What should I do if I get a heat rash?


What should I do if I get a heat rash?
In the summer heat, children and some older adults suffer from heatstroke. It causes a strong and unpleasant itching and burning sensation. We will discuss the causes and treatment methods below.
Heatstroke occurs as a result of heavy sweating and slow evaporation of sweat. It is more common in infants and young children on hot days. The first cause of heat transfer to the child's body is overheating. Since the center that balances the body temperature is not well developed in them, sweat is trapped in the skin cells for a long time. As a result, the skin cells are affected and a rash appears.
✅ In adults, as a result of fever and heavy sweating in acute infectious diseases, heat may flow even when a heating compress is applied to obese people.
Heat in closed areas of the body - in children, often on the back, neck skin, skin folds under the armpits, head, shoulders, inner area of ​​the arms and legs, in adults, often in the skin folds under the nipples, chest White folds and armpits spread or come out in lumps. The rash consists of bubbles with a clear liquid, the size of which is the size of a wart. Sometimes they overlap. If left untreated, festering areas (especially in skin folds) are formed.
Heatstroke is not a disease. Therefore, the general condition of the child does not change, there is no fever or restlessness. Rashes may increase or decrease depending on the outdoor temperature during the day.
💊 Treatment
Heat stroke is treated according to the doctor's advice. It is important to eliminate factors that cause overheating. It is useful to be more in the open air, to ventilate the room more often. In this situation, it is not recommended to wear clothes made of synthetic fabric.
❗️ Prevention
In order to prevent heatstroke, in order to combat sweating, it is advisable for the patient to keep his skin clean, change his underwear often, and wear clothes made of natural fabrics on a hot day. It is not appropriate to dress children too warmly and wrap them excessively. It is useful to give them regular air and water baths.
✅Useful recommendations:
1️⃣Dress the child in cotton clothes;
2️⃣Use diapers less in the summer months;
3️⃣wipe the rash areas with a wet cloth;
4️⃣ bathe your child every day as much as possible in the summer;
5️⃣ Take the child outside as much as possible in the morning and evening;
6️⃣Do not apply ointments and lotions to areas with rashes;
7️⃣ Pay attention to the child's personal hygiene;
8️⃣ Ventilate the room where the child sleeps every day, the room temperature should not exceed +25 degrees;
9️⃣ Pay attention to the baby's skin folds often.
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