would not be a mistake to say that the future of Uzbekistan is the future of Karakalpakstan, the future of Karakalpakstan is the future of Uzbekistan."
“The glorious history of Khorezm gives us a rightful sense of pride in our past heritage. Because the history of Khorezm is an integral part of the history of the Uzbek statehood, a symbol of its power and antiquity.
"The history of the Syrdarya is long and ancient as an integral part of the history of our people."
“When we say Andijan, we mean a great man, a great poet and thinker, a statesman, a descendant of the Temurids, Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur. For us, Babur is a symbol of great culture, high oriental manners and morals. ”
"Fergana region is one of the main mountains of the republic."
“The people of Namangan have preserved their unique features, their history, traditions and customs, their unique dialect for centuries. These people are envied for their diligence, humanity, kindness and compassion. The people of Namangan do not even say "you" to their children, they say "you".
Let us remember the poems of our poets dedicated to the national anthem. You probably know a lot of such poems too. What you don't know, you can read now and write in your notebook.
Sensitive poet Hamid Olimjon in his poem "Uzbekistan" described the unique beauty of our country and its nature as follows:
Beautiful young bride,
Two rivers round kokilin.
At the beginning of the snowy mountains,
The flower valleys are under the canopy.
Carpets spread around the square,
There is no such spring.
A crimson tulip in the mountains As if a sapphire bowl
Water from springs,
Avoid sleep El
Our philosopher-poet Ghafur Ghulam proudly expressed his love for the Motherland in the poem "Garden":
I am the son of a country, a garden of flowers everywhere,
In the darkest night like the eyes of the heart, the lights shine.
Every guy is proud, every girl has a double peak,
Water, juice, climate, cream, oil,
When I praise myself, do I fail to praise?
In the morning, when the tulip is full of spring dew,
When the summer chill is over, lick the buds,
If the earth puts the sun under a sugar pot, the fire will burn,
I did not know how to make chilli, the river,
If sugar drips from his lips, will I not suck?
In these poems, the charm of the nature of our country, the generosity of the Uzbek land, the warmth of the sun of our country - all the beauties are reflected. Ghafur Ghulam likens orchards to a sugar pot. He compares the sun to a male cook who kindles a fire under a pot. Who doesn't love the fact that grape varieties such as chillik and daroi ripen and drip honey from their lips. Love of country makes a person such a poet.
The image of our motherland is vividly reflected in the poem "Uzbekistan is my homeland" by our well-known heroic poet AbduUaOripov. The poet emphasizes that Uzbekistan, that is, the beloved homeland, is a priceless blessing that defines the meaning and purpose of human life. is proud of. In the first lines of this poem, Uzbekistan is described as a unique country, in which every child sees his happiness and joy, discovers truths that no one knows yet:
My country, I finished a poem for you today,
I never found your match.
There are poets, the whole of their country
O1am aro called tanho.
They flew the poem too far,
On the wing - the land of silver.
There is a country in the world but
It's an unfinished epic.
Only my helpless pen is mine,
Uzbekistan is my homeland!

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