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We present to your attention the poems of Zulfia Israilova.


Spring has come to question you
In cool mornings, almond blossoms
Purple lip, spring on the ground,
The flight of birds, the gentleness of the winds,
Spring in velvet valleys, hills…
How much did you love me, spring,
You were fascinated by apricot blossoms.
As if every awakened bud gave life
You rubbed it in your eyes and kissed it.
Here, my dear, spring is coming again,
He was looking for you, he was wandering around.
He grabbed you by the collar and asked you,
He too was young, and he withdrew.
As he watches you, in the breeze,
He went out looking for the gardens you were walking in.
The beauty of writing,
He searched for the green shores.
When he could not find it, his patience ran out, and a storm arose.
He took his head to the cliffs.
Looking for a tree in the mountains of Farhod,
He threw the rock of the mountain into the streams.
One of the first shepherds to go to the mountains
Where is the poet, said the interrogator.
Silence in the bar, frustration,
I'm tired, I can't stand it…
Then he politely went to bed,
Hulkar and Oman kissed each other on the face,
Tears burned on my cheeks
Slowly he informed me of himself.
But I can't find you in my bed,
At one point he stared long.
It was windy again, and it wandered,
He asked me, breaking my heart:
"Oh, when I arrived, I was greeted with laughter.
A song flowed and a river flowed
"Asking me alone if I'm lucky."
Wrapped me in poetry?
Why apricot blossoms do not freeze,
Curly hair waving in the hand?
Why the joy I brought
Doesn't he come out and write?
What a lovely morning,
Kemal was filling my wide mind.
In her colorful, captivating song
I always saw my beauty.
Where is that singer, that dreamy guy?
Why are there tears in your eyes, lol?
Why a black dress, white in your hair,
Why are you so careless in this spring? '
How can I answer loldir tongues,
Did you catch the bar, I came with you.
He also walked with grief,
I can't look at the tombstone.
He moved to the tree in agony,
The bud woke up and slaughtered sadly.
Unstable with your memory,
The flowers were budding.
The scent of rose basil
A soft song that covered the straw
How close this song is,
How vital, full of fire.
Covered in spring, in the hand you love
Your voice sounded lively, eloquent.
You are not dead, my dear, you are alive,
I still can't breathe without you.
Hijra is in my heart, your word is in my hand,
I sing life, the pain of retreat.
You dream at night, I remember the day,
As long as I live, so do you!
To my past life
Suddenly flipping through my book of life,
I have no regrets about the past life.
I smiled instead of smiling.
If you need to kiss - I love crazy.
Is it silk, chitmo or kimkhob,
I didn't care about the richness of my heart.
The life that envelops me is the sun,
Every lesson requires a new song.
I did not regret the past life,
It's like my life I don't see in anyone:
I loved,
I lost,
I burned,
I knew what honor was.
This is a living! ..
I miss you
I'm looking forward to spring these days,
There is no youth grass in the body.
Like autumn, I am victorious,
The fruits are also ringed from the branches.
I'm looking forward to spring these days,
Loneliness crushes my soul.
I'm not alone, I'm in line,
What else are you looking for?
I'm looking forward to spring these days,
Transparent, bright melodies are heartwarming.
Anyway, I'm tired of the pen,
Talk to you soon and keep up the good content.
I'm looking forward to spring these days,
As unique as my own spring.
Spring does not return, burning snow,
Or a hand-sprouted sapling.
I'm looking forward to spring these days…
The grass is wet like lightning in your eyes,
Color breakage, lip tremor is a mystery.
Maybe suffocate the feeling and keep quiet at will
Please, give me strength, don't be a prisoner?
You want to bury your widowed youth,
He is the only nature that can thrive.
Maybe the person you call the lady of happiness -
Is it too early for the soul to be unwilling?
If you know, a storm that breaks a tree,
If it sprouts, it will sprout again.
Probably not, andisha, suspect,
Happiness is swallowed up, dealing is raging?
Half destiny is like a broken mirror,
The necessity of life is happiness and firmness.
Perhaps the nine flowers wither unknowingly,
Need to enter into the order of pure feeling?
Where is my joy…
Unread letter,
Non-woven jewelry
The needy lay in a bed,
Throw it in a secluded corner
A surgeon's knife is like a caesarean section!
Peace be upon you!
High above the gifts,
Be selective,
Where is that irreversible joy?
I can't get caught, priceless bisot!
Out of sight, out of word, out of hand
You are fifty years old today.
As if the grass is fifty years old -
The sun feeds like a fifty-year-old.
It's like writing on pen or paper
Fifty years old mature and close.
All real, imaginary and imaginary,
Hijran, love, rain and lightning.
(O Arabs! Praise be to you,
Your wisdom has come to me.
You say. “The longest, longest distance
The road between the heart and the tongue.
This is a long way to go,
I strive from heart to heart.
I throw a bridge from the poem
Sorry to the wise Arab).
Destroy the ponamisol crack
I will not enter your house,
So far, no happiness and kindness,
I'm sorry to hear that.
But today's friendly rival jam,
Ho, love as a friend, ho as a rival,
As in fairy tales, so am I.
I'm here, and I'm glad you're here.
Darkor is neither a base nor a net,
Place both leaves and bowl on the drop at
Now you have pain and peace
The vortex is likely to take over.
Slowly you put down the empty glass,
Fame and drunkenness.
Don't get me wrong, though.
You look at a point indifferently,
As if everyone had disappeared
Suddenly you feel alone.
May you stretch out your hand to sip,
May burns without fire.
The handle is unstable
And you will not be disappointed.
Because a drop in the bottom of the glass
Up to the tears of a nightingale -
Transparent, dry, full of flame
It burns without flame,
There is no joy, no pleasure in it.
You can't drink this blood.
Who knows what it is? Liver blood,
Tears in your eyes that don’t cry?
Or a kiss on the lips
Moisture hidden in the grass body?
Or cowardly love weak courage
Two-headed whip.
Or the heart of a woman
A broken drop by touching the ice.
Whatever it is, this orphan drop,
I am, I am, I am alone,
You keep this trap from the fire,
Drink, this may be neither fun nor happiness!
What a disaster you have made, mubtalo
The past months have been marked by grief,
The tongue did not find the slightest consolation.
I'm stuck in a rut,
What a mess you made!
It hurts to open your eyes,
I'd like to have a shave.
Unforgivable books and pens,
My verses raise a moan.
Is it so innocent, so pure
Is there so much love in the world?
Unbearable will, perception,
Absolutely lol mind, understanding.
My heart, which I knew was like a mountain
When the bird did not stay on its head?
I think I can overcome grief
The world is growing again, the stain.
I did not melt because of your love,
Judo, fortunately not to be,
With you to stay together
I'll burn, I won't.
My soul wants you
My nephew burst in like a well,
He tears the paper from under my pen.
At the moment, he made a sheet and flew into the sky,
His black eyes follow,
It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring
The footsteps are shaking
Losing paper, poetry and consciousness
I'm happy to see you,
Naq's grandfather was a sharp-witted man.
Eyebrows burning in the blue flame.
The existence of a noble past is necessary,
The sun does not bleed in the veins.
Daka varrak clear blue space
He aspires to the bottom, a deep dream.
What's in your longing chest, boy,
You iqbal, what will iqbal hold for you?
Without grandchildren, of course,
He would discover for himself, happiness as he discovered.
Where are you my heart
Heart work is far away
The will is weak.
Friends are also around a lot,
But I'm alone…
Suddenly my heart grows old,
Blood also ran from my face.
You are looking for a confidant,
Follow your imagination.
Where have you gone, my heart,
Endurance and endurance is over.
I want your conversation,
My tongue hurts a lot.
I have a lot to say,
I urge you,
My friends that you are crying
He scolds. Netay men?
It doesn't cool me
The fire that burned.
Netay, I can't reach you,
The thrown out.
My heart is in love,
He insists on finding it.
What can i do
My soul wants you
Did you see the tears in my eyes?
A target looking for when you miss,
The way they were towards the grave.
You brought me a time,
Now every time I take a flower.
I came. I stayed long I was quiet,
Alone in your dear head,
The sky was clear and yet,
The fragmented cloud arrived quickly.
Standing in my head in the sky,
It was as if he had risen in my heart.
Seeing the tears in my eyes
He also shed tears.
We cried on the hill that day,
You didn't raise your head to say you came.
Tell them they are happy with you
Did you see the tears in my eyes?


Look, I've lived a lifetime without you,
Waiting for the return of irrevocable joys,
When I knelt at the head of your coffin,
The children grabbed the raised regime.
I've been sewing ever since. Whatever the shield,
To happiness, to spring, to winter, to sorrow.
I'm crying for someone's blood,
It's like I'm spreading it at a wedding.
But when I stay, my heart is lonely,
Listen when emotions overwhelm you.
When you feel weak and thirsty,
I ask an unanswered question:
Why didn't you leave while you were alive?
I am in love with the beauty of someone more beautiful than me,
The number did not attract me,
Heaven is open to your eyes,
Let us make you a beautiful place,
Why didn't you leave me?
The stain of living loss is controlled,
Humiliation chews the gnawing life!
I would give it to a terrible ego,
Even if you leave, I'm heartbroken.
I knew you could breathe somewhere,
This complex world is alive for you too.
You are a stranger, a dark spirit, a cage,
Your current step is bigger than last night.
Why, why didn't you leave me?
I know jealousy killed me,
I would curse what you prefer,
I did not follow in your footsteps.
You would live for me in life,
I waited for the good news of your pen.
Living in a sad destiny, I share,
It is difficult to create joy.
Why didn't you leave while you were alive,
You didn't leave, you didn't control ?!


The day passed behind the mountain,
Quiet, clean, cool night…
The garden I opened the window,
Quiet sleep in the night bed.
Gentle song bows on each side,
The wind is blowing.
The water flows all night,
All sleep, at home I wake up,
A piece of paper, a small pencil
A lamp shines over my head.
How many fantasies at night, how many tunes,
I listen with devotion.
Without finding a word,
I'm in a hurry to find the color.
Sof yel esar… Parvona uchar,
Using a flashlight,
It will be part of the beating,
Get on my desk.
I write, the stars pass,
Each one is a fairy tale.
Behold, Hulkar shines before me,
A tree made of bright morning.
Night program, again from the garden
Rising morning fog.
I turned off the light slowly,
I'm looking forward to the dawn.
The night melted in my eyes,
Spread duration young days…
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