A collection of articles about mothers


Need proverbs about mother, if you know, write them down. Thank you in advance

Proverbs and phrases that I sometimes hear and sometimes see:

  • The mother goddess shakes the world
  • When the child's hand is rubbed, the mother's heart is rubbed
  • Paradise is under the feet of mothers
  • Mother and child - tulips with flowers
  • The mother's heart is in the child, the child's heart is in the field
  • A mother with a child is not satisfied with grain, a child with goose is not satisfied with grain
  • The mother-in-law is a bride, the motherless bride is a bride
  • If you know your mother the sun, know your father the moon
  • If the child is clay, the mother is a potter
  • When a mother commits violence, the child suffers humiliation
  • One of the father is a pervert, the mother is a pervert
  • The mother holds the husband, the child beats.
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