What to do to have twins


What to do to have twins
Twins - scientific methods, folk remedies and tips
Scientific Ways to Get Pregnant in Twins
While not guaranteed, doctors offer some scientific advice for seeing twins. However, it is not as safe for the female body as folk medicine methods.
Oral contraceptives can be used for double fertilization. Taking them for a long time, the body responds to a sudden cessation with a strong hormonal flash. As a result, in the first cycle after stopping taking contraceptive pills, a woman may develop several egg cells at the same time. The optimal time to take contraceptives for this is 6-9 months.
However, the opposite effect can also be observed: in some women, awakening does not occur immediately after the ovaries stop taking contraceptives, so ovulation may not occur at all in the first cycles.
❗️So, is it possible to get pregnant with twins quickly?
There is another more reliable method that most couples disagree with. This is called in vitro fertilization or IVF. In preparation for pregnancy, a woman receives large amounts of hormones, which result in the maturation of many egg cells at the same time.
The egg cells are separated from the mother’s body and artificially fertilized, after which the embryos are placed in the uterus. If they settle down and develop normally, after 9 months, women will be able to become mothers of two or even three children at the same time.
❗️International tools to help twins see
The easiest and safest way to increase the chances of two egg cells maturing is to review your diet. Consuming more protein increases the chances of having multiple children at once after 9 months. Preference should be given to meat, fish and milk and dairy products.
The intake of a plant called Dioscoria also stimulates ovarian activity and contributes to the maturation of two or even three egg cells in the mother.

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