Why do children bite their nails?


Why do children bite their nails?

Reflex. The child imitates the mother's breast and asks for a pacifier and a finger. In any uncomfortable situation (if he doesn't know what to do), he has a desire to perform the sucking reflex in order to get into a pleasant psychological state.

Change of teeth. Another theory suggests that in school-age children, during the period of teeth replacement and active growth, there is a desire to chew something, and because there are no other options, the child begins to bite the nail plate.

Imitation. Another cause of onychophagia in children is direct imitation of other children or adults. The child accepts the behavior of another person without realizing that it is wrong.

Stress. Onychophagia is most common in children aged 6 to 9 years. During this period, there is a complex adaptation of the child to the educational conditions at school, there is a large educational process and psychological load.

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