A collection of poems about insects


CHIGIRTKA - Aziz Abdurazzoq

- Hey, locust, locust,

Do you eat crops too?

Hey, locust, locust,

Do you eat bread for free?

"I'll eat, too, yes."

But I don’t eat for free.

Yes, I'm honest, yes,

I'm not saying it's free.

Instead of eating crops

I'll sing a song.

Instead of lying down,

God forbid.


NINACHI - Shukur Sa'dulla

A flying dragonfly in the garden,

A dragonfly embracing a flower.

Biram is beautiful, see,

The wings are colorful.

It has eyes like glass,

It has a soft face.

He walks around the garden,

He asked the flower for juice.

Two wings when writing,

It's like a plane in the sky.

Very carefree,

Attangki, gung, no word.

My playful dragonfly,

You are my joy, ninachi.

Fly in our garden,

Embrace my flowers!


KAPALAK - Zafar Diyor

Hey, butterfly, butterfly,

Your wings are like silk.

You fly so fast,

Wait a minute.

I meet every day

I see you in my garden every day,

Suck flowers juice

You sit down.

When I say go and catch

You fly in a hurry.

Without giving a handle

You move from flower to flower.

Never run away from me,

I know a friend to myself.

Fly like an elephant,

Oh, I like it.

Three, fly, fly,

My beautiful garden is in bloom.

I don't mind

My love, I have an idea in you.

Butterflies, butterflies,

Your wings are like silk.

Let's be friends,

Stop, let's talk!


BUTTERFLIES - Muhammad Yusuf

From birth I was the blood of salvation,

Two souls fighting in one body

When I fight, he hits the top,

Butterflies are kinder than humans….


My swans fly in the white rain,

They drink dew and wine in the morning,

They choose graves,

Butterflies are kinder than humans….


When it lands on a flower, its wings do not sink,

The weak do not throw stones at anyone,

One day they will live, they will not sell each other,

Butterflies are kinder than humans….


At first glance, there is no hut, no house,

There is no sound, no song, no melody,

The butterfly is poor, has no dance,

Butterflies are kinder than humans….


The Kaaba's Kaaba is a free field,

The field is full of love, full of light,

If you're unhappy, you're all unhappy,

Butterflies are kinder than humans….


You remembered the moonlit evening, O angel,

I thought of you again, heart of blood,

A butterfly doesn't lie that he loves me! ..

Butterflies are kinder than people! ..


O you who believe in Muhammad,

Remember my word when I die, and meditate,

Bury it in the butterfly's wing,

Butterflies are kinder than people…



The corner of the place,

I weave a wonderful net.

To catch a fly

I'm taking a hunting lesson.

Until your table

Arrogant mosquitoes do not land.

If you want to be healthy,

Boy, wash fast!



At some point,

There was a fly.

He is on every side,

It's hard to get dirty.

Flying on all sides,

Landing on everything.

It is a germ carrier,

That's right.

One day that fly,

To the children,

"Don't bite me"

He ran away.

Then he said to his children:

How old are you?

To the great bar of endurance,

You work until late.

Why, like me,

You don't eat for free.

Stepping into my house,

You don't say you're a guest.

The children say: hey, fly,

This is the second time.

Think of your step,

Say it again!

Talking to you

I'm not idle.

Pest, where

Get out of my sight fast!

Under the influence of this statement,

It froze like a statue.

As for his reputation,

He ran away like a rabbit!



Bees on flowers,

He lands and collects juice.

On the day of smoking,

Makes sweet honey.

To do this, bees,

It is very useful to us.

Therefore, they are always,

The flowers are in the meadow.


CHUVALCHANGGA - Nurullah Oston

The rain crushed the rain,
The worm digs out the ground.
Spread across the street,
Let the frogs sing.
Don't be afraid of the cold anymore,
Be careful of chicken!


CHUMOLIJON - Murod Rahmon,

I admire your work,
I will take an example from your zeal.
I will be as compact and agile as you,
I'm not weak, I'll be active,
Ant, oh, ant!
In fact, you are the king of creatures -
You never stop being an example of a farmer.
Let's be friends, come on, ant,
I like you so much,
Ant, oh, ant!
Whenever I see him,
They live as hashars all the time.
More like people,
Sometimes watching, sometimes waiting for a guest -
Ant, oh, ant!


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